Monday, December 21, 2009

Good Morning Everyone

Just wanted to say that the workouts are starting to show signs of changes going on in my body.......4 days a week I hit it, backed off any Cardio until the early spring and hitting the weights, switching my routine up every 4-6 weeks really seems to help also I have learned form over very heavy weight has helped me also. My chest and back are getting thicker and the shoulder are gettin a little meaty!!!! Everytime I am in the gym I picture my competition on the stage and what they would look like and how I want to look.

I have decided on an early show that way if I don't place 1st or 2nd I can take a few weeks and adjust the diet etc. and hit the stage again. I can even imagine my suit on me. Nails done, hair done, no more false eyelashes because my Doctor Cousin hooked me up with Liteese so the lashes are growing long and getting thick! woot woot. Always hated those damn things anyways thought they made my eyes droup.

Anyways know is the time because this ass is not getting any younger and the competition is!

I will pick my date and post it........hopefully some of my Michigan girls will be trying for the same show that would be awesome!

Happy Monday,


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just a little humor for the day!

My R esimay

To hoom it mae cunsern,

I waunt to apply for the job what I

saw in the paper.
I kin Type realee qwik wit one finggar

and do sum a counting.

I think I am good on the fone and I no

I am a pepole person, Pepole realee

seam to reespond too me well. Certain

men and all the ladies.

I no my spelling is not too good but find

that I Offen can get a job wit my

My salerery is open so we kin discus

wat you want to pay me and wat you

think that I am werth,

I kin start emeditely. Thank yoo in

advanse fore yore anser.

hopifuly Yore best aplicant so farr.


BRYAN nikname Beefy

PS : Because my resimay is a bit short -

below is a pickture of me.

Human Resources 's response:...

Dear Beefy-I mean Bryan ,

It's OK honey, we've got spell check.
See you Monday.

I would hire him!


************************************************************************************************** CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE:This message and any attachments are intended only for the use of the individual(s) or entity(ies) to which it is addressed, and may contain information that is privileged, confidential and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, or agent responsible for delivering the message to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, copying or other use of this message and/or its attachment (s) are strictly prohibited. If you have received this message in error or believe it has been intercepted or amended, please do nothing further with it and notify the sender immediately by replying to this e-mail or calling (814) 452-7081 (collect). Thank you **************************************************************************************************


I have had so much on my mind this year between, marriage, children, competing I guess I have just needed a break which I will get right after Christmas.......lots of time to think of what is the best and what fears do I cling onto to set me spirit free.....I have always been the go to person for advise but never really shared my own emotions which in turn has not served me well. When you don't let things out they fester until you burst. That is one reason for not competing this year I just did not want the extra stress, I want competing to be like the first time I ever walked out on the stage but better with a bigger sense of self and confidence. I know I can do it for 2010 it is in me just like Krissa, it has always been inside her but it took her to realize it on her own.

I just want to forget the past year and move towards a brighter future, no more resent, holding things in 2010 has got to be better.......possibly it will start off rocky but God has never left my side and will carry when ever I need him, he has proved that to me time and time again.

I have learned this year that people with anxiety can be the strongest people because if you can push through and not let it stop you from your goals who can ever call you weak!

Promise I will be a better blogger,


Friday, November 20, 2009

Photographer in Michigan

Ok - I look at all the photo shoots on Sioux and have seen the work done by many in my own State........If I ever do a Photo Shoot I want it to be like art because that is what I feel the body is, Gods gift our Temple. Being that I have 2 daughters I want them to see their mother in a respectful light i.e. no T and A shots.

Anyways one my oldest and dearest friends Dawn we literally have remained friends since the 10th grade I was in her Wedding whom I must say married the nicest man ever about 14 years ago and let me tell you people he has the eye of an artist when it comes to photo shoots, I have already explained to him that when it comes time for my next Comp. he and only he would shoot me because I trust him and his artistic ability.

Well instead of keeping him all to myself I thought I would share his Website, just to let you know he is well respected......he is a photographer for the Lions and many other Organizations.

So this is his Website for all to check out:

If you are thinking of a great person to shoot you this is your main man!

Lisa T.

Sometimes it is ok to Quit!

it's ok to Quit....." Motivational Speaker - Veraunda Jackson

1. Quit arguing with people about the same old foolishness! Respect their
position and keep it moving!

2. Quit telling people your secrets when you know they are not going to keep
them! And if you keep telling them, then quit getting mad when they tell your

3. Quit trying to pull people on your journey who don't want to travel with you.
Either they believe in you and value you...or they don't!

4. Quit complaining about things you can't and won't change!

5. Quit gossiping about other people! Minding our own business should be a full
time job!

6. Quit blaming each other for things that in the big picture aren't going to
matter three weeks from now! Talk solutions...and then implement them!

7. Quit eating things you know are not good for you! If you can't
smaller portions!

8. Quit buying things when we know we can't afford them! If you don't have self
control, then quit going to the stores! Quit charging things, especially when
you don't NEED them!

9. Quit staying in unhealthy relationships! It is not okay for people to
verbally or physically abuse you! So quit lying to yourself! It is not okay to
stay in the marriage for the children! Ask them and they will tell you that they
really would prefer to see you happy and that the misery you and your
spouse/partner are living with is affecting them!

10. Quit letting family members rope you into the drama! -Start telling them you
don't want to hear it! Quit spreading the drama! Quit calling other relatives
and telling them about your cousin or aunt! Go back to #5 minding your own
business should be enough to keep you busy!

11. Quit trying to change people! IT DOESN'T WORK! Quit cussing people out when
you know that they are just being the miserable and jealous people that they

12. Quit the job you hate! Start pursuing your passion. Find the job that fuels
your passion BEFORE you quit!

13. Quit volunteering for things that you aren't getting any personal
fulfillment from anymore! Quit volunteering for things and then failing to
follow through with your commitment!

14. Quit listening to the naysayers! Quit watching the depressing news if you
are going to live in the doom and gloom of it all!

15. Quit making excuses about why you are where you are or why you can't do what
you want to do!

16. Quit waiting on others to give you the answers...and start finding the
answers for yourself! If what you are doing isn't working for you...then quit

17. Quit settling and start making your dreams a reality!- Quit being afraid and
START LIVING YOUR LIFE! CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT! If you want something different than what you have had in the must quit doing what you have done before and DO something different! JUST QUIT IT ..... And START DOING

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Inspiration of the day

I just swiped this photo off another bloggers site (sorry Tawana!)
This is my inspiration of day people,one day!

Peace,Love and Muscle,


Tear drops

If you have followed by journey since last year you will know that my goal was for a nice booty and legs.........can I just say I was wearing shorts at the Gym today and I swear doing leg extensions (switching off between 21's one week and the other conventional leg extensions) I saw with my own eyes the makings of Tear drops, little old me with true muscle definition in her legs! I really have been switching things up every 4-6 weeks for muscle confusion and it must be working, the body is a wonderful thing if you work on form, add weight every week and keep your mind on your muscle working it to fatigue with proper rest periods before hitting it again your body has no choice but to respond! Another exercise that I have been doing is deep squats they hurt like a mother but I leave the Gym really feeling like I have done something! People we are talking deep squats, it hurts so good! Sorry I guess I am a little sick because I like the burn, makes me feel like I am really working it!

Another thing like today doing the deep squats was my mind was on my competition this might sound horrible but I kept thinking in my mind F. so and so I am running after you F. you. hey people if it works to keep you motivated do whatcha gotta do.

