Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nancy Georges

Every Month I get an email newsletter from Nancy Georges and thought this was good enough to share!

Fitness Tip Of The Month

PMA- Positive Mental Attitude

Last month we talked about brain food and what you are feeding your brain. It is sort of like what you feed your body, if crap goes in, crap is going to come out. So most likely you have started feeding your brain more positive things to where PMA becomes an increasingly easier state of mind for you. It starts out difficult, I know, but the first step is to realize what is in your life that is dragging you down. What feels heavy to you? Those are the things you want to slowly extract from your life. As you become lighter and lighter, PMA becomes a natural state of mind.

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of having fun. I have seen one too many competitor taking themselves way to seriously. Believe me, I have my moments. My food is like the holy grail, and if I am 2 seconds off on my food it is like a catastrophe has just struck. What we would all do well to do is to lighten up. Remember whatever journey you are on, it is for the main purpose of having fun. Once you stop having fun, in my opinion, you should stop whatever you are doing. Having fun is a priority in my life. That does not mean I sacrifice hard work, discipline, proper training, and diet, but it does mean that I relax into it, enjoy it and let go.

PMA is also positive expectation, that if you are doing the work, the fruits of your labor will surely come. There is no question in your mind, no exception, and no alternative. We need to distinguish between determination and having heavy energy ourselves, being way to rigid in what we want and how long it takes to get there. Train with discipline, have fun and you will be in great shape and people will wonder how it was so easy. What's your secret they say. PMA!

Have a wonderful month.


  1. I like her body and her fitness tip. She looks very full. I like that look.

    Then the picture below her, (in the last post) now she is very ripped. I was looking at her photo in Oxygen this morning and I thought her waist is very tiny. She has a paper thin waist from the side. Looks great.

  2. What a great post!! I needed to hear that today!

  3. Lisa,
    That was a GREAT post! Nancy helped me through my first show via the Oxygen boards. I had totally "f-ed" up my color and she was there to give advice.

    Wonderful advice! Love it and thanks for sharing.