Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Post

What can you say other then this women looks amazing! I believe she is in the newest Oxygen Magazine coverage of the Arnold........What in Gods name do have do too look like that beside literally work your ass off and eat so clean, she had not touch a slice of pizza in month's..........either that or have the best genes ever!

Anyhoo I wanted to say that last night was the first night that I have stepped foot in my Gym in 3 weeks...........honestly was so nervous about the questions I would get about why the no showings, thank God my good friend at the Gym was with me and we just walked and talked which felt so good almost therapeutic if that makes sense.

I have made some decisions in the past couple of days.......first I will not commit to a competition date for this year, when the time is right I will feel it in my soul! At the moment the pressure seems so great and all I want is too do is kill it in the Gym and enjoy new challenges in my workouts and being my diet is good I feel that God will lead me in the right direction whether it is competing or on too a
new endeavor!

Tonight I did go back for some shoulder work and have lost some strength but am sure that will return but it felt so good almost like being at my second home, sounds stupid but I forgot all about the anxiety and my depression seems to be lifted when working out!

Also I have made the decision that I will only work at most 3 days straight one day upper, one day cardio, next day legs and off (completely off) and then 2 on........total of 5 days a week unless I want to take a simple bike ride or a walk with the little one.........my body has been telling me for so long to slow it down and I have not listened, so that must stop. I need to learn that no one not even me how much I want something must have limits for the desire for perfection (does it really exists anyways) competition is subjective, I can tell you without a doubt that I have seen girls walk away so discouraged they never go after it again, I don't quit maybe even when I should.

Anyways we are all beautiful in our own ways and perfection is in the eye of the beholder.......staying healthy is the most important thing we can do, most of us have family's that need and love us just for who we are!

Love , peace and muscle

Lisa T.


  1. Lisa,
    Great post!!! I like your new split and am so glad you lifted that pressure off yourself.

    I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said.

    Cheers to being you!!!!

  2. Sounds like you have a plan. Good to hear you are back on top of things. :)

  3. that is Tina Durkin! SHe is soooo graceful on stage, elegant and her stage presence is INCREDIBLE!!!! She is really beautiful in person!!!! One of my FAVS!