Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why do I believe I can still do this?

Because I can! Sorry short but sweet.

Hugs today


Monday, December 6, 2010

The L.A.W.

Yep been final since October 19, 2010, I have taken back my old name the one my Dad gave me! My girls are adjusting well and so am I. found so much strength in the past couple of years it is wonderful! I am not weak, nor shy and will never make myself feel less then good enough becuase of someone's elses Negative Energy.

Changes sometimes are scarey but good, switching Gym's in a week, as a friend said I was Graduating to the next step in my goals of competing, see I am giving myself one my year to try this whole competiting thingy! Lifting heavier each week and gaining weight, my mind has been on looking good at the gym for so long that I forgot that in the off-season I need growth which means more's a total mind game believe me and hard for some of us to do (Gain Weight) but if I want to give myself one last chance at Nationals I must do what needs to be done! Eat the hell up, lol

Anyways life is looking up and I have so many blessing's just hope I can give back to the Universe what has been given to me!

Peace and Love,

Lisa Williams

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Have not posted since March 5

God it seems like this year has flown by so fast my wants and desires and still intact....competed back in May and was told I was to cut, ripped and lean for figure see they want us girls fuller! I had a goal this year but life sometimes gets in the way of your passions and being the body type I am I lost weight without even trying because see I have had many life changes since January but still held tight to my goal in May it kept me focused and fueled something I felt I needed to escape everyday life see I have used the Gym as my escape for many years as it has become my second home, the one place I could almost go into a meditative mode, just me and my IPod hammering it out and feeling stronger and charged in the end of workout.

Ok here it goes for years I have felt stressed and sick even had shingles at 34, never could put my finger on what my body was trying to tell me or what God was trying to tell me, The negative Energy around me at home was eating me up inside......literally eating me up until I had seen every Doctor known to man I decided it was in my head and went to hash all the manusha in my head out, who knew I had so much! Anyways back in January I filled for the big D. I figured at 39 either this was my lifes path or I make the choice for a different life while I was young enough to live it! If you have ever been through a divorce you will know that my decision did not come lightly and honestly even though my mind denied it I probably knew 3 years ago the truth I wanted my family together so I needed to come to terms my own health and what it was doing to me, what kindof of mother would I be if I was not mentally present!

Anyways fast forward and we are smack dap in August and I am a few weeks away from being a Independent, strong as bitch something for some reason along the way I forgot I could be! I will Prevail as Kai Greene says and my dreams will come true if I believe, and ya know what I finally believe in me and honestly I feel good.

Sorry for not posting in so long like I said sometimes life just gets in the ways and sometimes things must be put on the back burner for a bit but my motivation is coming back! Check this out I have even caught myself posing at the Gym.

Peace, Love and Muscle my blogger Friends,


Friday, March 5, 2010

1 Day Left

So excited about my road trip to the Arnold.....outfit picked out, camera ready, and if I see the big man Ronnie Coleman who inspires me I am so begging for a picture with him! (Light Weight) think that every time I lift. Some of my Michigan Girls that I have stood on stage with competed in the Masters AM division so I am really excited to see if anyone of them made the cut for the Finals! Lets be honest I have to see what I am up for this year competing and I want to win, not just place WIN.......Yep I said it and if you go in with the attitude 5th place is great you will probably fall into 5th place I am shooting for number 1! Yeah I said it if you want something state it put it in the Universe.

I will definitely be posting allot of pictures on my blog for all to see come next week or earlier if I can get it done Sunday. If anyone wants to me to take a picture with anyone special give me feed back and I will do my best to seek that person out at the Expo!

Have a great Weekend I will!!!!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Arnold Weekend

So this year I actually am going to the Arnold and am sooo excited! Road Trip for Lisa don't not even care if I have to go by myself just to be around some of the greats in my sport is going to be awesome. My question is if anyone from my blog is going also as I would love to meet and chat I just think that would be so cool! Also I want to see the AM finals at 10:00am, does anyone know if you can buy the tickets at the door? Because last minute Lisa has not bought a ticket yet.......what can I say I procrastinate!

I am trying a trial diet this week giving up my beloved Peanut Butter and Banana's!
just to see how I look by the end of the week. See if it makes a difference. Still keeping Carbs in the diet....if I don't I will be to skinny! Not a good look on me.

Anyways if your going to the Arnold give me a shout out!

Peace, Love and Muscle,

Lisa T.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Post

Aw sweet Friday........Weekend Coming up in a few hours and I can't wait, just to sleep in would be a beautiful thing, Hit the Gym early tomorrow and knock it out and on to my glorious cheat meal! I will start getting tighter on the diet starting in March so I have a couple more days before I worry about peeling the fat off my booty God I hope I have some muscle under there.

