Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday night post

I have feel like I have been totally MIA this week from writing and reading some of my favorite blogs! I have been around but my access to the Internet has been limited this week, I have competition for the Computer with my 12 year old!

Anyways I have also been doing some thinking and research on Hormones and why mine seems so out of whack. Did have my Gyno. check the levels and all he came back with was I'm not going through the change.......glad to hear that but would still like more answers, most of my family and friends would say my hormones are off because of the training and body fat level, which in all honesty probably does play a part in the equation to the lack of T.O.M.

I did tell the Doctor by Monday I would decide if I wanted to try a low dosage of Birth Control.....sometimes having that little extra boost of hormones in your systems will give you more energy and regulate your cycle. I wish I could find the Blog or Article that Pauline Nordin did on this topic, I remember her also saying that she was taking Oral Contraceptive because she wanted to protect her Bone Density since she was not getting T.O.M either. Yes working out is part vanity for me but it is also to take care of the one and only body that God has given me to take care!

Another test that I asked my Doctor for is a Ferritin test. Not just your standard Iron test more in depth.......this test was recommended by a good friend that last year experienced extreme fatigue, foggy head syndrome, muscle and joint pain, hair loss, ect. anyways her Iron test came back in the normal range but her Ferritin levels fell below 4!

I guess what I am saying in this post is part of my figuring things out this year is not just about the outside but more important the inside......if things don't feel just right search for the answers, why go around feeling less then 100%.

On the workout front I have been giving myself more recovery more 5 days straight with 1 off and back at it. The last couple of weeks it has been scaled back and honestly I think it has been working better for me.

This is my workouts last week:
Sunday - Legs/Abs/Cardio (25 minutes)
Monday - off
Tuesday -Chest/Back/Cardio (25 minutes)
Wednesday - off
Thursday - Legs/Abs
Friday - Cardio (1/2 elipticle, 1/2 walking on the track)
Saturday - Shoulders/Abs

Hope everyone had a great productive week!


Below I have inserted information on lowered ferritin levels:

Lowered ferritin levels:

If ferritin is low there is a risk for lack in iron which could lead to anemia. Low ferritin levels (<50 ng/mL) have been associated with symptoms of restless legs syndrome even in the absence of anemia.[6]

In the setting of anemia, serum ferritin is the most sensitive lab test for iron deficiency anemia.[7]

In a certain study in Paris, France, the level of iron in the blood (measured by ordering a ferritin serum test) has been connected to ADHD in children. Specifically, the lower the iron level, the more severe the ADHD symptoms.[8]

High risk groups for increased likelihood of iron deficiency are:

Babies given cows’ milk instead of breast milk or iron fortified formula. Cow and goats milk are very low sources of iron and the iron is poorly absorbed. Breast milk is a good source of bioavailable iron, assuming the mother has adequate iron stores.
Embryos in formation. Low maternal iron may result in intrauterine growth retardation, low birth weight, increased infant mortality, and increased maternal complications and mortality.
Children 1-4 years old are at risk because of rapid growth unless iron fortified food or supplements are given.

Iron deficiency early in childhood can have long-term effects on mental development that may be irreversible. Iron deficiency is not easy to detect without a blood test. Most babies, particularly those who are premature or have low birth weight, need an iron supplement. Give as an iron fortified formula or as a separate liquid supplement to breastfed babies.

Teenagers are at risk because of rapid growth rates, and poor eating habits.
Menstruating women, especially those who have heavy periods. Menstrual bleeding is one of the most common causes of low iron. Such women require twice as much iron as do men. Thirty five-fifty percent of young otherwise healthy women have some degree of iron deficiency. More so in pregnancy.
Women using an IUD (because they generally have heavier periods)
Pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women
Women with more than one child
People who repeatedly crash diet
Vegetarians, (since animal products contain the most usable forms of iron.)
Athletes in training, as they may have exercise induced iron loss, especially with endurance sports and body building
People with kidney failure
People with worm infestation, or chronic parasites
Low income earners
The elderly have both decreased intake and absorption
Regular blood donors. Each 500ml of donated blood costs 200-250mg of iron.
People with conditions that predispose them to bleeding, such as gum disease or stomach ulcers, polyps or cancers of the bowel
Those with gastrointestinal disorders such as low or absent stomach acid, celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s Disease, partial removal of the intestines
People taking aspirin as a regular medication
Those with low thyroid functioning
All of those at high risk should take some form of daily iron supplement, and focus on eating iron rich foods, as listed later. The iron can be part of a multivitamin mineral supplement. Women who are not menstruating and men should not supplement iron unless they have a known problem or are at high risk for deficiency.


With all the possible consequences from iron deficiency, you can see the extraordinary impact of low iron and why this is such an important topic. An iron deficient person would not have all of these symptoms, but some constellation of them. With 5 or more, consider iron problems.

