Saturday, March 28, 2009

Novice Show Pictures

Today I went to the Novice Bodybuilding, figure, fitness and bikini Pre-Judge show in my area and had a great time with my friend Carolyn who had never been to a show before......the smell of ProTan in the air, buldging man muscles galore and everyone carrying coolers full of chicken breast and broccoli was like a whole different World for my friend! Over heard the guy sitting in back of us calling a friend to bring him in an extra chicken breast because it was time to eat which gave us both a little chuckle........only at a bodybuilding show do you hear that! Most places you hear a guy asking for his buddy to grab an extra beer before he comes back to his seat! Anyways after the show Carolyn said about the Bodybuilding portion that it was like watching live sculpture on the stage! She's already making plans to drag some other girls to the next show in the area.

After the show we went and had a nice naughty meal at Old Chicago and then went to the Gym so we could work off the I thought my stomach was going to explode once I mixed in a Protein Shake after my workout.

Anyways I took pictures today and wanted to share:



Female Bodybuilding

Masters Class





Medium Class

Medium Class

Short Class

Short Class (#9 Overall Winner)

Have a great weekend,

Lisa T.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Post

Read online tonight that playing Ping-Pong was a better Cardio workout then I thought I would post a video that sums up how I feel about that!

Have a great night,


Monday, March 23, 2009

Tuesday Post

This afternoon I went to my Doctors office to get the results of my blood tests that I took last week....just been feeling very tired and run down in the last month so I wanted the Doctor to check my thyroid, amongst other things and see what the B12 levels were in my body. What I found out was that the Thyroid and all others test came back normal except the B12? Now of course I thought for sure the Doc. would tell me the level was very low, nope she said mine was way over the normal levels in the body and that I need to cut out some supplements before I did any Liver Damage! So if anyone wants some Ultra 40's let me know being that they are chuck full of B12 I guess I better not take them......grrrr!

Also another thing today was that my Blood Pressure which is typically low was really low 80 over 60, I've been tired all day and had a headache so perhaps it stems from that. I did of course go online and check some of the causes of low Blood pressure and one of the causes can be dehydration which is completely possible with me being that I'm not always the best at making sure I keep myself properly hydrated. One more thing is I really want salt today.......I just want to lick the salt of some chips! Very weird

Thought I post an article regarding blood pressure:

Low Blood Pressure: How Low Is Too Low?
Understanding low blood pressure
Usually, low blood pressure is a good thing -- even if it doesn’t sound like it. Just because a standard measurement of blood pressure is 120 over 80 doesn’t mean that blood pressure that is lower than that is going to cause you any problems. However, there are times when low blood pressure can be too low.

I’m Heart Healthy Henry and I’m going to go over the ins and outs of low blood pressure with you -- explaining how low is too low and what can cause low blood pressure.

How Low Is Too Low?
If your blood pressure is less than 100 over 60, you may begin to experience the symptoms of low blood pressure. If you’re experiencing symptoms such as dizziness or fainting, you might want to check your blood pressure with your doctor.

What Causes Low Blood Pressure?
There are a number of conditions that can cause low blood pressure, the most obvious being a severe loss of blood. However, a loss of blood is not the only thing that contributes to low blood pressure.

Low blood pressure can also be caused by certain conditions such as parathyroid disease, dehydration, heart attack, heart failure and sepsis. It can also be caused by certain medications so if you are experiencing low blood pressure, check with your doctor to see if any of the medications you are taking may be causing it.

Treatment for low blood pressure will depend on the cause of the condition. For example, treatment for low blood pressure due to dehydration would include re-hydrating the body and treatment due to medication may include a change in prescriptions. When treating low blood pressure, the source of the problem is always isolated and the source, rather than the symptom, is treated.

The best way to treat low blood pressure is to prevent it to begin with. Eating healthy, exercising properly and taking a total health dietary supplement like the one available at this website are great steps towards preventing the onset of low blood pressure.

Count Your Blessings
If you’ve been diagnosed with low blood pressure, you’re better off than being diagnosed with high blood pressure. Low blood pressure is associated with fewer complications than high blood pressure and in some instances it can be easier to treat.