Tomorrow will be Leg day, deep squats, 21's, walking lunges, Leg presses, Donkey Calf Raises maybe hit some Ab work, must have plan in place before I hit the Gym.
Saturday's at the Y. are usually long ones not just because of my workouts but the little one likes to play, Eat lunch and run around the track which is good because it gets some of that energy out of her and believe me she has alot.....I tell people that is why I have to workout just to keep up with her! I call her Dash from the Incredibles, she might be short but she can run like the wind. My oldest is 13 in another month and a 1/2 so all she wants to do is sleep until noon on a Saturday! That would be heaven but as a mom we do not really have that luxury, if I could only go back into time I would not have wanted to grow up so fast. Can't believe I will be 39 this year the years have flown by...hoping the next 39 are filled with the best life has to offer!

Have a great Weekend Everyone,

Lisa T.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

May 8th 2010

Just putting it out into the Universe!

Thats all I got, totally dying for a paczki today(Fat Tuesday)


Monday, February 15, 2010


Ok I think I am starting to get anxious about May and have to stay focused and keep reminding myself slow down Lisa this is a process and do not rush it. What I mean is I want to mentally be show ready now! Can't happen must wait.... but I want to see what is under that ass fat people, get rid of the fat between the muscle and see what is there!

I think my lack of patients came this weekend when I tried on a banging swimsuit and saw my ass in it.......I want it round and perky, now if I bend over it looks pretty good, but it needs to look good when I am standing straight up! LOL, Plus this year I really, really want to go to the Arnold and I know those girls are going to be looking good and that is what I want! Let me clarify I don't want to compete at the Arnold just go and check it out. See the Expo with all the like minded people and see all of the greats of the sport who have kept me motivated over the last several years. See them in person and take some great pictures. Plus I would love to catch the AM Figure Finals just to see what the judges are looking at this year, you know damn well it changes year to year! Soft, Hard, Kind of Hard but not to Soft.......totally could not be a judge! Personally I like the hard look only because for me it shows you literally worked and Dieted your ass off and did all that you could do! But what is my opinion worth, not to darn much.

Anyways I have this little Upper Respiratory thing going on so I was thinking of taking tonight off and hitting it hard tomorrow morning so I feel stronger. Yesterday I made it in but just walked and kicked the bag. Nothing big but something is better then nothing!

Peace, Love and Muscle,

Lisa T.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Booty is a hurting

Ok did not even work the Gluts yesterday and they are on fire this morning? Does this mean the muscle under the fat is growing, God I hope so because if you want to win I am convinced you must have a good butt.......tight and small when you do you back pose, personally I will be sticking mine up in the air so far the Sun might hit it! LOL

Yesterday I actually did chest and tri's. Still doing Negatives on my Inclines so I can eventually get strong enough to hit the higher weight and rep it out! Did my weighted dips ok only 10 extra pounds for 4 sets but better then nothing right? I just want some thickness to the chest to match with the back. Back not so bad lots of Definition. Also started doing Donkey Calf raises with my 180 pound friend on my back, the damn things have always been so stubborn to grow! I blame it on Genetics my mom says I have Chicken Legs! Is that mean or what? Still love the moms though.
She might say I have Chicken Legs but I have the best mom ever. I could tell the first time she saw me compete she was very proud........before hand she did not understand what the hell I was doing and why my diet was so strict but she got it afterwards! Mothers will always worry, she thought I was to skinny until she saw me on stage posing. For some reason when you are all carbed up and pumped you look bigger on that great stage.

Taking Tonight off and will hit Shoulders in the morning still gotta get them meaty
I hit them from every angle I really think Shoulder day is my favorite. Love feeling them getting all pumped up and ok sometimes at the Gym I pose, people probably think I have a vanity issue but posing is a big part of competing!

Anyways will you know how the shoulders feel tomorrow.....tomorrow cheat day also! Yeah one meal eat whatever I want. No Guilt!

Awe life is good,

Lisa T.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Excited but Nervous

OK here is my deal today at work I was approached about going full-time which is good because I need to really be able to take care of my girls....priority number 1 in my life! It would take a certain part of stress away from my life knowing I can do this and they actually have faith in me to take on added responsibility.

But and you know there is always a butt I have this nagging little selfish voice that says so Lisa how the hell can you do it all.......meaning training, prepping, competing! I know we have many other mothers who work full-time that do it so I should be able to as well it will just take a great plan of attack to get in and out of the gym, food I am not concerned about, I sit at a desk all day and eat probably more structured at the work place then at home when I am running Taxi Service with my girls. Hell Cynthia Herndon worked the freaking Midnight shift and is a mother and still got her Pro Card! Do not know how you did it C.? If for my Birthday I have to ask for Dumbbells for the house and get creative that is what I will have to do, I have come so far I do not want to stop now when things are coming together and starting to flow with the lines of my body........did that even make sense I guess if you compete you understand.

