Tuesday, June 16, 2009


See this picture above......I am so excited to say I will have the great honor of working out with IFBB Pro Cynthia Herndon and Abby next week! Little nervous that she will absolutely kick my booty in the gym but I will do my best to keep up at her pace! I'm really stoked about this opportunity not only is she a personal trainer (she has her certification) anyhoo she has an incredible eye for what area's to focus on and also an incredible person. One of the best Pro's around in my book!

On another note I have been back in the Gym and have found it to be my meditation seems to free my mind from racing thoughts. I'm currently reading a book by Lucinda Bassett, the Title of the book is Panic to Power.......I swear from the first chapter I could relate back to my own childhood just by her own stories. I think I've lived with anxiety my entire life but in the book it teaches you how to change the way your thinking and put a stop to worry, guilt, racing thoughts. highly recommend this book to anyone.

Below I will write a poem from one of the first chapters:

Fear is conquered by action.
When we challenge our fears, we defeat them.
When we grapple with our difficulties,
They lose their hold upon us.
When we dare to face the
Things which scare us,
We open the door to freedom.

Author Unknown.

Peace and love,

Lisa T. (Lat Girl)


  1. Hey Lisa,
    I wondered where you had been hiding out and what you have been up to. That book sounds good, I'll have to add it to my never-ending list of things to read. I also struggle with anxiety and try to let things go rather than medicate it, but it's not always easy.

    I hope you guys have fun together! Take lots of pics so we can see them.

  2. And that is a gorgeous pic of Cynthia! Where did you find it? I'd like to see the other's from that shoot and I can't see this one in detail b/c it's too small. Just beautiful!

  3. You can find on her Visionquester 11 blog pictures from this photo shoot! They are all beautiful, I actually bought one signed by her because she is raising money for autism and all the money she makes from the pictures goes for the cause!

  4. BTW, I changed my blog URL the other day and realize now I have taken away the ability for some of my followers to find my blog! I have contacted those who's email I had, but for the rest of you I am leaving my new URL here in your comment. Please make sure to update your follow list so you can keep track of me! :)


  5. Oh crap! I just read this!!! You wanted me to kick your booty? I should have quit my yackety yacking long enough to do that. Sorry Lisa, maybe next time.

    I honestly had THE time of my life.

    Thank you so much.. it was definitely MY honor.