Anyways I found a picture on my dads facebook so I thought I would post for the mom's out in the World that think after you have a child you can never have your body can if you really want it back.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Putting a feeler out

OK this might kill me to sell but I am seriously considering selling and want opinions on what price range to ask........please note this suit I hand did with 2000 stones! Still think I am a little high from the glue!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lisa's Revaluation

OK yesterday I was at the Gym and had a revaluation......Lisa you need to go back to the basics of weight training and really focus on your form! Yes I must leave my heavy weights and go lighter but form people is everything, I want to really feel the muscle working that I am engaging. Yesterday was Chest and I really want to build up my upper chest connecting to my front delts so I did incline flies with dumbbells with the correct form light weight and you know what it must have worked because today I would like to die! Full out inclines elbows with a slight bend, next week I will add another 5lbs. Also I did tri's which a friend of mine gave me a different exercise that works both the tri's and the upper chest so you really get that squeeze when you get to the chest part.......I want that nice cut right down the center of my chest.

Anyways my workout was a short one, back to killing it in an hour, faster reps shorter rest periods....must always keep my muscle confused kind of like myself always just a tad bit confused! LOL

Have a great day everyone,
Love, Peace and Muscle


Monday, November 9, 2009

The Arnold

Putting a feeler out into the Universe to the girls who have done the Arnold........worth doing or not? It is not a National Qualifier but something to strive for. Not completely sure if worth my time and efforts. If anyone has an opinion please post a comment. I have to say last year watching from home and seeing the updates I did get a little bit of that competitive spirit in me, like I wanted to be on that stage.

So for the girls who have done the show what did you think? Cattle call or an exciting time on stage with all the eyes watching and seeing the great competition, the girls who will eventually go onto Nationals and what it takes at that level?


Monday, November 2, 2009


I had to do something very hard the other day and wanted to do this completely on my own a test you could say to myself......had many offers of help but knew that if I could muster up the courage to do want needed to be done just maybe I had more inner strength then I have given myself credit for in a long time! You know what? I do and I handled a tuff situation on my own, people can tell me anything they want but deep down at the core of my being I have a strength that can not be taken away. It felt good in the knowing that when bad things happen I will always be able to reach inside myself and find what God has given me, he will give me as much as I can handle. I am in control over my being that is partly why I still crave competing. That challenge that most could never do or even dream possible of doing even though the want is inside of them. Like the body our minds and spirits are always growing, granted we have many curve balls along the way but how do you grow if you are not tested. Everyday is a gift people not to be taken for granted.

The other day at the Gym I noticed someone who had most likely been in a horrific car accident and could barely lift up his head see to me that is strength otherwise he would not be fighting the good fight, he was trying even though his body was limited to a wheelchair his spirit was still in inside wanting to shine through and fight. So as I do my chin ups and push the heavy weights how can I not feel blessed because my body is working and I know I have the strength to get through things on my own........I don't have to do things on my own but without a support system I could make it!

C. you are so right in your blogs I wish everyone would read them, you have a God given talent of writing and I do not understand how you do it but it touches me every time I read one of your posts. So thank you for opening up your Blog once again for all to read. If you do not know who I am speaking of look up Cynthia Herndon. She may not know it yet but she has the gift of the written word!

Peace, love and muscle

Lisa T.

Friday, October 23, 2009


I am posted this because maybe someone else has gone through the same thing. I have a friend whom I am close to that when we went for tea after a workout really laid into me....on one hand I am blessed that I have someone who cares enough to feel free to speak what she feels is the truth on the other hand it was hard for me to hear. See I keep strict about what I eat except the weekends and with all the stress the has surrounded my life in the past year I dropped down to 108lbs recently and my friend says I can not see what others do. I promised I would gain the weight back and I promise everyone I really do eat. My starting goal is 5 pounds and another 5 or more for the Winter. She actually cried because she said she was so worried about me. By the way I am back up to 111 I have doubled my carbs and have tried to lighten up on what I eat. I know in the back of my mind that alot of what she said is the truth.......what can you control in your life if everything else seems to be falling apart! Do you understand what I mean (Food)

Some people eat for comfort when stressed I have to force myself when stressed, this year has been nothing but a bad year all the way around but I try to remember everyday is a gift from God and through the rough patches brings the sun.

This past week I was attacked literally by a dog......literally he wanted to kill me I have puncher wounds in my head, tricep and quad and have this tingling in my fingers that won't go away! Had to have a Tetanus Shot along with Antibiotics here is the kicker my own 8 year old English Setter was the culprit he was out to kill me, my little one saw everything and we both went into shock, she will tell you she remembers nothing it is her way of protecting herself from a bad memory. We just went through the same thing 2 months ago putting an animal down because he turned on the wee one. I just keep thinking to myself what if it was her and not me instead of getting the back of my head he got her face! The Husband thinks the spirit of the other dog has jumped into the setter's body because he is mad at us for putting him down! Little crazy but when you have had a dog so long it is just so hard to believe they could turn into Cujo! My oldest thinks we must be meant for gerbil's or a cat!!!

Anyways 2010 has to be a better year......I will still train like I am an athlete and eat like one also! My goal is not to look way to small, never has that been my goal my goal honestly this year was 120 pounds of pure muscle. So as I promised my friend I WILL gain the weight in a healthy manner.

Take care all,

Lisa T.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday after the O. Post

Congrats. to Michigan's first ever Ms. Figure O.! I can tell you that I have seen Nicole backstage at the State level events helping her clients and she have the this presence about her plus she is so pretty naturally!

Thought all the girls looked wonderful, some I did not understand the placings but not being a judge it is hard from just pictures to see exactly what set one girl apart from the other!

I am just hoping next year this time a good friend of mine that spent her growing up years in Michigan will grace the stage and whoop some ass! Know that would make me proud.

Have a great Sunday everyone,


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh and still doing DC

Still doing DC Training.......shocking my muscles on shoulders and back and booty and every other part on me, just thought I would share that with Vic since I have not posted what I have been doing inside the Gym!


It's not over till it's over!

Great motto from a great person.........since I see some changes and I will be fresh
next year maybe I shall take that advise and train and lift this booty till it is rock solid and kill it at my next show! feeling spunky and half sane today. lol

Keep getting noticed for my shoulders and back and can actually see improvement in the hamstrings, don't ask about calves ain't happening! But you know what I will be like Arnold and keep on training and trying.

Keep pressing on ladies we can achieve all we want if we try hard enough, would it not be great to compete all together knowing we did our best. I def. see potential in everyone I come across on my blog Krissa, Cynthia, Abby, Becca you guys are so you have a couple of bad days who the heck cares, you guys NEVER give up and that is inspiring!

Peace, Love and Muscle


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Nationals for me

Anyone with Show suggestions towards the end of the year before the last Nationals please let me know! Or maybe I should just wait until next year when I have one more year to gain lean muscle mass, so confusing......I am starting to get a bug up my ass at the end of the year to compete. Really had no MoJo before this but somehow my year feels weird without even one show under my belt! Oh Well I will keep on doing my thing in the Gym and picturing the most beautiful suit ever worn on stage to get me through until next year! One more year just gets me closer to my goals anyways so maybe I already have an answer for myself!

Maybe I did say 2009 was my year.....I probably said that in 2008 also but 2010 watch out bitches here she comes! just teasing about the bitches part.

Anyways I am taking tonight off and trying to see if I can get a killer leg or chest/tri's workout in tommorow morning we shall see one workout, one day at a time!

Peace, Love and Muscle

Lisa T.

Hey C. any Pro/Am show for 2010? Just a thought if you know what I'm saying!!! That would be killer fun.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Rest in peace my little buddy Geronimo as hard as it was to make the decision tonight we have sent him back to God to drink, eat and have as many scooby snacks as he can have! My Keeley would like her mama to drive in the morning to Heaven to see him......very hard to explain that our doggy will not be coming home but we will see him again again one day playing in a field by a stream drinking as much as he wants, eating scooby snacks and feeling wonderful. He will forever be loved but I could not keep a dog that ever hurt mine or anyone Else's child or show extreme food and water aggression with my other dog let alone add in his kidney and bladder problems that would never be cured. He just seemed to always feel horrible!

