Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I have been gone so long from the Blog World and miss reading about all the great success stories about people just like me, wanting to train and get better with every workout striving for real results! I am needing motivation so I believe I will have to comeback and get re-energized by the people that motivate me the most my fellow competitors!

I am know 100% Qualified for Nationals! Yeah it only took 6 years but I finally did it and I have so much to work on if I go, would love to do another show before that time because I would not to be greedy but to take the Overall Title at a show would be freaky awesome.......when I won my classes in May I just kindof looked at the judges like did you all just call my number? Must be like got sick of seeing my face and decided to give me a bone. LOL

Anyways I can't wait to get up on all the blogs and see everyone's progress!


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  1. hope you found some motivation! how about some pics and more posts!