Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hugo Rivera as a young boy!

I wanted to show a picture of Hugo Rivera as a young boy!

Below would be Hugo Rivera as fit, Strong man that he has become......no longer the overweight child in the first picture above. See even though I have never met this man he is helping me build some steller legs with the help of his Hardgainers Bodybuilding Handbook........this book breaks down your workouts, nutrition and if you actually follow his plan it will shows results! How many times have you started a program and never completed it? I told myself that when I bought this book I would complete what I started.......hell what is 21 weeks when you have been training for 4years and not seen the results that you really wanted. Talk to a very successful person and they will tell you it did not happen overnight and they had a plan and a certain drive..........anyways should the 21 weeks go by and I don't get my desired results I either did not give it my all or my plan will change and I will search out something else! My point here people is you must stick with what ever YOUR plan may be! So no results in 2 weeks no biggy, Rome was not built in a day or even 2 weeks, it took time and the body needs time also to respond to a new plan, see things out and the results will indeed come maybe not as fast as you would like but they will come through dedication and drive.

Anyhoo this is what I did last night at the Gym with a little help from my book that I carry with me at all times on leg day!

Hybrid Phase: Volume/Strength Training Weeks 16-18

Modified Compound Superset #1
Squats (Medium Stance) Reps 8,6,4...........Sets 3.........90 second rest
Lying Leg Curls Reps 8,6,4...........Sets 3.........90 second rest

Superset 2
Quadriceps Leg Press Reps 8,6,4...........Sets 3.........90 second rest
Barbell Stiff-legged Deadlift Reps 8,6,4...........Sets 3.........90 second rest

Superset 3
Standing Calf Raises Reps 10,8,6..........Sets 3.........no rest
Lying Leg Raises Reps 10,8,6..........Sets 3.........60 seconds

I would brag about the weight I was pushing last night but I can't..........taking my much needed time away from the Gym has lost me some of my strength, it's ok though I don't have to kill it everytime, giving youself slack and just doing it sometimes is all you have to do!

Have a great day,

Lisa T.


  1. Lay off the cardio and eat in a surplus and you'll be known as quadzilla for sure !!!!


  2. How inspirational! Great pictures, it really shows that we always have the option of transforming ourselves--it can be done!


  3. Inspirational post, Lisa...


  4. Hey Lisa.. I am checking on you. Still haven't been to the base gym to ask around about care packages yet.

    Lisa? Lisa? Are you here?
    Am I talking to myself here?


  5. Hey VQ got my packege to Turkey safe and sound! Cookies little broken up but told still yummy. Plus I put in some other goodies for the fellows yeah know Maxum, Muscle and Fitness and tons of candy bars!

    Still Around......just trying to get the PMA back in the game!