Friday, February 27, 2009


The week in training has been pretty good, yesterday however I did notice that my left shoulder was really weak! You would think being left-handed that side of my body would be stronger but it's not. I'm just going to have to find a way to get old left on the same page as righty.

Was wondering how many people every get caught up in comparing themselves to others.......what I mean here is I've been reading blogs and lurking over at Sioux Country for awhile and I'm finding that I start questioning myself for wanting to compete because some of these girl just look amazing and unless I can stand in a lineup looking amazing myself then I just shouldn't be on the stage! It's really easy to start looking at photo's of other people especially those in the swings of a full-blown contest prep and start comparing yourself to them. I'm certainly not looking contest ready at the moment being I'm still trying add muscle so being contest lean should not be on my current agenda, lean is not my priority but at the same time I question myself as far as have I been doing enough this Winter that once the extra booty fat has been peeled away will see the improvements that I've been striving so hard for.

Also if I look at other girls progress photo's I get the well if I only could look like her thoughts going on.....take for an example the girl who won the overall at my last show, she is extremely lean and has a long torso she looks good at 109lbs but for me to compare myself with her isn't really fair at least that is what I keep trying to tell myself being that we are built so different and I would look horrible at 109lbs. Everyone through trial and error must find what looks best on their own frame! Some can come in at 7% body fat and look amazing while another girl at 7% can look completely over dieted and sickly.

Another thing is every one's training may differ. Some girls may need to train like a bodybuilder because they lack size while another girl who has to much size might need to bring it down a notch and just focus on overall conditioning exercises to step on the stage. I just want to be able to look at the things I do have going on for myself and train for what is best for me and stop comparing and feeling like a slacker for not pushing heavier weight or flippen a 500 pound tire!

Anyhoo I did find a Monica Brant YouTube Video of her posing and thought I would post for some of you that are gearing up for a show!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

All I have to say on this one is Thank God I didn't work today! My office in years past would have been filled with these Polish heavenly little Donuts that go straight to your hips and thighs........all kinds, Custard, Strawberry filled, Prune and 10 to 1 someone would have plunked down 2 dozen of these things in the Kitchette right across from my desk! The smells alone could have added 3 pounds.

Saved by the off day! Hopefully we don't have leftovers hanging around in the morning when I'm my weakest.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Plan of Attack

This week I have been thinking about my next contest in July and I need a solid plan of attack, Maybe my first thing is too start marking down dates on the Calendar. If I have 10 solid weeks left of Hugo Rivera's Hard gainers plan to complete that leads me into early May which should be plenty of time for refining and shedding a few pounds before July. Also I want to try a new diet this time around, I'm thinking Beverly's Diet......Basically it seems very close to what I have done in the past but this time around I just don't want to do any guess work. I'm learning that most successful people first had a plan and that is what I need!

Anyways today I was searching around the net and came across Erin Riley 4 weeks of the Arnold.......the way she trains is so intense I love it! This is what I find motivating seeing plain old hard work, determination and grit to get the job done, you can see when she trains she is all about business and let me tell you it shows in the end result. It amazes me what mental strength a true competitor has, it's not about the Bikini for me on the stage it's the process in getting to that day that counts!

I wanted to post these You Tube's mostly for my own reference for when the time is right to change my training so I can refer back to Erin for motivation and idea's.

These were almost all filmed during the 4-weeks mark, but its taken me this long to get them up because of my crazy schedule. Most of the training is done at a facility called Body Goals in Fairfield, NJ. Videos include:
box squat 185 x 15 and 265 x 2
bench press 135+ chains x 6-7reps
push press 135 x 8
dead lift 265 x 3 and 300 x 1
SNEAK PEAK of some routine training
and a 500 lb truck tire flip


See everyone at the arnold in 2 weeks

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blogger withdrawl

I haven't been able to get on the Internet since Friday and I was starting to show signs of Blogger withdrawal! No Visionquester updates, Nada! Thankfully about an hour ago my Internet Fairy came along and got me back online!

