Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Get your back off the wall

Today after work I picked up my little partner in crime up from School and we were on our way home when an old song came on the radio. Even though the song was about getting off the wall and dancing it made me think of it as getting off the wall and going after my dreams! I don't want to just move my lips anymore I want to take action people real action, not just my training and competition goals but professional goals! I want to dance (Live Life to the fullest) not sitting back on the wall to afraid to step out of that comfortable place.

Anyways this is a youtube of song that was on the radio today, its old school but
it had me and my little super star singing and busting a move on our ride home!

What are you going to do? I know the place I will start tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cake Dreams

I'm so spent today.....last night I did Chest and Tri's and really felt it this morning! I think it was the unassisted Dips, I held a 20lb weight between my feet to make it a little more difficult and then did my dreaded Inclines and upped my weight on can I say this stuff doesn't get any easier when you want to see progress! This afternoon I went back and did Back and Bi's, kind of had to drag my butt into the Gym today, honestly I try really hard to stick to my plan on training and go even when I don't feel like it, usually if can just get there I'm good and can find my Mo Jo plus I know that tomorrow I'm not working out which always gives that extra incentive to get my butt in the Gym. Just Git-R-Done attitude most days.

Hey can anyone tell me why I've been dreaming about cake? Oh were not talking about having just a slice dream but the whole damn cake taking out my husband with the fork to get away from my cake dreams! 2nd time I've had this dream. My friend Carolyn thinks it is because I'm so controlled over my eating that subconsciously I want to really eat with reckless abandonment. Maybe my dreams were prompted by a conversion that I had with my husband, he brought home Pizza Hut last Friday Night.....Pizza, Mac and Cheese, Bread sticks. I asked the husband what he thought on the Mac and Cheese W/Bacon as far as Calories/Fat content.....the husband stated he was on the don't ask don't tell program of eating and proceeded to pat his belly and load his plate, me didn't touch it and I stuck with the healthy fish and greens. But I have to say it did smell really good but my conscious mind told me that food would do nothing for my body and defeat my overall goals.

I found a picture of my daughters 3rd birthday cake. If I'm being honest I totally ate with Reckless abandonment that day......I ate Pooh Bears Butt all on my own! That cake was like crack for me, literally could not push away from the table, didn't even use a plate and ate straight off the cake! I guess I just transferred Pooh's Butt onto mine! lol

Monday, January 26, 2009

Preacher Curls

Last Thursday night I was at the Gym doing my leg night and one of the Gym Regulars was doing Preachers Curls and heard a pop and noticed his Bicep muscle had retracted towards his shoulder! 3rd time in a year that someone from the Gym while doing a Preacher Curl has had a major injury......2 ruptured tendons and a fractured wrist! I'm no expect in such matters but the only thing that I can think is they are dropping the weight and not descending slowly and keeping form which then is tearing the tendon. I'm thinking maybe I will avoid the Preacher Curl, never really liked them anyways! I just can't imagine that type of injury when you are training for competition.......this type of injury will for sure keep you out of the game an entire season for rehap.

I am posting a YouTube of a guy tearing his bicep tendon while doing a lift just as an example of why form is sooooo important.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Comp. tips and what goes in my bag

I was reflecting yesterday about how much I have learned in the 6 shows that I have competed in. My first contest was back in 2006 my placing for the Open Medium Class was 10th out of 13th, my placing for the Masters Class was 6th out of I feel that I was jipped nope not at all, do I think that show made me want to be better and kick some ass later, hell yes!

Everyone has that first show.....let me tell you I understand how nervous you are going to be! Geesh you don't know what to expect but yet your excited because you have trained so hard for so many weeks and you want to show off your transformed body, your afraid you will trip onstage, you think you won't remember how to pose or you have a mental picture of your boob popping out of the suit, etc. Let me tell you as nervous as you are going to be leave the nerves at the front door of the Venue and when it is your turn to hit that stage look the judges in the eyes, make them notice you.......own that shit oops I mean stage. I can tell you my last show I did I won my Masters Class and the reason I got 1st was because of stage presence and posing and I believed once I got on that stage that I had already won! The girl who come in 2nd was beautiful and had alot going on but once she stepped on stage she looked so scared and nervous the whole time which made her posing really stiff. If I had gotten really initimated before I went on stage and gave into the nerves she could have beat me.

