Monday, November 2, 2009


I had to do something very hard the other day and wanted to do this completely on my own a test you could say to myself......had many offers of help but knew that if I could muster up the courage to do want needed to be done just maybe I had more inner strength then I have given myself credit for in a long time! You know what? I do and I handled a tuff situation on my own, people can tell me anything they want but deep down at the core of my being I have a strength that can not be taken away. It felt good in the knowing that when bad things happen I will always be able to reach inside myself and find what God has given me, he will give me as much as I can handle. I am in control over my being that is partly why I still crave competing. That challenge that most could never do or even dream possible of doing even though the want is inside of them. Like the body our minds and spirits are always growing, granted we have many curve balls along the way but how do you grow if you are not tested. Everyday is a gift people not to be taken for granted.

The other day at the Gym I noticed someone who had most likely been in a horrific car accident and could barely lift up his head see to me that is strength otherwise he would not be fighting the good fight, he was trying even though his body was limited to a wheelchair his spirit was still in inside wanting to shine through and fight. So as I do my chin ups and push the heavy weights how can I not feel blessed because my body is working and I know I have the strength to get through things on my own........I don't have to do things on my own but without a support system I could make it!

C. you are so right in your blogs I wish everyone would read them, you have a God given talent of writing and I do not understand how you do it but it touches me every time I read one of your posts. So thank you for opening up your Blog once again for all to read. If you do not know who I am speaking of look up Cynthia Herndon. She may not know it yet but she has the gift of the written word!

Peace, love and muscle

Lisa T.


  1. That's right, Lisa, you CAN make it.

    When in doubt, remember:


    Sounds like you're doing a great job doing just that.

    Great post - thank you for sharing.


  2. Lisa,
    I can feel the heat from the fire in your belly. Your true essence is emanating from you..

    I can feel it.