Monday Post

Ok I'm not working out today because I think I have full body D.O.M.! Saturday I hit the Shoulders really hard and added in about 60 pullups........note I didn't bust those out in the same set! 6 sets 10 reps a piece. Anyhoo yesterday was Legs and Abs, hoping I hit the legs hard enough that I tore some muscle fibers so I get some growth in these blocks of cheese. I do know that I need to find some new jeans because of the size of my quads and butt......if anyone has a brand that they like please let me know because I went out a couple of weeks ago and came home kindof depressed that I couldn't find any that fit right.

So being that I'm not working out today my mind goes straight to contest prep and suits.....I have been thinking about suit selection and last night I found some inspiration from Mendi Sakamoto's Blue 2 piece accented with the Blue Topaz........always loved Blue Topaz and had a beautiful set of earring's,necklace and rings about 6 years ago before my house was broken into and the thieves made off with my good stuff! I alway felt really pretty wearing my blue topaz so maybe that will give me a little extra boost of confidence on stage. Now I just need to find a suit in the above color that isn't velvet (Anybody got any ideas?) I almost can picture in my head the design and cut of the suit. Need to find a good seamstress that can fit the suit so it fits like a glove, just seems weird though asking someone to tailor a teeny tiny liitle 2 piece unless they are familier with Figure and fitness competitions......they see a tiny 2 piece and probably think Hooters Contest, how many times I've had to try to explain what the NPC is and what a figure contest is about, usually I just giveup and say it's like a Bodybuilding Competition. Close enough, I feel like most of us train and diet just as hard as a bodybuilder most days anyways.

I do have a slight bragg from yesterdays leg day......620 on the leg press! (6 reps) ok maybe a slight cheat because I put my hands on the knee's for a slight support anyways when I stood up after the last set I turn around to find a few fellows with their jaws dropped......teehee freakin love it!

Oh this Video is for C...........620 C. and I didn't even need a cork, go any higher though and I'm not so sure.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Post

I honestly don't have much today, thinking of doing some Cardio tonight and then back home for some good quality sleep. The plan for tomorrow will be killing the Shoulders so I can work on my caps!

Wanted to post a picture of Latisha Wilder because honestly I think she is a damn great Pro and on occasion doesn't get enough credit! Oh and I love her legs, mine are just blocks of cheese but hers have that nice separation, not sure with today's judging standards if it actually hurts her but I still think it looks awesome!

Peace, Love and Muscle,


* Found this speech given by Nelson Mandela on Latisha's Site.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate; our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are born to manifest the glory that is within us. And as we let our light shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

-Nelson Mandela Inaugural Speech, 1994

Thursday, March 19, 2009

15 Years and counting!

My Husband came home today from work with the most beautiful floral arrangement for me in honor of our 15 year Anniversary..........We have been together 18 years! Seems like a lifetime, poor guy has seen the good, the bad and in the morning the ugly from his wife and most days still thinks I'm pretty cute! I like to say we work because I'm the water too his fire and we seem to balance each other out in many respects. Plus I think part of the key to our marriage has been seeing both of our parent staying together for the long haul, they showed use that married wouldn't always be easy and no marriage is perfect but you just work through the hard times and love each other even when you don't on certain occasions like one another. Greatest gift parents can give children is showing love and respect to each other!

Oh and besides the Flowers my hubby brought me home a brand new pink IPod!!! I have killed 2 in the last 2 years...........boob sweat, don't ask!!! OK I stick it in my sports bra because I lost the arm band! (Sorry for the T.M.I.) Anyhoo for the Anniversary Dinner we decided to take the girls out with us and go too Old Chicago for Pizza, yep I had 2 1/2 slices of Deep Dish Pepperoni and then we went to Cold stone which I passed on but I had the husband go across the street for those 3 for $1.00 Chocolate Chip Cookies from McDonald's, oh so yummy! That meal will count as my cheat for the week....normally that would be on Saturdays but I'll just have to wait another 9 days for some good crap food!

Wanted to post a picture of my Abs before the pizza and cookies

This would be a shot of what the pizza and cookie bloat looks like after the feast!

I'd show a picture of my ass but that would send me straight to the treadmill.........even the husband told me tonight I was reaching max. capacity on the jeans! Grrrr..........May 1st and this ass in going down (Literally)

Have a great night


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fear of Success Article

I stumbled upon a good article regarding the Fear of Success.........sometimes it's not a case of fearing failure it's actually the opposite that is holding you back! With success comes a whole host of different pressures and feelings that can be cripling if you let them get the best of you.