Piece of advise that I haven't used but might help someone else is if you need something to relax you could try sipping a little wine before you hit the stage.

I've had to do so much foot work on my own, I've for the most part been DIY girl except for the Posing and some diet help I received during the Summer of 2007.

So my post for today I want to just share some of the products that I use and take with me on Comp. Day.......if you are going to do your first show just maybe this will help some.

My first thing that rolls into a show with me is:

Many girls have trouble matching foundation. Through trial and error I have settled on MAC (NC 45)

False Eyelashes can really bring out your eyes and make them pop.......however they can be very tricky if you have not used them before, my suggestion is
(Eyelash Extensions) lasts about 2 weeks and then you just get them filled.

Nails I always go with a French Manicure. Toes are whatever you want as far as I'm concerned. Cynthia Herndon I believe won her Pro Card wearing Black Toe Nail Polish.

For shoe I shop online at they are much cheaper then any other source I have found.

The photo below is a good example of what your shoes should look like......I have used the strapped kind only because I'm more comfortable in them. You can also add clear stones if you want to bling them out!

This photo is a shoe that Judges do not like (High Platform) not good! This shoe is good for the Stripper/Pole not Figure Competitions.

If your looking for a gently used suit a great resource is Diva can find some really good deals and just as an F.Y.I. if you ever go with a used CJ (Cynthia James) 2 pieces from what I understand she only asks 2 questions when cutting a suit (boob size and weight) so if your measurements are close to the sellers you have a pretty good shot its going to fit unless she cut the back straps or had it altered.

Passion Fruits
Suits start at 199.00 for plain 2 pieces

CC Fitwear has great 1 and 2 piece suits (Remember this year the state and National level only require a 2 piece) I bought a CC Fitwear for my September Show and was really pleased with the level of Customer Service and Quality of the suit.
2 pieces suits are $100.00 unstoned

A great source for stones is Designer Trends by Tami........150 stones for about $8.00-$10.00 and she has about any color and size you could ever imagine! For glue I really love E6000......Note that I have tried about 5 other kinds of glue and this by far is the best (I think it was about $3.99 at Walmart)

* My first show I did not put any color on.......don't follow that lead the lights from the stage will wash you out and you will stand out like a sore thumb.

Since that 1st show I have used Pro tan and Jan Tana
For application this is what I do:

Wednesday Shave and Exfoliate
Wednesday week of Comp 1 coat Pro Tan (Remember to sleep in old clothes and sheets)
Thursday rinse off in the morning and put on 1 coat Pro Tan
Thursday evening another 1 coat Pro Tan
Friday morning another 1 coat Pro Tan
Friday Evening 1 more coat Pro Tan if needed (Dry) and put one coat of Jan Tana
(The Jan Tana gives you a nice brown color)
Saturday Morning do hands, feet, neck W/Pro tan and Jan Tana
Jan Tana Face/Neck.......I mix a little moisturizer into my palm with the Jan Tana so it goes on easier.

Make sure you take your Tanning Products with you in a plastic bag so if they leak they won't ruin your suit. I have worn my suit under my track suit to most of the venue's because by the time everyone is measured for height and they do the Pre-Judge meeting with the Figure,Fitness and Bikini girls you don't have alot of time left for hair, makeup and getting your suit on.

This is my source for the Pro tan and Jan Tana
An eBay Store maintained by:dw-supplements ( 3 )
Bikini Bite $5.99 Pro tan 8.5 $13.99 List Price

Bikini Bite is for gluing your suit in place.