Listlessness, weakness, decreased work productivity
Impaired learning and cognitive function
ADD and ADHD type behavioral disturbances
Developmental delay in infants and young children
Poor memory
Decreased attention span and increased distractibility
Impaired reactivity and coordination
Appetite loss
Cravings for non foods such as ice, dirt or clay
Difficulty swallowing (because low iron may cause a thin membrane to grow across the esophagus)
Joint soreness
Night time leg cramps
Sores on skin, or itching
Poor wound healing
Can cause excessive menstrual bleeding
Sore or burning tongue
Soreness in corners of the mouth
Brittle, flat, or spoon shaped nails
Longitudinal ridges on nails
Heart palpitations on exertion
Shortness of breath
Cold extremities, with decreased resistance to cold and poor regulation of body temperature
Tendency to recurrent infections
Chronic bladder infections
Anemia (hypo chromic, microcytic) paleness, weakness, drowsiness, fatigue
Numbness & tingling
Night sweats
Fragile bones
Growth impairment in children
Eye soreness
Vague gastrointestinal symptoms: belching, gas, nausea
Vitiligo (light blotches on the skin)
Swelling in the ankles
Bluish tint to the whites of the eyes
Visual disturbances
Papilledema (swelling inside the eye)
Enhanced heavy metal absorption and risk for toxicity. Those with low iron will have an increased GI absorption of metals which is not specific for iron, so will absorb more lead, cobalt, cadmium, mercury. High blood levels of lead are more common in children with low iron.


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I think the easier training schedule will be good for you considering your recent energy levels and what not. I always take 2 days off a week, even when I'm feeling great. Mostly for the mind, you know?

    Interesting about the ferritin levels. I have a slight iron deficiency, and have ever since I was young, but don't really know anything about ferritin...I have been on a low dose birth control pill since I was 19, mainly to get on a regular cycle..and it's been great. I've never had any issues with it and was never irregular until this past couple months but I blame that on dropping body fat for the show. It's def. worth asking your doctor about. I feel more 'stable' as far as emotions go, and basically just more regulalated and even-keeled.

    Great post.

  2. Holy crap Lisa! I am really glad you are looking into this further. Health before fitness for sure.

    Thank God you aren't going through the change yet..

    Thanks for the information on Ferritin levels.

  3. Thanks guys, Doc is ordering the Ferritin for me so I'll do that one tomorrow and really thinking of going on the Birth Control, can't hurt and I'm not looking to add to my little family anyways so I think I'm going to try it out. Hoping it will make me more like Becca said regulated and even keeled!

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I have read a lot about how Maca (a natural food) is fantastic for regulating hormone levels, providing energy, boosting oxygen to the lungs (and lung health) and many other health benefits. One of it's greatest benefits seems to be in regulating women's hormone levels naturally. It also has a big effect on libido and exercise performance. You may want to try this. I'll be commenting a lot about this and other 'superfoods' on my blog in the very near future, too, and there's a link there to Elements for Life that has organic Maca used by many women.

    Thanks for the great info you post here and I wish you the best in everything you're doing! Keep working it and taking care of your body!


  5. Hi Lisa,
    I am sitting here watching a special on TLC about women who had babies and didn't know they were pregnant.

    You have the symptoms, no?
    ~Dr. C.

  6. Lisa,

    Thank you for the detailed information! I was not aware of the effects of lowered ferritin levels on the body. Your post has been an eye opener.

  7. Hey Balboa you been talking to my mom? She made the same comment! As far as I know no babies on board! However do remember with Keeley that a brick landed on me and I couldn't function for the first even talking about this topic is making my boobs hurt!!! lol

    Vic thank you so much for the suggestion and I will def. look into Maca.......really at this point I will do anything naturally to figure this out and get back to normal. Your comments are much appreciated!!!

    Tawana- I had no idea until last week my good friend reminded me of how terrible she was feeling last Summer, said she thought she was literally dying! So with that I thought it would be something worth while to post. Seems like such an easy fix and if it help someone else it was well worth posting!

  8. Hey Lisa,
    Thanks for the comment about my phantom placing! 3rd is very gracious of you!! I think the actual show pics might be up soon. You mentioned that you saw the scorecard on the Mich. NPC News site? I could only find the Novice Show's for 2009. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. Can you send me a link?
    My email is

    PS. HOw is the ferritin treating you? Have you started it or the BC yet?

  9. Miss you Latgirl. Hope all is well.

  10. Hi Latgirl - a bit concerned about you being okay since you've been away. Pray that you and your family are okay, particularly with the health trials?

    I've been away from posting for a couple of weeks too with my own focus on workouts, health and getting through. I thought I'd share something with you that I'm doing in a few days that has me inspired and I feel God has led me to as a result of my recent prayers.

    It's called NRT (Nutritional Response Testing) which uses applied kinesiology to allow a doctor (a chiropractor, interestingly enough) to determine what our body is doing and not doing - what it needs - why we feel as we do - all based on external muscular responses. It sounds whack at the onset, but after reading a bit about it and speaking for a while to this chiro, I have heard some absolutely amazing success stories, where traditional medicine has not only failed but damaged people for life without them knowing it (like me in my past). It truly is something, based on this information. The feeling is that it may transform health/wellness care, though probably will be very much resisted by the medical community as it's not pharma based. I think there are only about 70 in the entire country who are certified to do this - I'm in VA and it's not too far from me so I'm fortunate.

    You may want to look into this?

    Take good care - miss you here.