Fear of Success:

Sometimes you find yourself with a goal you think you should want to achieve, but you just don’t seem to be taking enough action to reach it. You aren’t really afraid of failure or rejection, the path to the goal seems clear enough and might even be an interesting challenge, and occasionally you’ll make some progress. But most of the time you can’t seem to get into that flow state, and you’re not sure why. This often happens with long-term goals that require intermittent action, like losing weight or transitioning to start a new business and eventually quit your job.

One question I’ve found helpful to ask in these situations is this: What will happen if you succeed? Forget about what you hope will happen or what you fear might happen, but realistically consider what probably will happen. So you achieve your goal. Then what? What else will change?

I’m not talking about giving a 5-second cursory answer, like “If I lose the weight, then I’ll be thin.” Set aside at least 15-30 minutes just to think about how your life will really change once you achieve your goal (with no TV, radio, or other distractions). There are often unexpected side effects that you may not be aware of consciously, but subconsciously they can be enough to prevent you from taking committed action. For example, if you lose a lot of weight, here are some possible side effects: people will notice and will comment about it, other people will ask you for diet advice, you may feel you need to continue with a permanent lifestyle change to maintain your new weight, you may need to buy new clothes, you may become more attractive to others and thereby attract more social encounters (wanted or unwanted), overweight friends might become jealous, your family may resist your changes, you may feel stressed about whether you can keep the weight off, you may worry about the loss of certain favorite foods from your diet, and so on.

It’s rare that a goal is all roses. Success requires change, and change has both positive and negative consequences. Often while people claim to want to succeed at something, the reality is that the negatives outweigh the positives for them. But one way to overcome this problem is to consciously think about what those negatives are, and then uproot them one by one. Uprooting a negative side effect could mean figuring out how to eliminate it completely, or it could mean just accepting it and learning to live with it.

It’s certainly helpful to focus on the positive side of a goal. But don’t forget to take an occasional survey of the dark side and accept that you’re going to have to deal with that too.

Unlike fear of failure and fear of rejection, fear of success can be far more insidious because it’s almost always unconscious. But it’s not fear of success itself that is the problem but rather fear of the side effects of success, many of which may be genuinely unwanted. Fears that are never evaluated consciously have a tendency to grow stronger. The reason is simple behavioral conditioning — when you avoid something you fear (either consciously or subconsciously), you automatically reinforce the avoidance behavior. So when you (even unknowingly) avoid working on your goal because of a hidden fear of success, you actually reinforce the habit of procrastination, so as time goes by, it becomes harder and harder to get yourself to take action. Insidious!

Asking, “What will happen if I succeed?” can solve this problem because it focuses your conscious attention on those fears. Fear has a tendency to shrink under direct examination, making it easier for you to take action. When I say that fear shrinks, another way of stating this is that subconscious behavioral conditioning weakens under conscious scrutiny. I know some people dislike the word “fear” with respect to their own behavior — don’t get hung up on the exact wording; call it “avoidance behavior” if that’s more to your liking.

But an additional benefit is that you can also devise intelligent work-arounds for those fears-made-conscious, some of which may indeed be valid signals of unsolved problems. For example, going back to the weight loss example, if you lose a lot of weight, you probably will need new clothes. And if you don’t have the money to buy new clothes, then that is a real problem you’ll need to address (unless you don’t mind wearing oversized outfits). Left unacknowledged, even a simple problem like this can be enough to subconsciously sabotage you from achieving your goal. But once you examine the situation consciously and figure out a way to deal with it in advance, you’re sending a message to your subconscious that you needn’t fear this problem because you have a practical way to solve it.

Now let’s consider the opposite side. Suppose you ask, “What will happen if I succeed?” and upon considering all the side effects, you realize that you don’t actually want to achieve the goal at all. The negatives outweigh the positives. I encountered this when I made a plan to grow my games business but didn’t seem to make as much progress as I wanted. When I asked this magic question, I realized that I didn’t really want to achieve the goal with all its side effects — what I really wanted was to transition to writing and speaking full time, and further building my games business would actually take me farther from that more important goal. Growing my games business seemed like a goal I should want, but when I really thought about where I’d be if I achieved that goal, I realized it wouldn’t be the success I truly wanted. That was a difficult realization for me… to recognize that my original ladder of success was now leaning against the wrong building. So I actually had to “unset” that goal once I really understood the likely consequences of achieving it.