I spent most of the afternoon laying with him and telling him I was so sorry and that I would miss him, my other dog must sense the loss because he has been howling and whining all night. I swear dogs have a six sense.

Anyways sorry for all my doggy lovers for the sad post I just needed to get it off my chest because even though I know I did right a little part of me feels guilty.

I will post later about my workouts and how that is going!

As always my fellow bloggers take care!

Lisa T.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Lat Girls first post in weeks

I feel like I have been gone forever from Blogger World in the last few weeks because of Vacation to Florida to see the In-Laws and take my children to Disney
which hopefully will give them lasting memories, it was nice get away but was happy to come place like home. And my dogs were very happy to be out of the Kennel.

Once home however my boxer growled and ripped open the lower lid of my 4 year olds eye just missing her eyeball I don't think he bit her but got her with a very sharp claw but none the less I did hear him growl and have seen him be aggressive before with my other dog so we have made the hard decision to return him to the rescue that we got him from which for me and the kids will be very hard but I have got to do the right thing for the family and other kids that may come over to our home. I think he already feels something is coming because he has been very detached since the bite. Thank God my baby will be alright, when this happened I was surprised how calm and collected I became taking over the situation and rushing her to the hospital and then having to transfer her to a Children's Hospital with a plastic surgeon on site. Basically they had to put a silicone tube through the lower lid down through the noise. But she was running and playing a few hours after the surgery! I love my little girl for being such a trouper and so strong......nothing can stop her, nothing! I have seen this child work so hard many times at mastering things at a young age with such determination it inspires me!

My only problem with my vacation was letting go and just not worry about training and diet, 9 days worked out 3 days.......but honestly I needed that break in the routine and even if I didn't eat exactly the way I would at home I found many substitutions that were accommodating, the weird part is now that I am home people keep asking if I have a show coming up and my answer is no, only one I would consider is a National Show towards the end of the year still have booty and legs to work on. but I have seen improvements in those areas which is pretty damn cool. So thanks Vic. for the DC Training info.

Anyways I just wanted to blog a little today to say I am still around and hope the girls who are prepping for shows are rocking it hardcore, when I compete again I want to compete with the best. And I've seen what that is and I still have allot of work to do!

Peace, Love and Muscle,

Lisa T.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shoulder day Saturday!

I posted this picture because I kind of like the girl in the middles suit! Love looking at all the bling what can I say.

My favorite 2 parts this morning shoulders and abs and both got hammered in a good way today! Gave myself plenty of time today so I could get everything in allowing for chatter time also, yes sometimes my mouth also gets a work out, when you have been training at the same Gym for years you tend to get to know people, day crowd, afternoon crowd, night crowd I know them all that is the regulars!

Had to work extra hard so I can refeed later hopefully it will all go to my shoulders! I like to hit shoulders from all angles and have a slightly different approach for growth.......just kill them until they get big and meaty. No DC Training today on the Shoulders, but for everything else straight up DC baby!

I have to say also I am so stoked that a trainer a my gym got her crossfit Certification so they are going to start a class! I have wanted to try Crossfit for the last 2 years and no one around does it! I already told I would be signing up for the class which I think made her kindof nervous! She actually wants to compete but is lacking that deep go for it balls out fire that you need to accomplish it. Just my two cents on her.

Anyways I just wants to see if crossfit will kick me in the butt and drop me! Having a feeling it will just from the Video's that I have seen! Sick but I can't wait.

Anyways should I say what my refeed will be today? think I will go for deep dish double cheese and pepperoni from Old Chicago with a side of Cookies! Yummy

Have a great Saturday everyone,

Lisa T.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursdays Post

Today I promised myself I would be up before the kids for some good old fashioned mom time......just moments of quiet can be so nice and reflect on the day to come and what is was I wanted to accomplish!

Hit the Gym with my little one in tow around 11:00AM.....had my focus, mojo and Ipod was actually charged! Anyways I have been trying to find as much info on DC Training as possible, so my workout for today was a killer on the legs! I am sooooooo sore tonight.

My workout went like this:

Leg Press Machine 10 plates total for 10 set of 10 reps barely any rest between sets!

Sissy squats 10 reps x 10 sets went straight to the calf machine for 10 and hopped make and forth until by the 10 rep of the sissy squat I was literally falling on my butt from pain........

Also did stiff leg dumbbell sets 10 reps x 10 sets barely any rest on those also

* finished off the legs with walking lunges around the track just for that extra little bit off pain.

p.s. just for kicks I added 15 upside down push ups on the wall......

Anyways I know I have alot to learn but I'll get it, just need to do more research of recovery time and training Dogg Crapp Style!

Peace, love and Muscle,


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blog Suggestion

I have a suggestion for a great blogger with so much information.......just check him out!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Calling out Vic

OK this is not Vic. just as an F.Y.I.

Just wanted to say that I started my Dog Crapp Training and I'm thank you Vic for Suggesting DC! Lol

So since I have started this different Program I think I may have promised to stay honest.....anyways today I did chest with Tri's my upper body wants to crawl its way into bed and take the longest nap ever! By the tenth rep of the tenth set I thought I would die.....but I did it...woot woot

So whatcha got Vic! I will stay honest if you do!

Lat Girl

Friday, July 31, 2009

Just a thought

Maybe my next plan will be DC Training.....anyone with thoughts on this workout!
Dogg Crapp Training yeah baby thats what I'm talking about!


Short Post

OK must come up with a new plan! Think I am getting close.......going old school
Volume Training for 4-6 weeks, just might takes some before and after shots this weekend, have not taken in along time and I need to see how my legs look outside of a 3 way mirror! Caps are coming in nice along with the back!

Taking tonight off from training and have a plan for Saturday and Sunday, I find I do much better when I have it already in my head what I will be to get that mind/muscle connection going!

Anyways just want to leave you all with a little saying....sorry if it sounds preachy!

expect God to show you something new today. Some people resist change, but God created us to need variety in our life. If we do the same things over and over, we get burned out on it. God will keep our lives exciting if we seek him everyday.

Look for new ways of doing things. If you have been working the same job for thirty years (or working out the same way and eating the same) find a new path while you get to your destination. Do something to invite newness into your life so you can discover a new and better path!

Peace, Love and Muscle,

Lisa T. (Lat Girl)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Soaring like the Eagles

I never realized when I came up with the my Title for my blog that it would mean more to me then just Fitness. Maybe 2009 was meant to be a year of discovering myself......I've bean doing much reading not just on the physical muscle front but on Building Spiritual Muscle also. I want to become the person who lets go of the past regrets, lives in the present, and never gives up on a fabulous future! My interest is still inside of me for competing.......I can feel it deep down, I can not say when, or how I will do it but one thing I'm slowly learning about myself is that I have never been a person who gives up easy, I said one day, just one time I would make it to a National Show........maybe it won't be a first place but just the satisfaction of knowing I did it would count the most. But competing has to be just an extension of who I am, a good wife, mother, friend, someone who truly chooses everyday when I roll out of bed that today is my day and I can make the choice to make it great, no one can decide that for me, negativity will bounce right off of me and I will not internalize anyone else's problems as my own. I will remember that God has a plan for me and that plan was not meant to be locked in a self inflicted cage of doubt but to soar like an eagle. Anyways I guess enough of that talk and bit on my fitness front!

