Monday, August 3, 2009

Calling out Vic

OK this is not Vic. just as an F.Y.I.

Just wanted to say that I started my Dog Crapp Training and I'm thank you Vic for Suggesting DC! Lol

So since I have started this different Program I think I may have promised to stay honest.....anyways today I did chest with Tri's my upper body wants to crawl its way into bed and take the longest nap ever! By the tenth rep of the tenth set I thought I would die.....but I did it...woot woot

So whatcha got Vic! I will stay honest if you do!

Lat Girl


  1. C'mon, Lisa...after all the hard work I put into looking good in my one-piece, you go and say that pic is not of me? ;-))

    You are more than welcome! It is SO good to hear how stoked you are about your training and how you shocked your muscles on it this day!

    Calling me out, huh? I love it and will work to keep honest with ya, for sure. I'm re-evaluating what I am doing for the next 8 weeks (or so) and will post tonight or tomorrow as I progress each workout, too.

    It would be great if you posted your workouts as you did them (don't mean the weight, just meaning sets, reps, rest periods and cadence). Maybe the first week, so we could all follow the routine your doing. I've seen numerous variations of DC so I'd love to see exactly how you're doing it.

    Cadence is so important to stimulating new muscle growth. For example, I LOVE doing long negatives in some of my 8 week sessions (i.e. negative accentuated sets) - I found that when I go to about 6 seconds on each rep of my last set, for example, it really makes me grow more.

    You'll have to let us know especially how your focus on legs/calves goes!

    Awesome job with the workout, Lisa.


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  3. Vic - I just figured a hot Gina would get your attention! Can't wait to discover all the information possible on DC!

    For Calves I will be going old school Arnold (kill them until you can not walk! And start walking on my tips toes during sets!!!! Pro suggestion.


  4. Well, you figured right. :-)

    Old school Arnold can't steer you wrong! Keep an eye out on my blog for a new routine to push your calves like you never ...