Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shoulder day Saturday!

I posted this picture because I kind of like the girl in the middles suit! Love looking at all the bling what can I say.

My favorite 2 parts this morning shoulders and abs and both got hammered in a good way today! Gave myself plenty of time today so I could get everything in allowing for chatter time also, yes sometimes my mouth also gets a work out, when you have been training at the same Gym for years you tend to get to know people, day crowd, afternoon crowd, night crowd I know them all that is the regulars!

Had to work extra hard so I can refeed later hopefully it will all go to my shoulders! I like to hit shoulders from all angles and have a slightly different approach for growth.......just kill them until they get big and meaty. No DC Training today on the Shoulders, but for everything else straight up DC baby!

I have to say also I am so stoked that a trainer a my gym got her crossfit Certification so they are going to start a class! I have wanted to try Crossfit for the last 2 years and no one around does it! I already told I would be signing up for the class which I think made her kindof nervous! She actually wants to compete but is lacking that deep go for it balls out fire that you need to accomplish it. Just my two cents on her.

Anyways I just wants to see if crossfit will kick me in the butt and drop me! Having a feeling it will just from the Video's that I have seen! Sick but I can't wait.

Anyways should I say what my refeed will be today? think I will go for deep dish double cheese and pepperoni from Old Chicago with a side of Cookies! Yummy

Have a great Saturday everyone,

Lisa T.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursdays Post

Today I promised myself I would be up before the kids for some good old fashioned mom time......just moments of quiet can be so nice and reflect on the day to come and what is was I wanted to accomplish!

Hit the Gym with my little one in tow around 11:00AM.....had my focus, mojo and Ipod was actually charged! Anyways I have been trying to find as much info on DC Training as possible, so my workout for today was a killer on the legs! I am sooooooo sore tonight.

My workout went like this:

Leg Press Machine 10 plates total for 10 set of 10 reps barely any rest between sets!

Sissy squats 10 reps x 10 sets went straight to the calf machine for 10 and hopped make and forth until by the 10 rep of the sissy squat I was literally falling on my butt from pain........

Also did stiff leg dumbbell sets 10 reps x 10 sets barely any rest on those also

* finished off the legs with walking lunges around the track just for that extra little bit off pain.

p.s. just for kicks I added 15 upside down push ups on the wall......

Anyways I know I have alot to learn but I'll get it, just need to do more research of recovery time and training Dogg Crapp Style!

Peace, love and Muscle,


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blog Suggestion

I have a suggestion for a great blogger with so much information.......just check him out!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Calling out Vic

OK this is not Vic. just as an F.Y.I.

Just wanted to say that I started my Dog Crapp Training and I'm thank you Vic for Suggesting DC! Lol

So since I have started this different Program I think I may have promised to stay honest.....anyways today I did chest with Tri's my upper body wants to crawl its way into bed and take the longest nap ever! By the tenth rep of the tenth set I thought I would die.....but I did it...woot woot

So whatcha got Vic! I will stay honest if you do!

Lat Girl