Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tear drops

If you have followed by journey since last year you will know that my goal was for a nice booty and legs.........can I just say I was wearing shorts at the Gym today and I swear doing leg extensions (switching off between 21's one week and the other conventional leg extensions) I saw with my own eyes the makings of Tear drops, little old me with true muscle definition in her legs! I really have been switching things up every 4-6 weeks for muscle confusion and it must be working, the body is a wonderful thing if you work on form, add weight every week and keep your mind on your muscle working it to fatigue with proper rest periods before hitting it again your body has no choice but to respond! Another exercise that I have been doing is deep squats they hurt like a mother but I leave the Gym really feeling like I have done something! People we are talking deep squats, it hurts so good! Sorry I guess I am a little sick because I like the burn, makes me feel like I am really working it!

Another thing like today doing the deep squats was my mind was on my competition this might sound horrible but I kept thinking in my mind F. so and so I am running after you F. you. hey people if it works to keep you motivated do whatcha gotta do.

Anyways I found a picture on my dads facebook so I thought I would post for the mom's out in the World that think after you have a child you can never have your body can if you really want it back.


  1. Fantastic on the teardrops, Lisa. Fantastic effort and good to hear how you are regularly changing up the workouts. And great work in pushing yourself to really low squats!

  2. Awe... you're cute in that pic.
    ~C. (That's you in the pink right?)