I just want to say I am still working out lifting as heavy as I can and eating healthy, just have to push up the calorie intake, sorry to say I've dropped 10 pounds in the last couple of month not trying. Super charged up metabolism I guess. Another thing I have found really helping with a stress is kick boxing and sparing with a heavy bag, nothing like it........beating the crap out of something to relieve stress makes you so feel good afterward, for me it's Cardio but fun! Not having to stand on a boring treadmill is awesome for me because I think I must be ADD and just can not stand in one spot that long! really I think I should have taken it up years ago, might I add that I can really feel it in the hip flexors with all that kicking of the heavy bag! My Hugo Riveria Book I was doing is completed, just can not believe 21 weeks have past......must find a different plan so I can shake things ups a bit and confuse my muscles once again so they will grow! First start taking in more calories! I see that as a good plan to start with and dig deep for the perfect workout to suit my ectomorph frame that gives me rest and recovery time so I can one day soar like those eagles onto the National Stage.

Hope all is well and Congrats to Jessica and Jody I understand they had a little bundle of joy today.

Take care,

Lisa T.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Just a random post

OK since I learned so much from Cynthia last week I think I will put it to good use tonight at the Gym..........I should mention Abby on chest also (I'm so weak) compared to these two girls! tonight will be Chest and Tri's all out pushing to my max! Only way I'm going to go from scrawny to National level competitor! Don't care if I have to wait another year just for training and eating up, who ever said I absolutely had to make it this year? OK maybe me but my mindset has changed.......let the body do the talking and once it's ready for the stage watch out I will have the mind, body and spirit to grace that stage one day!

I posted this picture of Nancy because I love all the bling on her suit! very eye catching. Maybe one day I will have full caps and a nice quad workout at a time! Got to keep it real a body like that doesn't happen over night takes years of patiences and hard work for that look!

Lat Girl

Monday, June 29, 2009

Best week ever with IFBB Pro Cynthia Herndon

I just had the best week ever! What a true honor to be able to hang out with 2 amazing women....Cynthia and Abby, thank you so much for your kindness and letting me stay with you and learn sooooo much from both of you!

Last Wednesday I drove and meet Cynthia IFBB Pro on home town turf, shopped, worked out stayed at her parents all worked out so beautifully for the week because my parents had already made arrangements to take my children for the week! Can I say by the way Cynthia I have no doubt in my own mind that she could do anything in this world she ever wanted to do! And that means making it too the big "O"!

Thursday we got around and drove over to Abby's home and what a great person she is, totally has all her priorities in line, God, Family, Fun so refreshing to be around such positive strong women! After a little eating and chatting we headed over to Abby's Gym were she is much loved you can tell! Can I just say these 2 girls are strong I mean strong, I'm still sore from chest day! After that Abby showed us her collection of Oxygen Mags. starting back from 1998 every issue she has! Not only does she participate in the sport she really enjoys every aspect of it!

Friday Cynthia and I drove back to my house after working out one last time with Abby we heaeded back to my town and I had a blast showing her around a bit and watching some great fireworks! Got up Saturday and I actually got to take her to my Gym, which might I add the one of the workers is still amazed at her strength on a Dead Lift, she was trying to correct my form......I need lots of practice in that area and have to learn to check my ego at the door until I can get it right! She had to leave from the Gym because she is going to do some great volunteer work.....again I can not stress enough of what a kind, beautiful person she is inside and out and if you have not signed up to be apart of VisionQuester 111
you are truly missing out on great information, the girl could totally write a book if she wanted too! And the thing about her is she just keeps things real, you have high days in this sport and you have low days! Just a real person with a Pro Card spreading all her knowledge of the sport!

Anyways I just wanted to express my true appreciation for having a wonderful chance to meet some amazing women......and to Kim who drove an hour over to Abby's Gym reach for the Stars and I wish you the best of luck in your competition!

Ending this post I almost want to cry because I feel like people come into your life at the correct time! And for me for what I have been going through in the last couple of months I just feel like this was just the thing I needed for my PMA to come back! If you are around Positive, strong people it is contagious

Love, peace and muscle,


P.S. Cynthia I totally just swiped that picture from your sight, I hope that is OK!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


See this picture above......I am so excited to say I will have the great honor of working out with IFBB Pro Cynthia Herndon and Abby next week! Little nervous that she will absolutely kick my booty in the gym but I will do my best to keep up at her pace! I'm really stoked about this opportunity not only is she a personal trainer (she has her certification) anyhoo she has an incredible eye for what area's to focus on and also an incredible person. One of the best Pro's around in my book!

On another note I have been back in the Gym and have found it to be my meditation seems to free my mind from racing thoughts. I'm currently reading a book by Lucinda Bassett, the Title of the book is Panic to Power.......I swear from the first chapter I could relate back to my own childhood just by her own stories. I think I've lived with anxiety my entire life but in the book it teaches you how to change the way your thinking and put a stop to worry, guilt, racing thoughts. highly recommend this book to anyone.

Below I will write a poem from one of the first chapters:

Fear is conquered by action.
When we challenge our fears, we defeat them.
When we grapple with our difficulties,
They lose their hold upon us.
When we dare to face the
Things which scare us,
We open the door to freedom.

Author Unknown.

Peace and love,

Lisa T. (Lat Girl)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hugo Rivera as a young boy!

I wanted to show a picture of Hugo Rivera as a young boy!

Below would be Hugo Rivera as fit, Strong man that he has longer the overweight child in the first picture above. See even though I have never met this man he is helping me build some steller legs with the help of his Hardgainers Bodybuilding Handbook........this book breaks down your workouts, nutrition and if you actually follow his plan it will shows results! How many times have you started a program and never completed it? I told myself that when I bought this book I would complete what I started.......hell what is 21 weeks when you have been training for 4years and not seen the results that you really wanted. Talk to a very successful person and they will tell you it did not happen overnight and they had a plan and a certain drive..........anyways should the 21 weeks go by and I don't get my desired results I either did not give it my all or my plan will change and I will search out something else! My point here people is you must stick with what ever YOUR plan may be! So no results in 2 weeks no biggy, Rome was not built in a day or even 2 weeks, it took time and the body needs time also to respond to a new plan, see things out and the results will indeed come maybe not as fast as you would like but they will come through dedication and drive.

Anyhoo this is what I did last night at the Gym with a little help from my book that I carry with me at all times on leg day!

Hybrid Phase: Volume/Strength Training Weeks 16-18

Modified Compound Superset #1
Squats (Medium Stance) Reps 8,6,4...........Sets 3.........90 second rest
Lying Leg Curls Reps 8,6,4...........Sets 3.........90 second rest

Superset 2
Quadriceps Leg Press Reps 8,6,4...........Sets 3.........90 second rest
Barbell Stiff-legged Deadlift Reps 8,6,4...........Sets 3.........90 second rest

Superset 3
Standing Calf Raises Reps 10,8,6..........Sets rest
Lying Leg Raises Reps 10,8,6..........Sets 3.........60 seconds

I would brag about the weight I was pushing last night but I can't..........taking my much needed time away from the Gym has lost me some of my strength, it's ok though I don't have to kill it everytime, giving youself slack and just doing it sometimes is all you have to do!

Have a great day,

Lisa T.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Morning Motivator for the VisionQuester

Go out and seize the day!

Lat Girl will post her workout later!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yeah Muscle in the city girls!!!!

They should be so proud! And look how beautiful they look on camera!

Just had to post this one

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nancy Georges

Every Month I get an email newsletter from Nancy Georges and thought this was good enough to share!

