Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Soaring like the Eagles

I never realized when I came up with the my Title for my blog that it would mean more to me then just Fitness. Maybe 2009 was meant to be a year of discovering myself......I've bean doing much reading not just on the physical muscle front but on Building Spiritual Muscle also. I want to become the person who lets go of the past regrets, lives in the present, and never gives up on a fabulous future! My interest is still inside of me for competing.......I can feel it deep down, I can not say when, or how I will do it but one thing I'm slowly learning about myself is that I have never been a person who gives up easy, I said one day, just one time I would make it to a National Show........maybe it won't be a first place but just the satisfaction of knowing I did it would count the most. But competing has to be just an extension of who I am, a good wife, mother, friend, someone who truly chooses everyday when I roll out of bed that today is my day and I can make the choice to make it great, no one can decide that for me, negativity will bounce right off of me and I will not internalize anyone else's problems as my own. I will remember that God has a plan for me and that plan was not meant to be locked in a self inflicted cage of doubt but to soar like an eagle. Anyways I guess enough of that talk and bit on my fitness front!

I just want to say I am still working out lifting as heavy as I can and eating healthy, just have to push up the calorie intake, sorry to say I've dropped 10 pounds in the last couple of month not trying. Super charged up metabolism I guess. Another thing I have found really helping with a stress is kick boxing and sparing with a heavy bag, nothing like it........beating the crap out of something to relieve stress makes you so feel good afterward, for me it's Cardio but fun! Not having to stand on a boring treadmill is awesome for me because I think I must be ADD and just can not stand in one spot that long! really I think I should have taken it up years ago, might I add that I can really feel it in the hip flexors with all that kicking of the heavy bag! My Hugo Riveria Book I was doing is completed, just can not believe 21 weeks have past......must find a different plan so I can shake things ups a bit and confuse my muscles once again so they will grow! First start taking in more calories! I see that as a good plan to start with and dig deep for the perfect workout to suit my ectomorph frame that gives me rest and recovery time so I can one day soar like those eagles onto the National Stage.

Hope all is well and Congrats to Jessica and Jody I understand they had a little bundle of joy today.

Take care,

Lisa T.


  1. Glad to see you writing about the mental aspect of all this, Lisa. NOTHING can happen, if it doesn't first happen in the mind. Good for you. I've been spending much more time on this in recent months and it makes a big difference in success.

    We ectomorphs can have some unique challenges at times when it comes to workouts, but it makes us stronger in the end ;-)

    Keep up the great work, Lisa.


  2. Welcome back my dear! I have wondered about you. You sound like you're in a good place. I wish I had the problem of needing more calories! I love the title of your blog, love that it's not just about competing. 2009 is rounding down, and you have learned a lot. We never stop learning.
    I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings to you!

  3. Yay!!! Very eloquently put!
    Soar Lisa, soar!

  4. See Cynthia - your post are helping just yourself!