I will just have to have a I can do anything attitude! Just like I can take care of my girls and myself and the belief that God will take of it if you let go and let God lead you even if sometimes he might have to carry you!

Peace, Love and Muscle and to the girls prepping for the are so close to the stage, stay focused, strong and remember you have already won, girls you have won your going to the big stage with the best, when you walk out hold your heads high and stare those judges in the eyes and make them notice your hard ass work you deserve it! Most people would not even consider going and doing what you are prepping for out of fear which goes back to my last post getting out of your comfort zone. How can you ever achieve anything great just talking the talk but never putting in the work to make things happen for you! Go kick ass, personally when I compete in May mine better be little ass. LOL


Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29, 2010

I was just going through my blog for 2009 and came across a post I made on the 28Th of January.......1 year and 1 day ago and it was titled something to like "Get your back off the wall" and the blog was about leaving that comfortable place that just keeps you comfortable but not truly happy, well my blogger friends I have learned this year leaving the comfortable can be the scariest most uncomfortable place when living through it but if you ever want to get to the other side of life you most do what needs to be done to reach your full potential as a person.

In reading my blog again it reminded me that in times I may have lost my MoJo, desire or passion to compete but something always wants to drive me back in that direction....if you have a dream of going onto a bigger stage does that ever really go away? I say no. It is like unfinished business and inside me is a competitor it is my nature. However I still fear falling on my face or doubt my ability to really do it. But I will do my best to work past that fear and make my dreams come true on and off the stage.

Have a great day,

Lisa T.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Pain

The pain feels so that a sick statement or what, but that means I did what set out to do last night which was hit it hard, like one of the big girls! Thank God I did not encounter any smelly people last night in my area's. My upper body is screaming at me this morning! I know part of it is those damn inclines because I have been doing negatives on my way down on an 8 count only dropped the weight once on my lap, just kind of of looked around until one of the workers spotted me and helped me get it back on the rack then of course I had to use him as a spot for the last set! Hey they get paid right? Plus he is a little cutey pie all the teenage girls love him, me personally old enough to be his mama! Just can't go that young........not officially a Cougar yet! Turn 39 in April. I would be an Aries girl. I think someone on my blog is an April Fools baby? LOL, I tease but the girl is no fool believe me.

Some how I am feeling like May is going to be just around the corner for competition time, still have sometime to build but always worried about the gluts and butt! I have been doing deep ass squats which I really think once I get the fat off of it maybe I will see some muscle! Wish me luck.

Peace, Love and Muscle,


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thinking of starting to stone suits for sale

Ok everyone If I start stoning and selling suits I will design them myself and put them on here and Diva does anyone have any idea's what color's are the most popular?

Please let me know thinking of taking profit from last suit and just starting with one see if it sells and so on!

Just a thought.


Oh and by the way I was at the Gym the other night and I literally could not do inclines because the guy behind me was sooooo funky I could not breathe! And then of course I had to check myself first just to make sure but believe me the funk was not mine! Can these guys not smell? Good God wash your butt sometimes dudes! Sorry T.M.I.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sold!!!!!! Suit for Sale

OK I am doing suit is for sale if anyone on this Blog is interested the suit has small bottom with full C Top, Strings never cut, suit never altered. 2000 stones if not more. Suit stoned by me only worn once and ordered from CC fit wear out of Florida.

Asking 600.00 or best offer

Just leave me a comment if interested.......will put on Diva if no one is interested on my blog but I wanted to put the feeler out here first.



Monday Blog Post

Have you ever had the D.O.M. and could not sleep because your whole body hurt? That was me last night. Yesterday after taking wee one to see Alvin and the Chipmunks and hanging with the pre-teen crowd at the mall which is always so fun because I guess I am no longer cool to hang! It's not like I am wearing mom jeans and Birkenstocks with a poncho around the mall but anyways I remember the age and they will grow out of it! Sorry to my elastic waistband jean wearing friends out there! lol

Anyways after that and we got home I went up to the Gym and have to say I work my Chest and Tri's pretty hard and I hurt today! Trying to build up my upper chest area I have always felt that was a weak area on me and would like to thicken it up get that nice cut on the upper chest!

Actually took almost a week off working out over the Holidays and ate off my regular diet so I could give my body a break and I wanted to do projects in my house. So I guess that is why this week I'm am a little more sore then normal. But I just had to keep reminding myself that breaks are a good thing and I need to recharge the old body sometimes. Must not have done to much damage I only gained a pound over Christmas and New Years.

Here is my workout from last night:

reverse dips
flat bench barbell presses
Tricep push downs
Over the Head triceps with the rope
bunch of Abs and Calves

Hope everyone is doing well,

Lisa T.