Fitness Tip Of The Month

PMA- Positive Mental Attitude

Last month we talked about brain food and what you are feeding your brain. It is sort of like what you feed your body, if crap goes in, crap is going to come out. So most likely you have started feeding your brain more positive things to where PMA becomes an increasingly easier state of mind for you. It starts out difficult, I know, but the first step is to realize what is in your life that is dragging you down. What feels heavy to you? Those are the things you want to slowly extract from your life. As you become lighter and lighter, PMA becomes a natural state of mind.

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of having fun. I have seen one too many competitor taking themselves way to seriously. Believe me, I have my moments. My food is like the holy grail, and if I am 2 seconds off on my food it is like a catastrophe has just struck. What we would all do well to do is to lighten up. Remember whatever journey you are on, it is for the main purpose of having fun. Once you stop having fun, in my opinion, you should stop whatever you are doing. Having fun is a priority in my life. That does not mean I sacrifice hard work, discipline, proper training, and diet, but it does mean that I relax into it, enjoy it and let go.

PMA is also positive expectation, that if you are doing the work, the fruits of your labor will surely come. There is no question in your mind, no exception, and no alternative. We need to distinguish between determination and having heavy energy ourselves, being way to rigid in what we want and how long it takes to get there. Train with discipline, have fun and you will be in great shape and people will wonder how it was so easy. What's your secret they say. PMA!

Have a wonderful month.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Post

What can you say other then this women looks amazing! I believe she is in the newest Oxygen Magazine coverage of the Arnold........What in Gods name do have do too look like that beside literally work your ass off and eat so clean, she had not touch a slice of pizza in month's..........either that or have the best genes ever!

Anyhoo I wanted to say that last night was the first night that I have stepped foot in my Gym in 3 weeks...........honestly was so nervous about the questions I would get about why the no showings, thank God my good friend at the Gym was with me and we just walked and talked which felt so good almost therapeutic if that makes sense.

I have made some decisions in the past couple of days.......first I will not commit to a competition date for this year, when the time is right I will feel it in my soul! At the moment the pressure seems so great and all I want is too do is kill it in the Gym and enjoy new challenges in my workouts and being my diet is good I feel that God will lead me in the right direction whether it is competing or on too a
new endeavor!

Tonight I did go back for some shoulder work and have lost some strength but am sure that will return but it felt so good almost like being at my second home, sounds stupid but I forgot all about the anxiety and my depression seems to be lifted when working out!

Also I have made the decision that I will only work at most 3 days straight one day upper, one day cardio, next day legs and off (completely off) and then 2 of 5 days a week unless I want to take a simple bike ride or a walk with the little body has been telling me for so long to slow it down and I have not listened, so that must stop. I need to learn that no one not even me how much I want something must have limits for the desire for perfection (does it really exists anyways) competition is subjective, I can tell you without a doubt that I have seen girls walk away so discouraged they never go after it again, I don't quit maybe even when I should.

Anyways we are all beautiful in our own ways and perfection is in the eye of the beholder.......staying healthy is the most important thing we can do, most of us have family's that need and love us just for who we are!

Love , peace and muscle

Lisa T.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I think I'm being sabotaged

The husband is trying to kill me I swear, already feeling weak and he orders all the crap food possible........have not touched it yet but it's calling my name and when you haven't worked out in weeks you know actually the place that fat will go! Straight to my ASS! I will remain strong and eat my rice and talipia!!!! wish me luck! Grrrrr. I think he is started to like my butt a little thicker!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


First I would like to say that I have missed my Blogger Community! My reasons for being MIA have to do woth Internal issue's that I thought would actually never happen to me..........overwhelming anxiety and depresion in which I could not even get out of bed or stop crying! I thought for so long that my issues where with my body and my immune system being shot to shit! Anyways I am seeking therapy and and hollistic means of help along with conventional meds.

I really think I need to delve into my soul and figure this out with prayer and support I will be just fine!

Love and Peace,

Lisa Theisen

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday night post

I have feel like I have been totally MIA this week from writing and reading some of my favorite blogs! I have been around but my access to the Internet has been limited this week, I have competition for the Computer with my 12 year old!

Anyways I have also been doing some thinking and research on Hormones and why mine seems so out of whack. Did have my Gyno. check the levels and all he came back with was I'm not going through the change.......glad to hear that but would still like more answers, most of my family and friends would say my hormones are off because of the training and body fat level, which in all honesty probably does play a part in the equation to the lack of T.O.M.

I did tell the Doctor by Monday I would decide if I wanted to try a low dosage of Birth Control.....sometimes having that little extra boost of hormones in your systems will give you more energy and regulate your cycle. I wish I could find the Blog or Article that Pauline Nordin did on this topic, I remember her also saying that she was taking Oral Contraceptive because she wanted to protect her Bone Density since she was not getting T.O.M either. Yes working out is part vanity for me but it is also to take care of the one and only body that God has given me to take care!

Another test that I asked my Doctor for is a Ferritin test. Not just your standard Iron test more in depth.......this test was recommended by a good friend that last year experienced extreme fatigue, foggy head syndrome, muscle and joint pain, hair loss, ect. anyways her Iron test came back in the normal range but her Ferritin levels fell below 4!

I guess what I am saying in this post is part of my figuring things out this year is not just about the outside but more important the inside......if things don't feel just right search for the answers, why go around feeling less then 100%.

On the workout front I have been giving myself more recovery more 5 days straight with 1 off and back at it. The last couple of weeks it has been scaled back and honestly I think it has been working better for me.

This is my workouts last week:
Sunday - Legs/Abs/Cardio (25 minutes)
Monday - off
Tuesday -Chest/Back/Cardio (25 minutes)
Wednesday - off
Thursday - Legs/Abs
Friday - Cardio (1/2 elipticle, 1/2 walking on the track)
Saturday - Shoulders/Abs

Hope everyone had a great productive week!


Below I have inserted information on lowered ferritin levels:

Lowered ferritin levels:

If ferritin is low there is a risk for lack in iron which could lead to anemia. Low ferritin levels (<50 ng/mL) have been associated with symptoms of restless legs syndrome even in the absence of anemia.[6]

In the setting of anemia, serum ferritin is the most sensitive lab test for iron deficiency anemia.[7]

In a certain study in Paris, France, the level of iron in the blood (measured by ordering a ferritin serum test) has been connected to ADHD in children. Specifically, the lower the iron level, the more severe the ADHD symptoms.[8]

High risk groups for increased likelihood of iron deficiency are:

Babies given cows’ milk instead of breast milk or iron fortified formula. Cow and goats milk are very low sources of iron and the iron is poorly absorbed. Breast milk is a good source of bioavailable iron, assuming the mother has adequate iron stores.
Embryos in formation. Low maternal iron may result in intrauterine growth retardation, low birth weight, increased infant mortality, and increased maternal complications and mortality.
Children 1-4 years old are at risk because of rapid growth unless iron fortified food or supplements are given.

Iron deficiency early in childhood can have long-term effects on mental development that may be irreversible. Iron deficiency is not easy to detect without a blood test. Most babies, particularly those who are premature or have low birth weight, need an iron supplement. Give as an iron fortified formula or as a separate liquid supplement to breastfed babies.