Even now as I set goals in the direction of writing and speaking as my new career, I recognize that there are big side effects. I simply don’t have the mental bandwidth for two full-time careers. One of the hardest side effects for me was letting go of the goals and dreams I had for my games business. All those creative ideas for new games that will never be… and the would-be players who will never experience them…. But this is outweighed by what will happen as I succeed in my new career. To create a new game that challenges, entertains, and uplifts people is wonderful; however, being able to help people grow fulfills me even more. I found it a very enlightening process to review all these side effects and one by one to acknowledge that I accept them.

What will happen if you succeed? If you lose the weight… get the date… earn the promotion… start the business… get pregnant… quit smoking… become a millionaire… stretch yourself?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


OK yesterdays post was about me getting my Ultra 40 Tabs in the mail........well I ended up taking 1 at each of my last 3 meals of the day, my last meal I also took an Antibiotic for this damn Sinus thing I've had going on.......well I failed to read my labels on the medication which states "Do not take any Iron products within 2 hours of taking this medication" needless to say my stomach has been jacked up all freaking day, didn't even want to eat except for my daughters bagel this morning!

So my note for the day is always read your labels on any new products or medications that you receive so you don't make my mistake and feel like poo all day from a combination that doesn't mix well together.

On a positive note I did make it up too the Gym and didn't keel over! Honestly did a pretty good work out of Chest and Back........Lots of Pull ups!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Post

Received my Ultra 40 Tabs today in the Mail and have to say not to bad on the taste or smell........I should be big and bad in no time flat! Just Kidding I think I would need a something little more then just the concentrated liver tabs to do that.

Last night went up to the Gym for some serious stretching and Steady State Cardio
I'd do the stretching at home but get distracted by the little one climbing on top of me and my dogs always want to play and lick my face if I'm down on the ground.

Anyways when I was at the Gym my friend Wendy was all excited because she got a meal and workout plan emailed to her by Brian Wiefering......Brian did an article this last month for the Beverly Internationals No Nonsense Newsletter, Anyhoo in his article he stated that if anyone emailed him he would work up a plan based on your stats and email it back to you. I think it is really nice that he actually is taking the time and helping people out for free! Wendy got the plan last week and has actually dropped 4 pounds already, hoping she can stick with it........sweet girl but she is always looking for that quick fix, you know will surf for hours online hoping to find the easiest way possible to get into shape. Honestly I emailed her about a year ago with my meal plan and workouts which is pretty darn close to what Brian sent her but you know what they say you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink! Actually with Wendy the truth is she is an emotional eater and I think with the help of her therapist she has started connecting the dots of what triggers her binges. Also from what I understand she has lost alot of weight in the past and did not really know how to handle all the attention from the opposite sex which goes back to some childhood trauma's.........with that being said we need to remember our emotional health is just as important as the physical health. Hoping that she can find that inner peace that everyone deserves and work on the outer shell so she is more comfortable in her own skin!

If anyone would like Brian's Email address it is Wendy said that she also emailed with a few questions and he happily responded.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Post

What can you say other then this girl is beautiful and she has obviously work her tiny little hiney off for this win. I did also watched Gina Aliotti's interview and when asked what she will change leading into the Olympia her comment was nothing because she was pleased with what she brought to the stage. How can you argue with that, the way things work in this sport Gina will probably beat Ziville the next time around. I say bring your own best package, what looks best on you!

I haven't been up to the Gym yet today but I planning on this being a heavy leg night.....already have my workout mapped out and it goes a little something like this.

Superset 1
Hamstring Leg Press - will try for 565lb
Hanging Leg Raises

Superset 2
Dumbbell Stiff-Leg Deadlift - Will try for 60lbs
(Bought Wrist straps last week because my grip gives out!)
Bicycle Crunches

Superset 3
lying leg Curls - 35lbs (free weight between the legs)

Superset 4
Donkey Calf Raises
Standing Calf Raises - Will try for 220

* After my weights I want to push one of those Kick Boxing Bags for a good burn on the legs followed by 20/25 minutes of Cardio. We shall see how I actually do! I have noticed lately I get really distracted at my Gym, maybe once I get closer to comp. time I need to find a different one so I can wear a baseball cap pulled down all low and really focus and not have to feel like I'm need to be polite if anyone interrupts my my gym peeps but sometimes my sets get a little messed up because of my jaw doing the most exercise!

