Friday, July 3, 2009

Just a random post

OK since I learned so much from Cynthia last week I think I will put it to good use tonight at the Gym..........I should mention Abby on chest also (I'm so weak) compared to these two girls! tonight will be Chest and Tri's all out pushing to my max! Only way I'm going to go from scrawny to National level competitor! Don't care if I have to wait another year just for training and eating up, who ever said I absolutely had to make it this year? OK maybe me but my mindset has changed.......let the body do the talking and once it's ready for the stage watch out I will have the mind, body and spirit to grace that stage one day!

I posted this picture of Nancy because I love all the bling on her suit! very eye catching. Maybe one day I will have full caps and a nice quad workout at a time! Got to keep it real a body like that doesn't happen over night takes years of patiences and hard work for that look!

Lat Girl


  1. WOOT! Love your outlook :P
    Have a great and happy/safe 4th of July my dear!

  2. Becca - you have a safe 4th also and have loads of fun you desire it after that Bikini Victory!

  3. I love the bling too. :)

    Okay, you will think I am crazy but it took me forever to realize LATGIRL = LISA! :) I thought you had darker hair for some reason so when I saw the pics on Cynthias blog, I still didnt put it together. Then when she linked to your blog post, I finally figured it out!!!! I think there is another Lisa that used to visit her VQ2 blog. I dont know. look awesome. So pretty and RIPPED!

  4. Who said you HAD to compete at all? What happens if you don't ever compete again?
    What happens? Really think about it.....

    I want you to take care of yourself and accept the love that everyone wants to give you. You deserve it..unconditionally. Competition or no competition.


  5. Hi Lisa,

    Keep going strong!! I love reading your posts.

    You asked a question on my blog, so I responded there. Send me an e-mail!

    Have a fantastic weekend, Lisa.