Monday, December 6, 2010

The L.A.W.

Yep been final since October 19, 2010, I have taken back my old name the one my Dad gave me! My girls are adjusting well and so am I. found so much strength in the past couple of years it is wonderful! I am not weak, nor shy and will never make myself feel less then good enough becuase of someone's elses Negative Energy.

Changes sometimes are scarey but good, switching Gym's in a week, as a friend said I was Graduating to the next step in my goals of competing, see I am giving myself one my year to try this whole competiting thingy! Lifting heavier each week and gaining weight, my mind has been on looking good at the gym for so long that I forgot that in the off-season I need growth which means more's a total mind game believe me and hard for some of us to do (Gain Weight) but if I want to give myself one last chance at Nationals I must do what needs to be done! Eat the hell up, lol

Anyways life is looking up and I have so many blessing's just hope I can give back to the Universe what has been given to me!

Peace and Love,

Lisa Williams


  1. Hey Lisa! So good to hear something from ya! I'm glad you are on the upside of things now. Do you know what shows you are going to do next year?

    I have a new blog, it's

    I hope you keep blogging!

  2. Hey Abby - I would like to do a early show......have any suggestions?