Friday, March 5, 2010

1 Day Left

So excited about my road trip to the Arnold.....outfit picked out, camera ready, and if I see the big man Ronnie Coleman who inspires me I am so begging for a picture with him! (Light Weight) think that every time I lift. Some of my Michigan Girls that I have stood on stage with competed in the Masters AM division so I am really excited to see if anyone of them made the cut for the Finals! Lets be honest I have to see what I am up for this year competing and I want to win, not just place WIN.......Yep I said it and if you go in with the attitude 5th place is great you will probably fall into 5th place I am shooting for number 1! Yeah I said it if you want something state it put it in the Universe.

I will definitely be posting allot of pictures on my blog for all to see come next week or earlier if I can get it done Sunday. If anyone wants to me to take a picture with anyone special give me feed back and I will do my best to seek that person out at the Expo!

Have a great Weekend I will!!!!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Arnold Weekend

So this year I actually am going to the Arnold and am sooo excited! Road Trip for Lisa don't not even care if I have to go by myself just to be around some of the greats in my sport is going to be awesome. My question is if anyone from my blog is going also as I would love to meet and chat I just think that would be so cool! Also I want to see the AM finals at 10:00am, does anyone know if you can buy the tickets at the door? Because last minute Lisa has not bought a ticket yet.......what can I say I procrastinate!

I am trying a trial diet this week giving up my beloved Peanut Butter and Banana's!
just to see how I look by the end of the week. See if it makes a difference. Still keeping Carbs in the diet....if I don't I will be to skinny! Not a good look on me.

Anyways if your going to the Arnold give me a shout out!

Peace, Love and Muscle,

Lisa T.