Teenagers are at risk because of rapid growth rates, and poor eating habits.
Menstruating women, especially those who have heavy periods. Menstrual bleeding is one of the most common causes of low iron. Such women require twice as much iron as do men. Thirty five-fifty percent of young otherwise healthy women have some degree of iron deficiency. More so in pregnancy.
Women using an IUD (because they generally have heavier periods)
Pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women
Women with more than one child
People who repeatedly crash diet
Vegetarians, (since animal products contain the most usable forms of iron.)
Athletes in training, as they may have exercise induced iron loss, especially with endurance sports and body building
People with kidney failure
People with worm infestation, or chronic parasites
Low income earners
The elderly have both decreased intake and absorption
Regular blood donors. Each 500ml of donated blood costs 200-250mg of iron.
People with conditions that predispose them to bleeding, such as gum disease or stomach ulcers, polyps or cancers of the bowel
Those with gastrointestinal disorders such as low or absent stomach acid, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s Disease, partial removal of the intestines
People taking aspirin as a regular medication
Those with low thyroid functioning
All of those at high risk should take some form of daily iron supplement, and focus on eating iron rich foods, as listed later. The iron can be part of a multivitamin mineral supplement. Women who are not menstruating and men should not supplement iron unless they have a known problem or are at high risk for deficiency.


With all the possible consequences from iron deficiency, you can see the extraordinary impact of low iron and why this is such an important topic. An iron deficient person would not have all of these symptoms, but some constellation of them. With 5 or more, consider iron problems.

Listlessness, weakness, decreased work productivity
Impaired learning and cognitive function
ADD and ADHD type behavioral disturbances
Developmental delay in infants and young children
Poor memory
Decreased attention span and increased distractibility
Impaired reactivity and coordination
Appetite loss
Cravings for non foods such as ice, dirt or clay
Difficulty swallowing (because low iron may cause a thin membrane to grow across the esophagus)
Joint soreness
Night time leg cramps
Sores on skin, or itching
Poor wound healing
Can cause excessive menstrual bleeding
Sore or burning tongue
Soreness in corners of the mouth
Brittle, flat, or spoon shaped nails
Longitudinal ridges on nails
Heart palpitations on exertion
Shortness of breath
Cold extremities, with decreased resistance to cold and poor regulation of body temperature
Tendency to recurrent infections
Chronic bladder infections
Anemia (hypo chromic, microcytic) paleness, weakness, drowsiness, fatigue
Numbness & tingling
Night sweats
Fragile bones
Growth impairment in children
Eye soreness
Vague gastrointestinal symptoms: belching, gas, nausea
Vitiligo (light blotches on the skin)
Swelling in the ankles
Bluish tint to the whites of the eyes
Visual disturbances
Papilledema (swelling inside the eye)
Enhanced heavy metal absorption and risk for toxicity. Those with low iron will have an increased GI absorption of metals which is not specific for iron, so will absorb more lead, cobalt, cadmium, mercury. High blood levels of lead are more common in children with low iron.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Novice Show Pictures

Today I went to the Novice Bodybuilding, figure, fitness and bikini Pre-Judge show in my area and had a great time with my friend Carolyn who had never been to a show before......the smell of ProTan in the air, buldging man muscles galore and everyone carrying coolers full of chicken breast and broccoli was like a whole different World for my friend! Over heard the guy sitting in back of us calling a friend to bring him in an extra chicken breast because it was time to eat which gave us both a little chuckle........only at a bodybuilding show do you hear that! Most places you hear a guy asking for his buddy to grab an extra beer before he comes back to his seat! Anyways after the show Carolyn said about the Bodybuilding portion that it was like watching live sculpture on the stage! She's already making plans to drag some other girls to the next show in the area.

After the show we went and had a nice naughty meal at Old Chicago and then went to the Gym so we could work off the I thought my stomach was going to explode once I mixed in a Protein Shake after my workout.

Anyways I took pictures today and wanted to share:



Female Bodybuilding

Masters Class





Medium Class

Medium Class

Short Class

Short Class (#9 Overall Winner)

Have a great weekend,

Lisa T.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Post

Read online tonight that playing Ping-Pong was a better Cardio workout then I thought I would post a video that sums up how I feel about that!

Have a great night,


Monday, March 23, 2009

Tuesday Post

This afternoon I went to my Doctors office to get the results of my blood tests that I took last week....just been feeling very tired and run down in the last month so I wanted the Doctor to check my thyroid, amongst other things and see what the B12 levels were in my body. What I found out was that the Thyroid and all others test came back normal except the B12? Now of course I thought for sure the Doc. would tell me the level was very low, nope she said mine was way over the normal levels in the body and that I need to cut out some supplements before I did any Liver Damage! So if anyone wants some Ultra 40's let me know being that they are chuck full of B12 I guess I better not take them......grrrr!

Also another thing today was that my Blood Pressure which is typically low was really low 80 over 60, I've been tired all day and had a headache so perhaps it stems from that. I did of course go online and check some of the causes of low Blood pressure and one of the causes can be dehydration which is completely possible with me being that I'm not always the best at making sure I keep myself properly hydrated. One more thing is I really want salt today.......I just want to lick the salt of some chips! Very weird

Thought I post an article regarding blood pressure:

Low Blood Pressure: How Low Is Too Low?
Understanding low blood pressure
Usually, low blood pressure is a good thing -- even if it doesn’t sound like it. Just because a standard measurement of blood pressure is 120 over 80 doesn’t mean that blood pressure that is lower than that is going to cause you any problems. However, there are times when low blood pressure can be too low.

I’m Heart Healthy Henry and I’m going to go over the ins and outs of low blood pressure with you -- explaining how low is too low and what can cause low blood pressure.

How Low Is Too Low?
If your blood pressure is less than 100 over 60, you may begin to experience the symptoms of low blood pressure. If you’re experiencing symptoms such as dizziness or fainting, you might want to check your blood pressure with your doctor.

What Causes Low Blood Pressure?
There are a number of conditions that can cause low blood pressure, the most obvious being a severe loss of blood. However, a loss of blood is not the only thing that contributes to low blood pressure.

Low blood pressure can also be caused by certain conditions such as parathyroid disease, dehydration, heart attack, heart failure and sepsis. It can also be caused by certain medications so if you are experiencing low blood pressure, check with your doctor to see if any of the medications you are taking may be causing it.

Treatment for low blood pressure will depend on the cause of the condition. For example, treatment for low blood pressure due to dehydration would include re-hydrating the body and treatment due to medication may include a change in prescriptions. When treating low blood pressure, the source of the problem is always isolated and the source, rather than the symptom, is treated.

The best way to treat low blood pressure is to prevent it to begin with. Eating healthy, exercising properly and taking a total health dietary supplement like the one available at this website are great steps towards preventing the onset of low blood pressure.

Count Your Blessings
If you’ve been diagnosed with low blood pressure, you’re better off than being diagnosed with high blood pressure. Low blood pressure is associated with fewer complications than high blood pressure and in some instances it can be easier to treat.

Monday Post

Ok I'm not working out today because I think I have full body D.O.M.! Saturday I hit the Shoulders really hard and added in about 60 pullups........note I didn't bust those out in the same set! 6 sets 10 reps a piece. Anyhoo yesterday was Legs and Abs, hoping I hit the legs hard enough that I tore some muscle fibers so I get some growth in these blocks of cheese. I do know that I need to find some new jeans because of the size of my quads and butt......if anyone has a brand that they like please let me know because I went out a couple of weeks ago and came home kindof depressed that I couldn't find any that fit right.

So being that I'm not working out today my mind goes straight to contest prep and suits.....I have been thinking about suit selection and last night I found some inspiration from Mendi Sakamoto's Blue 2 piece accented with the Blue Topaz........always loved Blue Topaz and had a beautiful set of earring's,necklace and rings about 6 years ago before my house was broken into and the thieves made off with my good stuff! I alway felt really pretty wearing my blue topaz so maybe that will give me a little extra boost of confidence on stage. Now I just need to find a suit in the above color that isn't velvet (Anybody got any ideas?) I almost can picture in my head the design and cut of the suit. Need to find a good seamstress that can fit the suit so it fits like a glove, just seems weird though asking someone to tailor a teeny tiny liitle 2 piece unless they are familier with Figure and fitness competitions......they see a tiny 2 piece and probably think Hooters Contest, how many times I've had to try to explain what the NPC is and what a figure contest is about, usually I just giveup and say it's like a Bodybuilding Competition. Close enough, I feel like most of us train and diet just as hard as a bodybuilder most days anyways.