Can I just say the best medicine to getting out of a funky mood is hanging out with your oldest and dearest friends! Friday night I met up with 5 of my girls for Dinner and Drinks.....I swear to God I haven't laughed that hard in month's, one of the girls brought old photo's from the early 90's that had us all rolling, anybody remember Mall Hair and Blue Jeans that I swear came up to your boobies and the biggest sack chasing earring's you have ever seen i.e. huge gold hoops that weighed about 2lbs a piece! We all promised that we would try for a least once a month for a night on the town and we all agreed that a place called Boogie Fever should be our next girls night out, they play all 80's music so it should be fun and the crowd is a little older, last time we went dancing it was all college kids and it made us feel really really old!

On the workout front I totally killed my shoulders yesterday and today it was all about Hamstrings/abs/calves. Upped the weight on all my moves today except for my lying leg curls because for some reason when I tried to do them my calves cramped up......not really sure why but if you have ever gotten a cramp in your calves it hurts like a mofo. Dropping the heavier weight and changing up the workout's seem actually to be working I really think my little old legs are starting to grow because Friday I wore a pair of jeans that seemed to have gotten much tighter in the quads and booty. Normally that probably would have some women crying but I'm pretty stoked about it!

Oh 1 last thing I went out with the girls and even stayed on plan.......plain Chicken Breast and Steamed Broccoli for Dinner and sipped on Iced Tea at the Bar, woot woot, and if your ever gone to Olive Garden for Dinner you know that isn't easy........they have the best Bread sticks and Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo! Honestly didn't even think twice about it when I ordered.

Gotta catch up with all my blogs!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Sissy Squats

Ok so yesterday I started my building phase of Project legs and for the first time I did Sissy Squats........can I just say my knee's buckled at least like 5 times and I landed on my arse! Holy cow who knew my own body weight would make my knee's buckle, good thing I found a secluded spot in the Gym otherwise I think people would have been laughing at me (They probably do that anyways) Anyhoo I found this YouTube and wanted to share......note this Sissy Squat demonstration is not exactly what mine looked like last night!

Oh 1 last thing on legs, one of the Muscle and the City Girls talked about how she squatted 200lbs the other day and being the competitive person that I am thought well hell if she can so can I..........1/2 way down I found out I thought wrong! 160lb is all I had in me! So Props to all of you girls dropping the big numbers on the weights.

Vince Gironda Demonstration of the Sissy Squat:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Workout Log

I did what I said I would do and that was just go to the Gym no matter what and get in my workout and stay on track.......had I not gone honestly I would have kicked myself and ended up feeling like I let myself down.

My workouts looked like this:

Saturday - Legs

Hamstring Leg Press: 4 sets of 8 Reps @ 510lbs
Hanging leg raises 3 sets of 10/15 Reps

Dumbbell Stiff-legged Deadlift: 10/12 Reps 2 Sets with 45lb Dumbbells
Bicycle Crunches: 15 Reps 3 Sets

Lying Leg Curls - 35lb dumbbell between my feet 10/12 Reps 4 Sets
(Gym doesn't have the Machine)
Crunches 10/15 Reps 3 Sets

Donkey Calf Raises 10-15 Reps 4 Sets
Standing Calf Raises - 180lbs 8 Reps 3 Sets

Sunday - Back/Rear Delts
Pullups and Chin ups: until failure
Rack Pulls: 150lbs 4 Sets 6/8 Reps
Back Extensions: 4 Sets 10 Reps holding onto 45lb weight
Pull-Downs: 4 sets 8/10 Reps 80lbs
2 Sets of Rear Delt Exercises
* Also I channeled Valerie Waugamon on a couple of exercises (Can't think of the names right off) but I think they are highly effective!!!

Monday - Cardio/Abs
Crunches With a 45lb plate on my chest
Broomstick Twists
Laying leg raises on a stability ball

30 Minutes of Cardio......Ran a minute/walked a minute (back and forth)
After the Cardio I pushed the kick boxing bag the length of the aerobics room 4 times just for a little burn on the Quads and booty in a squated position.