Hopefully this week my Ultra 40 Taps will come in. Ordered them last week off of EBay so I'm a little nervous, 500 tabs for only $18.00 pretty good price! Heard they smell like fish, guess I will just have to hold my noise and swallow really fast. As long as they don't make me smell like fish I'm good, my husband already says that I smell like rice and Broccoli all the time!

One last thing I wanted to post some pictures of the last suit that I stoned myself. I chalked the outline first on the suit so both sides matched with regular old chalk......tried Fabric Pencils, Lime Stone you name it but with the Velvet nothing worked as well as the chalk, also the outline washed off really easy with a wash cloth if I screwed up. Used 3 tubes of E6000 and about 2000 stones......I think I'm a visual person and love alot of bling so it was a case of well a little is nice but think of how it will look with a few more! Most likely I won't wear the suit for my next comp. because I want to try a different material and color. Feeling maybe blue?
not Navy though......done that one didn't really feel it on me! Oh and the bling between the (girls) if you know what I mean is actually 2 buttons. Sometimes you just have to be creative!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thought I would post a picture of my little trouble maker Geronimo......I'm such a sucker for a pound puppy! He is a full blooded Boxer that ended up at the Rescue weighing in at 8 pounds and sick, sick, sick! When we adopted him he was 4months old and only weighed 12 lbs. at the time we thought it was just a case of malnutrition but as it turns out we adopted a dog that has a very rare genetic disorder that even the Vets at Michigan State have only seen 3 times! In a nutshell he has no bladder control just kind of walks and pee's at the same time!!! Let's just say you don't want him sleeping on your side of the bed unless he's got his little doggy diaper on, poor guy......looks so macho and wears a diaper. Besides the little pee problem he is the most loving and silly dog ever but he is very naughty especially if he gets bored. My Gerr always wants to be by my side, kind of think he's under the impression that he is a lap dog. For a short time we did try using the same medicine they give kids who wets the bed......the Vet turned it into an eye drop that we gave him but at $80.00 a pop every 10 days and no signs of making a huge difference we stopped giving it to him..........I just have to monitor his water intake and take him out as soon as he drinks anything because it literally runs through his system as fast as it goes in! He's got such great disposition I just don't have the heart to put him down!

Anyways I keep going on Sioux Country tonight waiting for updates on the AM Pre-Judge.....really want to see what look they are rewarding this year! Plus I have competed along side some of the girls that are doing the show which is exciting, love seeing girls go on and do really well on the bigger stages! Plus watching the show makes me want to start prepping myself for July! May can't come soon enough to start this prep so I can start shedding the Winter weight, especially after tonight and trying on jeans at the store.........tried on some 3's and they were screaming all the way up (wasn't happening) I would like to say it is just because I've gained sooooooo much muscle in my legs but I have to be real I gots me some cheese going on. I did get weighed at the Doctors office on Tuesday and I almost asked for a do over and stripped down naked.......I literally have not weighed this much EVER unless of course it was during a pregnancy. OK I will share the # (122lbs.) on the positive side what is in a number, maybe instead of getting caught up in the number I should have my body fat checked so I know where I actually stand in the game! I have to think of this as a sport and if you want to improve sometimes that requires being uncomfortable for a matter of time to make the necessary improvements. We will see if it has been worth kicking the Cardio and upping my eats this Winter once I line up in a teeny tiny little 2 piece in July!

Anyways I signing off so I can swing back to the Sioux Site for updates!!!!

As Peggy Sue Crawford would say......Peace, Love and Muscle,


Monday, March 2, 2009


Thank you to all my Blogger friends that made comments on yesterdays Post! I have decided that I need to change my mindset and become focused on how I can look as close to my inspiration photo's as possible! It just takes a plan and patience for everything to come together, like my wise Grandmother used to say "Rome wasn't built in a day" and neither was the perfect ass. Ok I added the 2nd part, even though she would have agreed.

Also Jessica who also is a very wise girl once said don't ever let someone else stop you from competing, and don't doubt yourself! Use it to fuel the flame, and to motivate yourself - instead of knocking yourself down a peg! She is right from this point I will only look towards others peoples Comp. Photo's for Motivation and Inspiration so when I'm doggin it in the Gym I can remind myself of my ultimate stage day look that I want to present to the judges..........oh and can I say I want to look ripped! I'm pretty sure the judges around these parts still really like that look! Nationals not so much.......

Oh and if you haven't already guessed Erin Stern is my inspiration this season, I have her as my screen saver as a reminder when I sitting down at the Computer with a Cookie of what my goals for this year really are!