* I've read you can pop the ball out of the top of your Bikini Bite and pour into a plastic container and use a paint brush to spread on your butt....air dry a few seconds, bend over and stick your suit into place. Oh and pee first never fails as soon as I glue myself in I have to go! One more piece of advise a very wise girl told be me to glue my nipples into the suit top also! Just don't overkill it so the glue shows through the suit.

After the show I clean my suit with Shampoo for color treated hair. Hang dry

I also always take needle and thread that match my suit.....I've literally had to sew a back strap back on because of pulling it so tight. And yes one time coming off the stage I did not tie my suit tight enough and my strap popped and my boob almost said hello to the audience!

For oil I just use Pam Cooking Spray. Pat on your body, don't slather!

Bring a Towel

water if you are getting overly dehydrated.....seen girls almost drop

Bands for pumping up backstage.........most promoters provide weights and bands but remember depending on the size of the show they might be hard to get your hands on.

Makeup, Curling Iron, Hairspray


Wear a zip up top so you don't have to pull your top over your head and mess up your hair and makeup.

Flip Flops so you don't mess your Pro Tanned feet up

Jewelry......Pre-Judge you can wear your all your bling

OK this one might be graphic but it never fails for me but my period (T.O.M) shows up 2 days before a show which I have been told can work in your favor because your water will be at its lowest level in your body, so if it happens cut your tampon string or tuck up in place and for added protection you can use a thong panty liner. I actually have heard of a girl that had her string hanging out!!! That poor girl.

Don't forget the Camera......need photo's to show your Grand kids someday!
(Grandma was hot!)

My last thing that I bring to every show is my Sportsmanship. You may not always agree with the judging and it can hurt your ego if you don't place, I've licked my own wounds before after a show but I've suck it up and gave Props to the girls who did place.......if you have the drive and desire to go back at it I guarantee you one day will have your win and it will be really sweet! This is going to sound really sappy but the night before I won my 1st place I saw a shooting star with my 11year old daughter and she said she made a wish for me that I would win, my win came 2years to the date of my first show which just happened to be the one that I was once again competing in, remember I came in 10th out of 13th that 1st time. For me not winning has pushed me to a higher level more driven each time to prove something I guess, I want the outside to match how I feel on the inside. Also what lessons would I learn if I never had to struggle for a win?

Hoping maybe some of this information will help a girl prepping for that 1st show.

Take Care,

Lisa T.

* Quote from Howard Cosell

The ultimate victory in Competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Update on leg day!

Hey no bucket needed today and I even added weight!

Just wanted to clarify my workout for legs today.
Went a little something like this:

Superset #1
Squats (Medium Stance) 10 reps each set...after each set I do 10 Ab Crunches
Rest 1 minute then repeat! 10 Sets/10 Reps back and forth

Squats (Wide Stance) 15/20 reps rest 1 minute repeat (2 set total)

Calf Press 8 reps (rest 30 seconds) repeat 8 times

Tomorrow I plan on taking the day off from training so I will be fully charged up for Shoulder Saturday!!!

Train hard and have fun,



This first picture I have up today is Class D from a National Level Show from last Season, this people is my competition! They all look wonderful and have the nice Glute/Ham Tie in that am trying for.

My second picture however is how I feel today regarding my own backside!

Alright that might be a complete exaggeration but this off-season build phase can really start messing with the mind when your popping buttons off your work pants and squeezing into your favorite jeans, plus I swear that my ass is clapping when I run around the track at the Gym. I keep telling myself that I can't look any different from last year if I'm not willing to change my workouts and fuel my body enough to build the muscle!

So I will push out the negative thoughts and focus on the 1st picture as my inspiration today and remember that could be me someday and keep in my mind that really those girls most likely don't look like that right at the moment either!

My workout plan of attack today is Legs/Calves/Abs my workout will be straight out of the Hardgainers book (I am week 6) thank god it will change again in another 2 weeks! Last Thursday I thought I was going to need a bucket next to the Smith Machine when doing my 10x10@120 Medium Stance Squats, your suppose to be able to do this without any rest between sets but I choked and gave myself 10 second rest periods. I wussed out, grrrr!