I do have a slight bragg from yesterdays leg day......620 on the leg press! (6 reps) ok maybe a slight cheat because I put my hands on the knee's for a slight support anyways when I stood up after the last set I turn around to find a few fellows with their jaws dropped......teehee freakin love it!

Oh this Video is for C...........620 C. and I didn't even need a cork, go any higher though and I'm not so sure.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Post

I honestly don't have much today, thinking of doing some Cardio tonight and then back home for some good quality sleep. The plan for tomorrow will be killing the Shoulders so I can work on my caps!

Wanted to post a picture of Latisha Wilder because honestly I think she is a damn great Pro and on occasion doesn't get enough credit! Oh and I love her legs, mine are just blocks of cheese but hers have that nice separation, not sure with today's judging standards if it actually hurts her but I still think it looks awesome!

Peace, Love and Muscle,


* Found this speech given by Nelson Mandela on Latisha's Site.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate; our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are born to manifest the glory that is within us. And as we let our light shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

-Nelson Mandela Inaugural Speech, 1994

Thursday, March 19, 2009

15 Years and counting!

My Husband came home today from work with the most beautiful floral arrangement for me in honor of our 15 year Anniversary..........We have been together 18 years! Seems like a lifetime, poor guy has seen the good, the bad and in the morning the ugly from his wife and most days still thinks I'm pretty cute! I like to say we work because I'm the water too his fire and we seem to balance each other out in many respects. Plus I think part of the key to our marriage has been seeing both of our parent staying together for the long haul, they showed use that married wouldn't always be easy and no marriage is perfect but you just work through the hard times and love each other even when you don't on certain occasions like one another. Greatest gift parents can give children is showing love and respect to each other!

Oh and besides the Flowers my hubby brought me home a brand new pink IPod!!! I have killed 2 in the last 2 years...........boob sweat, don't ask!!! OK I stick it in my sports bra because I lost the arm band! (Sorry for the T.M.I.) Anyhoo for the Anniversary Dinner we decided to take the girls out with us and go too Old Chicago for Pizza, yep I had 2 1/2 slices of Deep Dish Pepperoni and then we went to Cold stone which I passed on but I had the husband go across the street for those 3 for $1.00 Chocolate Chip Cookies from McDonald's, oh so yummy! That meal will count as my cheat for the week....normally that would be on Saturdays but I'll just have to wait another 9 days for some good crap food!

Wanted to post a picture of my Abs before the pizza and cookies

This would be a shot of what the pizza and cookie bloat looks like after the feast!

I'd show a picture of my ass but that would send me straight to the treadmill.........even the husband told me tonight I was reaching max. capacity on the jeans! Grrrr..........May 1st and this ass in going down (Literally)

Have a great night


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fear of Success Article

I stumbled upon a good article regarding the Fear of Success.........sometimes it's not a case of fearing failure it's actually the opposite that is holding you back! With success comes a whole host of different pressures and feelings that can be cripling if you let them get the best of you.

Fear of Success:

Sometimes you find yourself with a goal you think you should want to achieve, but you just don’t seem to be taking enough action to reach it. You aren’t really afraid of failure or rejection, the path to the goal seems clear enough and might even be an interesting challenge, and occasionally you’ll make some progress. But most of the time you can’t seem to get into that flow state, and you’re not sure why. This often happens with long-term goals that require intermittent action, like losing weight or transitioning to start a new business and eventually quit your job.

One question I’ve found helpful to ask in these situations is this: What will happen if you succeed? Forget about what you hope will happen or what you fear might happen, but realistically consider what probably will happen. So you achieve your goal. Then what? What else will change?

I’m not talking about giving a 5-second cursory answer, like “If I lose the weight, then I’ll be thin.” Set aside at least 15-30 minutes just to think about how your life will really change once you achieve your goal (with no TV, radio, or other distractions). There are often unexpected side effects that you may not be aware of consciously, but subconsciously they can be enough to prevent you from taking committed action. For example, if you lose a lot of weight, here are some possible side effects: people will notice and will comment about it, other people will ask you for diet advice, you may feel you need to continue with a permanent lifestyle change to maintain your new weight, you may need to buy new clothes, you may become more attractive to others and thereby attract more social encounters (wanted or unwanted), overweight friends might become jealous, your family may resist your changes, you may feel stressed about whether you can keep the weight off, you may worry about the loss of certain favorite foods from your diet, and so on.

It’s rare that a goal is all roses. Success requires change, and change has both positive and negative consequences. Often while people claim to want to succeed at something, the reality is that the negatives outweigh the positives for them. But one way to overcome this problem is to consciously think about what those negatives are, and then uproot them one by one. Uprooting a negative side effect could mean figuring out how to eliminate it completely, or it could mean just accepting it and learning to live with it.

It’s certainly helpful to focus on the positive side of a goal. But don’t forget to take an occasional survey of the dark side and accept that you’re going to have to deal with that too.

Unlike fear of failure and fear of rejection, fear of success can be far more insidious because it’s almost always unconscious. But it’s not fear of success itself that is the problem but rather fear of the side effects of success, many of which may be genuinely unwanted. Fears that are never evaluated consciously have a tendency to grow stronger. The reason is simple behavioral conditioning — when you avoid something you fear (either consciously or subconsciously), you automatically reinforce the avoidance behavior. So when you (even unknowingly) avoid working on your goal because of a hidden fear of success, you actually reinforce the habit of procrastination, so as time goes by, it becomes harder and harder to get yourself to take action. Insidious!

Asking, “What will happen if I succeed?” can solve this problem because it focuses your conscious attention on those fears. Fear has a tendency to shrink under direct examination, making it easier for you to take action. When I say that fear shrinks, another way of stating this is that subconscious behavioral conditioning weakens under conscious scrutiny. I know some people dislike the word “fear” with respect to their own behavior — don’t get hung up on the exact wording; call it “avoidance behavior” if that’s more to your liking.

But an additional benefit is that you can also devise intelligent work-arounds for those fears-made-conscious, some of which may indeed be valid signals of unsolved problems. For example, going back to the weight loss example, if you lose a lot of weight, you probably will need new clothes. And if you don’t have the money to buy new clothes, then that is a real problem you’ll need to address (unless you don’t mind wearing oversized outfits). Left unacknowledged, even a simple problem like this can be enough to subconsciously sabotage you from achieving your goal. But once you examine the situation consciously and figure out a way to deal with it in advance, you’re sending a message to your subconscious that you needn’t fear this problem because you have a practical way to solve it.

Now let’s consider the opposite side. Suppose you ask, “What will happen if I succeed?” and upon considering all the side effects, you realize that you don’t actually want to achieve the goal at all. The negatives outweigh the positives. I encountered this when I made a plan to grow my games business but didn’t seem to make as much progress as I wanted. When I asked this magic question, I realized that I didn’t really want to achieve the goal with all its side effects — what I really wanted was to transition to writing and speaking full time, and further building my games business would actually take me farther from that more important goal. Growing my games business seemed like a goal I should want, but when I really thought about where I’d be if I achieved that goal, I realized it wouldn’t be the success I truly wanted. That was a difficult realization for me… to recognize that my original ladder of success was now leaning against the wrong building. So I actually had to “unset” that goal once I really understood the likely consequences of achieving it.