Tuesday: Chest and Tri's
Inclines: 10sets of 10 @ 75lbs (Really weak and it pisses me off!)
Unassisted Dips 2 sets of 15 reps with a 22lb dumbbell held between my feet (Dropped the weight at 9 reps and continued until I got to the 15 Reps)
Tricep Pushdowns 4 Sets of 10 @ 70lbs
Tricep Extensions: 4 Sets of 10 60lbs

* Oh and during the 10sets of 10 inclines I supersetted with Standing Calf Raises

My goal for next week is lifting heavier.......not to compare myself with anyone else but I see the weight others are pushing out and it makes me feel like a slacker! Especially the Inclines, one of my Gym friends saw me today and mentioned how she thought I was much stronger then that! I guess we all have our own weak points and that my friends is mine, probably why I don't like to do them......kindof like Bowling I suck so it really isn't fun for me!

Tomorrow will be a rest day, no Cardio or weights........just stretching
Then on Thursday it will be a leg day again (focusing on my Quads)

On the Food front I did pretty good except I really need to start drinking more water especially with the Creatine that I'm a perfect World I would like to drink a gallon of Regular Coca Cola but I guess I'd better stick with water!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feminism Picture

Found this photo and it kind of made me laugh today which is a really good thing! Needing all humor I can get.....wondering how many of the married women have felt like this with husbands? I'm sure my mine has gotten the same statement a time or 2 from me if he asked me at the wrong time of the month for a sandwich or getting him something to eat! He's actually a pretty good guy about stuff like that, his mom schooled him well.......

Falling off the Bandwagon?

This week for me has not exactly been one of my best weeks ever on the workout little bambino was sick all week and shared the germs with her mom, I swear to god I feel someone has come to my house and stolen every drop of energy and motivation from me! Since last Monday I've been up to the Gym 1 time and had to totally talked myself into going. Honestly once I started my workout I did fine and actually felt much better afterwards but just getting started was a chore.

Does anyone ever worry about falling off the bandwagon so to speak? Like 4 days off from working out will turn into a 3 month couch fest? I think if I didn't workout and stay active it would be really bad not only for my ass but mentally....I really need the workouts for my PMA so I guess it just kind of scares me that I will get out of my routine and let it all go to crap.

At the Gym yesterday I did talk with a few of the regulars and they are all feeling the same way at the motivation, energy and just feel basically like they are going through the motions so I guess I'm not alone! Maybe it has something to do with the weather being so cold and dreary out, it would help every one's spirits just to have some sun and be able to get outside for some good clean air. The thought of my Summer Bike rides with the girls sounds so nice! My little one still rides on the back of my bike and its also good for me and older one.........on our bike rides she and I have the best conversations, I get to hear all the good 6th grade Drama! For me its the best time of gets her cardio and girl at the same time.....girls get mom, cardio and slurpee's for the ride home. Hopefully the Groundhog was correct and we really do only have 6 weeks until Spring because this momma needs some sun and motivation. Can't even imagine living in Alaska, sure it is beautiful but it would not be a good spot for me.

Tonight I did actually tell my friend Carolyn to meet me at the Gym at 7pm so we could workout together and go for Ice Tea's afterwards, if I know that I've got a commitment at the Gym I am more likely to show up for my workout! I guess that is what I'm going to have to do until I find what I'm missing at the moment, just make a showing at the Gym instead of waiting for the motivation before I go, otherwise I just might not be going.

Lisa T.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Metabolism Article

I was online tonight and found an article about Metabolic Slowdown and thought this one was pretty interesting so I thought I would share!

Author is Wayne Mcgregor who has a degree in nutrition and dietetics, and a diploma in fitness training

Dieting and the Metabolic Slowdown
Metabolic slowdown when dieting

Metabolic slowdown will happen to everyone on a calorie reduced diet. This also includes people on a low-carb diet as the net effect of the low-carb is also a calorie reduced intake. A slow metabolism is often the reason why dieters experience a sticking point in their weight loss results, but why and how does a slow metabolism occur and how can we reduce the effects?

The biggest mistake many dieters make is cutting calories too much too soon. With an overwhelming desire to lose weight quickly they start dieting with the attitude that cutting calories more would result in shedding more fat from the body stores. This is a major mistake and the reason why weight is gained back soon after dieting. This practice always leads to a metabolic slowdown as the body tries to conserve energy. Glycogen stores become depleted and the body must oxidize protein more regularly to account for a severe calorie reduction. Both processes cause the body to lose water, thus weight is lost quickly but unfortunately, more than 90 percent will come from lean tissue.