This is what the workout looks like:

10x10 Medium Stance (no rest)
10x10 Abs on a ball (1 minute rests)

15/20x2 Wide Stance (1 Minute Rest)
8x8 Calf Raises (30 Seconds)

When reading that you may think it is a piece of cake, well at least I did until last week until I upped my weights (trying to add weight every week) so that means this week I will really need a bucket!!!!

have a beatiful day, me and my big backside need to get around!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Today I have been trying to find the rights words to put into this posting. I was reading a blog yesterday and I guess it made me do some thinking about what is beauty and how we are all so different. Can't you find something remarkable in almost everyone if you really take notice regardless of shape, size, skin color, hair color, eye color? And does beauty stop at the outer layer of a person, if you have nothing below the surface are you still beautiful? God has made each and everyone of us so different which makes us so unique, no 2 made alike.

Have we not all heard at one point someone say something starky about anothers outward appereance......for an example I have a old guy at the gym who constantly makes cracks about the women who are on the heavy side which is starting to make me wonder why is he so harsh with his words, sounds really the more I hear him speak that he is the one with the issues! You know when I was in Junior High I got cracks about looking like Olive Oil because I was so skinny which some don't understand can be hurtful also! Can you imagine being a Professional Womens BodyBuilder they have to have the thickest skin ever for that sport because of all the negative comments they have to endure, for those girls muscle is beautiful on a women and they strive for their own idea of perfection and beauty, different for these girls sets them apart from the pack.

When it comes right down to it if you are comfortable in your own skin that is wonderful, love yourself so what if you are a little different or your beauty doesn't fit into the norm. Beauty really is like they say in the eye of the beholder.

I found this poem online and thought I would share!

by Vincen Tabatha

How are we so "different"?
If "different" is just a thing.
If we all have certain features,
What does "different" bring?

People filled with hatred,
Can't possibly see,
That there's not really "differences"
Between you and me.

Looks can't show "difference",
If they're just there to be seen.
If you don't look like someone else,
Why are they so mean?

If being "different" is what is wrong,
I'd rather not be right.
And I'd want to finish living,
Doing the "different" fight.

* Just my thought for today, if you at the gym today and you see an idividual working hard towards their own fitness goals tell them they look great and you can tell they have been working just might make someones day!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Chiropractor Emergency Visit

Ok this picture is not of me but this pretty much spells out how my neck is feeling this morning! In my efforts for killer Caps I have tweeked my neck, nothing new for me really but it hurts like hell this morning so I am very thankful that I have a great Chiropractor that is open 7 days a week! With a little snap, crackle, pop I'm sure pipes (that is my given nickname from the Chiro.) will be all good. I can't say enough good about going, I typically go at least once a week. If you start doing heavy squats and anything behind your head a good adjustment will save the day!

Just as an F.Y.I. my Chiroprator has told me under no uncertain terms am I allowed to do Shoulder Shrugs because of how bad they are for the neck.

Peace out got to crawl my way to the Doctors office!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Killer Caps

This is a picture of Houng that I was mentally visualizing when doing my shoulder workout today, for shoulders hers are outstanding in my opinion!

Today's workout was pretty darn good if I must say so myself.......some guy at the Gym said I was an animal! Have you ever had one of those days that you just felt really good walking into the gym.......all things in order, a plan in hand, IPod working, Mojo in tow!

My Saturday plan was Shoulders, you know before I compete again which I'm thinking will be July I want Big old Caps! I like to hit shoulders from all angles and really make um hurt!

This is my Shoulder workout from today:

Shoulders Presses 4x10
Front Raises 4x10
10 Handstand pushups against the wall
Behind the neck presses 4x10
Rear Delt Fly's 4x10
Rear Delt Pulls 4x10
* ok the next move I don't have a name for but it was given to me by Melissa Frabbiele who is a IFBB Figure Pro........sit on a bench, weights starting down by your sides and do a lateral raise that goes all the way over your head and then back down......I do 4x10, no pink dumbbells either! sound easy try it!

