Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lisa's Revaluation

OK yesterday I was at the Gym and had a revaluation......Lisa you need to go back to the basics of weight training and really focus on your form! Yes I must leave my heavy weights and go lighter but form people is everything, I want to really feel the muscle working that I am engaging. Yesterday was Chest and I really want to build up my upper chest connecting to my front delts so I did incline flies with dumbbells with the correct form light weight and you know what it must have worked because today I would like to die! Full out inclines elbows with a slight bend, next week I will add another 5lbs. Also I did tri's which a friend of mine gave me a different exercise that works both the tri's and the upper chest so you really get that squeeze when you get to the chest part.......I want that nice cut right down the center of my chest.

Anyways my workout was a short one, back to killing it in an hour, faster reps shorter rest periods....must always keep my muscle confused kind of like myself always just a tad bit confused! LOL

Have a great day everyone,
Love, Peace and Muscle



  1. Love the basics...I am constantly reminding myself that THEY WORK!

  2. It's true.. if I would have checked my ego at the door four years ago, I might have developed a nice ass instead of ending up in physical therapy for bad knees due to weakness in my hips.

    I always wanted one of those seams down my chest too. They're cool.


  3. Good for you, Lisa! I think we all tend forget about the power of the basics sometimes.