Reducing metabolic slowdown
No matter how you lose weight there will always be some amount of metabolic slowdown. The trick is to limit the slowing of your metabolism as much as possible. The best policy to ensure a lower metabolic slowdown is to work out your present calorie intake and reduce it by 15 percent. The body will recognise and react to a smaller deficit by oxidising (burning) more fat. In general a calorie reduction greater than 15 percent will lead to bigger metabolic slowdown, making fat loss more difficult. To be safe never consume fewer calories than your resting metabolism.

An example using the quick method for estimating maintenance calorie requirement

A female weighing 200 pounds!

Maintenance of present weight = 15 - 16 calories per lb. of body weight

200 x 15 = 3000 calories per day.

Reduce by 15% - 3000 x 0.85 = 2550.

The female in the example above roughly requires a diet wit a total of 2550 calories per day. This is only a rough guide based on body weight. Other factors such as age, sex, body composition and activity levels should be included in order to work out an accurate calorie requirement.

Work out your calorie requirement more accurately here -- NOTE! I would suggest using the Harris-Benedict equation, then multiply the number by your appropriate activity multiplier!

No matter how you work out your daily calorie requirements just remember the 15 percent rule and you will lose weight and limit a slowdown in your metabolism. You may only lose up to 2 pounds each week but at least it will be fat loss, the best way to gradually reveal your taught, muscular body underneath!

Human Metabolism rate
Potential change in metabolic speed rate

Slow metabolic rate causes weight problems

Increase mitochondria to speed up metabolic rate
Raise Metabolism with little Exercise
Factors that speed up metabolism

Ways to increase the metabolism

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Picture for my frigerator

OK just found this photo of Christine Aguilar and her backside just can not be possible! That is just not right.......that picture makes me want to jump on a treadmill and start sprinting on a super high incline and doing some squats! This girl hasn't touch a Chocolate Chip Cookie in like forever! Maybe I should print this picture out and stick it smack dab on the frig. to remind me of my booty goals!

Today I took one of my old Oxygen Magazines with me for Shoulder inspiration, put it right in front me as I was lifting weights! Focused on Gina Aliotti's picture of her win at Nationals when she got her Pro Card! Maybe the inspiration helped me out being that for the first darn time with a spot I got those damn 40lb Free Weights up for my has been a goal of mine this Winter to get past the 35's but for some reason I don't know if it is mental or what but I just haven't been able to do it up until this point.........maybe next week I won't even need the spotter, it always makes me mad when I can't seem to push past a certain weight. Have you noticed this stuff just doesn't get any easier if you want to make progress! At least for me it is not getting any easier but I like the challenge.

Hey if anyone out in Blog land has any thoughts on the effectiveness of Creatine I would love to hear.......I'm taking it at the moment and was wondering if others find it worth while?

Have a great night,


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Adjusted my workouts and feeling better

I never made my back workout on Tuesday night decided I should give my body a chance to fight off whatever it was that was making me feel so horrible and call it a day. Sometimes the body just says no ah ah.....not today and Tuesday was my day! It all worked out anyways this week for the training because I normally take Wednesday off and instead I was doing Rack Pulls and Pull Ups, see I just a different plan in hand, had I crawled my way up to the gym on Tuesday what good would it have done anyways......only thing that I would have probably done was lay on a bench and pray for mercy and share my germs!

Today I received a email back from one of my favorite Pro Fitness Competitors, she is Judge and Promoter in my State, she has so much knowledge about the sport and all things fitness.....she has not competed in such a long time and I'm really hoping she makes a comeback next year! Also I love the mature muscle she has you can totally tell she has been training for years, you would think that the very young girls would be the ones with the fantastic body's but from my experience competing the women to look out for are the ones in their mid 30's on up to the early 40's. On a State Level one of the Top girls to look out for if your in the Short Class will be 43 this year! Actually she won this past year at the Masters National for her height class, sweet girl also so I can't even hate on her!!! I'd kill for her butt.