After I completed my shoulders for kicks I took a 45lb plate and did back extensions and then some abs, topped off with 25 minutes of Cardio.

this is a YouTube video of the Rear Delt Pull that I did today!

Rear Delt move that I will try next Saturday!

Must be I just needed a day off from Training to make me bring it, see I'm one of those people that would prefer working out 7 days a week but I have learned that is not the smartest way for me too train being that I am an ectomorph and overtrain easily.......I have learned to listen a little better to my body and slow down and recover, workout smarter not just harder!

I think I will sign off and take a little nap, sleep is good for recovery also!

* one last thing when I was on the treadmill today at the gym I was speaking with a young girl who said a trainer told her the leg press machine would help her shed fat in her legs! I'm hoping she just misunderstood what the trainer was telling her, last time I checked that tones and shapes the muscle but if your looking to shed the fat you better stay with the cardio. Maybe I should think about becoming a trainer, just a thought!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Banned Substance

I have been banned from one of my favorite treats. I really only eat them if I am in a pinch but I really do like them, so I'm sad that my family has told me that under no uncertain terms can I eat them anymore because of the foul order that fills the house when I do! I have to admit it is really, really FOF in public also, what in god's name do they put in these bars anyways? Sorry if this has been way to much information but my family wanted me to put a warning out to save some innocent people along the way!

Thursdays Post......just venting!

Thursday what can I say but it started out just lovely (not) trying to collect unemployment for the 2 weeks I was off work during the Holidays which as it turns out is just the biggest pain in the arse ever! My call in time to claim my weeks of unemployed was actually yesterday needless to say we have soooo many people unemployed in this State you can't even get through to the automated system and trying to get a actual live person is a job in its self. Started trying again this morning at 8am and finally got someone to help me thank you jesus about time. After I hung up I called my Brother who got the permanent layoff from his job last week to let him know the procedure on filing. My brother I can tell is taking this pretty hard, 4 kids the prospect of no Insurance for the family and a bleek job market has got him shitting his pants! I hate that because with all the extra worry and stress I'm afraid it will be really hard on his heart because literally he is ticking time bomb.......he is no less then 350lb and I'm going on the light side, can't mow his own grass anymore or sit in a booth at a Restaurant, he sweats when walking at a regular pace, the medicines that he takes is insane for someone who is only 45! I can't say anything to him about his weight because he gets really mad when anyone comments on it, when we go out to eat I never comment on what he orders but he must feel self conscious because he is quick to point out that if I want to eat chicken breast and broccoli go right ahead but he's getting the Macho Nacho's with an extra side of sour cream. Do you ever feel like your watching someone you care about killing themselves slowly? Maybe that is a reason I have chosen my lifestyle, I see my Dad who is at least 350lb also and my brother and I just don't want that......I want to enjoy life, participate in activities! I think it has to be horrible being limited because of your health being poor due to your terrible eating habits and lack of exercise, for my brother I believe food is also a coping mechanism, he has a terrible amount of anxiety and is an overthinker (Brain never shuts up!) thats a family trait........anyways I guess I'm just writing this down as way of venting, I'm just a little sister who would like her brother to be happy and healthy for not just himself but for the family he will leave much to early if he doesn't get a grip on his overall health. Hoping that once he lands back on his feet it will bring him better work/life balance and he will have more time for working on himself.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Arnold

Wanted to post this Video that I found on YouTube for all the girls that are prepping for the Big Show and get them all pumped up! Hoping I can make it this year for the expo, and take in the Pro/AM figure shows oh and you know the people watching at this thing has to be awesome!

Also I wanted to give a shout out to the Muscle in the City girls! I'm betting they will come back from Columbus with a few juicy stories!!! Good luck ladies and train hard!

If anyone is looking for additional information regarding the Arnold Weekend I have the link below.......