Even now as I set goals in the direction of writing and speaking as my new career, I recognize that there are big side effects. I simply don’t have the mental bandwidth for two full-time careers. One of the hardest side effects for me was letting go of the goals and dreams I had for my games business. All those creative ideas for new games that will never be… and the would-be players who will never experience them…. But this is outweighed by what will happen as I succeed in my new career. To create a new game that challenges, entertains, and uplifts people is wonderful; however, being able to help people grow fulfills me even more. I found it a very enlightening process to review all these side effects and one by one to acknowledge that I accept them.

What will happen if you succeed? If you lose the weight… get the date… earn the promotion… start the business… get pregnant… quit smoking… become a millionaire… stretch yourself?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


OK yesterdays post was about me getting my Ultra 40 Tabs in the mail........well I ended up taking 1 at each of my last 3 meals of the day, my last meal I also took an Antibiotic for this damn Sinus thing I've had going on.......well I failed to read my labels on the medication which states "Do not take any Iron products within 2 hours of taking this medication" needless to say my stomach has been jacked up all freaking day, didn't even want to eat except for my daughters bagel this morning!

So my note for the day is always read your labels on any new products or medications that you receive so you don't make my mistake and feel like poo all day from a combination that doesn't mix well together.

On a positive note I did make it up too the Gym and didn't keel over! Honestly did a pretty good work out of Chest and Back........Lots of Pull ups!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Post

Received my Ultra 40 Tabs today in the Mail and have to say not to bad on the taste or smell........I should be big and bad in no time flat! Just Kidding I think I would need a something little more then just the concentrated liver tabs to do that.

Last night went up to the Gym for some serious stretching and Steady State Cardio
I'd do the stretching at home but get distracted by the little one climbing on top of me and my dogs always want to play and lick my face if I'm down on the ground.

Anyways when I was at the Gym my friend Wendy was all excited because she got a meal and workout plan emailed to her by Brian Wiefering......Brian did an article this last month for the Beverly Internationals No Nonsense Newsletter, Anyhoo in his article he stated that if anyone emailed him he would work up a plan based on your stats and email it back to you. I think it is really nice that he actually is taking the time and helping people out for free! Wendy got the plan last week and has actually dropped 4 pounds already, hoping she can stick with it........sweet girl but she is always looking for that quick fix, you know will surf for hours online hoping to find the easiest way possible to get into shape. Honestly I emailed her about a year ago with my meal plan and workouts which is pretty darn close to what Brian sent her but you know what they say you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink! Actually with Wendy the truth is she is an emotional eater and I think with the help of her therapist she has started connecting the dots of what triggers her binges. Also from what I understand she has lost alot of weight in the past and did not really know how to handle all the attention from the opposite sex which goes back to some childhood trauma's.........with that being said we need to remember our emotional health is just as important as the physical health. Hoping that she can find that inner peace that everyone deserves and work on the outer shell so she is more comfortable in her own skin!

If anyone would like Brian's Email address it is Wendy said that she also emailed with a few questions and he happily responded.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Post

What can you say other then this girl is beautiful and she has obviously work her tiny little hiney off for this win. I did also watched Gina Aliotti's interview and when asked what she will change leading into the Olympia her comment was nothing because she was pleased with what she brought to the stage. How can you argue with that, the way things work in this sport Gina will probably beat Ziville the next time around. I say bring your own best package, what looks best on you!

I haven't been up to the Gym yet today but I planning on this being a heavy leg night.....already have my workout mapped out and it goes a little something like this.

Superset 1
Hamstring Leg Press - will try for 565lb
Hanging Leg Raises

Superset 2
Dumbbell Stiff-Leg Deadlift - Will try for 60lbs
(Bought Wrist straps last week because my grip gives out!)
Bicycle Crunches

Superset 3
lying leg Curls - 35lbs (free weight between the legs)

Superset 4
Donkey Calf Raises
Standing Calf Raises - Will try for 220

* After my weights I want to push one of those Kick Boxing Bags for a good burn on the legs followed by 20/25 minutes of Cardio. We shall see how I actually do! I have noticed lately I get really distracted at my Gym, maybe once I get closer to comp. time I need to find a different one so I can wear a baseball cap pulled down all low and really focus and not have to feel like I'm need to be polite if anyone interrupts my my gym peeps but sometimes my sets get a little messed up because of my jaw doing the most exercise!

Hopefully this week my Ultra 40 Taps will come in. Ordered them last week off of EBay so I'm a little nervous, 500 tabs for only $18.00 pretty good price! Heard they smell like fish, guess I will just have to hold my noise and swallow really fast. As long as they don't make me smell like fish I'm good, my husband already says that I smell like rice and Broccoli all the time!

One last thing I wanted to post some pictures of the last suit that I stoned myself. I chalked the outline first on the suit so both sides matched with regular old chalk......tried Fabric Pencils, Lime Stone you name it but with the Velvet nothing worked as well as the chalk, also the outline washed off really easy with a wash cloth if I screwed up. Used 3 tubes of E6000 and about 2000 stones......I think I'm a visual person and love alot of bling so it was a case of well a little is nice but think of how it will look with a few more! Most likely I won't wear the suit for my next comp. because I want to try a different material and color. Feeling maybe blue?
not Navy though......done that one didn't really feel it on me! Oh and the bling between the (girls) if you know what I mean is actually 2 buttons. Sometimes you just have to be creative!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thought I would post a picture of my little trouble maker Geronimo......I'm such a sucker for a pound puppy! He is a full blooded Boxer that ended up at the Rescue weighing in at 8 pounds and sick, sick, sick! When we adopted him he was 4months old and only weighed 12 lbs. at the time we thought it was just a case of malnutrition but as it turns out we adopted a dog that has a very rare genetic disorder that even the Vets at Michigan State have only seen 3 times! In a nutshell he has no bladder control just kind of walks and pee's at the same time!!! Let's just say you don't want him sleeping on your side of the bed unless he's got his little doggy diaper on, poor guy......looks so macho and wears a diaper. Besides the little pee problem he is the most loving and silly dog ever but he is very naughty especially if he gets bored. My Gerr always wants to be by my side, kind of think he's under the impression that he is a lap dog. For a short time we did try using the same medicine they give kids who wets the bed......the Vet turned it into an eye drop that we gave him but at $80.00 a pop every 10 days and no signs of making a huge difference we stopped giving it to him..........I just have to monitor his water intake and take him out as soon as he drinks anything because it literally runs through his system as fast as it goes in! He's got such great disposition I just don't have the heart to put him down!

Anyways I keep going on Sioux Country tonight waiting for updates on the AM Pre-Judge.....really want to see what look they are rewarding this year! Plus I have competed along side some of the girls that are doing the show which is exciting, love seeing girls go on and do really well on the bigger stages! Plus watching the show makes me want to start prepping myself for July! May can't come soon enough to start this prep so I can start shedding the Winter weight, especially after tonight and trying on jeans at the store.........tried on some 3's and they were screaming all the way up (wasn't happening) I would like to say it is just because I've gained sooooooo much muscle in my legs but I have to be real I gots me some cheese going on. I did get weighed at the Doctors office on Tuesday and I almost asked for a do over and stripped down naked.......I literally have not weighed this much EVER unless of course it was during a pregnancy. OK I will share the # (122lbs.) on the positive side what is in a number, maybe instead of getting caught up in the number I should have my body fat checked so I know where I actually stand in the game! I have to think of this as a sport and if you want to improve sometimes that requires being uncomfortable for a matter of time to make the necessary improvements. We will see if it has been worth kicking the Cardio and upping my eats this Winter once I line up in a teeny tiny little 2 piece in July!

Anyways I signing off so I can swing back to the Sioux Site for updates!!!!

As Peggy Sue Crawford would say......Peace, Love and Muscle,