Speaking of butts I got my Leg and Booty workout in today! Woot Woot got up to 165 on my squat, wrapped my knee's today and it really right knee had been bothering me from last week and I decided if the weight was going to keep increasing I really needed to protect the knee's from an injury that could be permanent. See I'm listening to my body! Now if my body would just listen to me for a moment and get in line with my program that would be wonderful.......July will be here before you know it and I need rock solid glutes and some tear drops in my Quads!

I found this video online tonight of Val W., I always think of her when I'm doing legs......have you seen her before and after shot? I see that and it gives me hope also I like Val because honestly I believe she is all Natural! Also I love the way she workouts and the way she gets her own motivation and inspiration...........note in this video she is focusing on a picture of Arnold when doing part of her workout! Also I've seen other video's of her and she always has a plan and a mental picture of what she wants to accomplish in the Gym before her workout and gets her mind and body working as a team.

This video is of her in the last week of prep for a show in 2007

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I want Wheat Thins

Can I just say I'm feeling like one big ball of crappola! I think it would be TOM or at least I'm hoping that is what it is being that I've heard that we have some nasty little bugs flying around these parts lately! Hoping it passes and I find my Mojo and actually make it up to the Gym tonight for my back workout, actually going back to bed sounds like better plan at the moment.

Maybe it is TOM being that he doesn't show up very often, which is nothing out of the ordinary......honestly it has been that way since I was a teenager, just kind of feel like a big old brick landed on me today and I'm feeling like my whole body has the DOMS which really can't have anything to do with yesterdays workout which was not impressive in the least......Chest and that was it, Inclines and Dips and a couple of other moves and I was out of the place fast!

I did notice that Sunday night after I did some posing my back was doing a little bit of screaming, that posing stuff is harder then you think! Holding a back pose requires using muscles that just are not used to being locked into that position!

Oh well I think I will have to sign off and go veg. on the couch being that my head is bobbing and I want to fall sleep at the computer, Also Wheat Thins sound really good at the moment, if I find that I want French Fries its all over for me, something about Fries.....always want them when I get the flu! Don't even ask me Sweet Potato's, that would be like asking someone who had a bad drinking experience to have some Peach Schnapps.

Peace Out,


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Progress Shots


Decided tonight that I would post progress shots of my backside......1st photo was taken December 14th and the 2nd and 3rd shots I had the Husband take tonight. I just completed tonight weeks 2-7 of the Hardgainers Hypertrophy Phase #1: Volume Training. The program is 21 weeks so my plan is too post progress shots about every 6weeks.

I do kind of have to face some facts about the back of my legs....starting at the calves, lets face it I will never have impressive calves! I believe I can improve them but diamond shaped calves aren't going to happen! However as far as the Hamstrings and Butt I will remain positive that through hard work and a good plan of attack they will respond before July! Mind/Muscle connection, if I think it it will happen!

Hey getting off on a another topic did anyone go to the Gym tonight? I went and got in my workout around 7:00pm and I could have heard a pin drop in the place.......loved it, it was like having the place all to myself! No waiting for a machine, got in and got the job done! Didn't even have my Sunday Night gym buddies which I love but sometimes my jaw gets more of a workout then anything else. You know the Gym's will be hopping tomorrow from all the people that feel like they over did it tonight and want to work off all the damage that was done today! Monday's are typically crazy anyways but I suspect tomorrow will be even worse because of all the Super Bowl Party damage that was done! No Wing Dings for me this year, actually I did my damage yesterday which is my planned Cheat was so good, always go for the sure bet, I get all pissy if my cheat sucks! Yesterday was the Single Combo from Wendy's and chocolate chips cookies for the top off! I'll stay good all week but 1 meal man I'm eating what I want! Actually I think it makes my shoulder workout better on Saturday's because I always go into my workout knowing that when I leave the Gym I'm headed off to get some really good crap food. If I don't cheat or do a refeed I start dreaming about food and start sabotaging myself with my portions because I just don't feel satisfied or more so full, is that crazy sounding?

Anyways hope everyone has a great night........

Oh one last thing my little ham wanted her progress shot posted also! The 12 year old would kill me if I posted her shot! Hey if mom's posing they always get in on the action! Hey you never know maybe one of my girls will be the future of fitness!