If you want a body like Monica don't eat like a Sumo Wrestler

Sumo Wrestlers: This is How You Get Fat
There's only one sport where they actually aim to gain as much body fat as possible: Sumo Wrestling. According to this article - here is what a sumo wrestler does to get fat:

1. Skip breakfast. By depriving their bodies of food after eight hours of sleep, their metabolic rates stay low.

2. Exercise on an empty stomach. If their bodies have
no food, their metabolic thermostats are turned down even lower to conserve fuel.

3. Take a nap after eating. The Sumo secret for gaining weight is that, after eating, they sleep for at least four hours.

4. Eat late in the day. Going to bed with full stomachs means that their bodies must respond to the huge flood of nutrients with a rush of insulin, forcing their bodies to store some of it in the cells as fat instead of in the muscles and organs as nutrients.

5. Always eat with others in a social atmosphere. According to leading researchers, a meal eaten with others can be at least 44 percent larger and with 30 percent more calories and fat.

* Maybe in my next life that would be nice but in this one I will stick with a Figure Competitors Diet!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Night Workout

Tonight was Leg Night at the Gym......I'm on week 4 of the Hardgainers Bodybuilding HandBook by Hugo Rivera. This is a 21 week program (note that I am only doing the Leg portion) tonight was Hamstrings/Calves/Lower Abs, this is a completely different workout then I have ever used but at this point I will try just about anything to get these legs growing! I had my husband take photo's a couple of weeks ago and hope to have him do progress shots about every 4 weeks so probably next week I will post some updated photo's.

I wanted to talk a little about my Sunday night motivator which is my buddy Angie. Angie is a special young girl.......she is 21, has a job, a cute little boyfriend, hangs at the Gym 5/6 days a week, lifts like a dude and I swear the girls got more confidence then anyone I know, for an example if you tell Angie "Hey Ang your looking great and those bicep are getting huge" her comment back to you would be "Yeah they are I look good" Tell me that and I probably would tell you Thanks but my butt is getting huge!!! My point here is that Angie has Down Syndrome and she is happy, confident and content with herself despite all of her challenges in life. If I had half the heart and determination as my friend Angie I think I would have already been to Nationals. I wonder why it is that most people can't find an inner peace or contentment with the way God made them? Sometime I look at Angie and I wonder who has the Handicap, her or me because see I doubt myself and my abilities and it is time to change that. I can do whatever I set my mind too, just ask Angie!

Wanted to post some Gym Photo's that I took tonight.......1st photo is of my good friends Debbie and Carolyn, might I add that Carolyn (Dark Hair) used to be a size 24! Yes people all things are possible even a 90 pounds weight loss if your really ready to change your lifestyle! The 2nd photo is of my buddy Angie doing abs and reading my HardGainers Book between sets!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

2008 Competition Photo's

My 1st Blog Post

My real name is Lisa and I would like to put out into the Universe that my fitness goal for 2009 would be to compete at the National Level by the end of the year. I started competing in late September 2006. I'm really suprised that I had the balls to step on stage that first time being that I was so clueless about what it really took to be stage ready......that show I weighed in at a whopping 104lbs of no muscle, couldn't pose for crap and had no clue what ProTan was.......needless to say um didn't place so well! Each show I have done I feel that I have improved from the last and I believe with hard work, dedication and the belief that all is possible if you want it bad enough I can make my goal for 2009 happen.

You know a little over a year ago I was reading one of my favorite blogs and the writer challenged the readers to Butch Up and let her know who was reading her posts well I Butched Up if anyone is reading this please do the same! I would love hearing from other Positive Fitness minded people that have great tidbits of knowledge to share.


* Just so you know I go by LAT GIRL because 1st it is my initials and 2nd whenever I compete my biggest supporter in the audience always yells out for me to spread my lats. love you honey!

Oh one last thing for the day if you walk backwards on a treadmill trying to be all cute at the Gym make sure your shoes are tied......yep that would be a note to myself!