Friday, November 20, 2009

Photographer in Michigan

Ok - I look at all the photo shoots on Sioux and have seen the work done by many in my own State........If I ever do a Photo Shoot I want it to be like art because that is what I feel the body is, Gods gift our Temple. Being that I have 2 daughters I want them to see their mother in a respectful light i.e. no T and A shots.

Anyways one my oldest and dearest friends Dawn we literally have remained friends since the 10th grade I was in her Wedding whom I must say married the nicest man ever about 14 years ago and let me tell you people he has the eye of an artist when it comes to photo shoots, I have already explained to him that when it comes time for my next Comp. he and only he would shoot me because I trust him and his artistic ability.

Well instead of keeping him all to myself I thought I would share his Website, just to let you know he is well respected......he is a photographer for the Lions and many other Organizations.

So this is his Website for all to check out:

If you are thinking of a great person to shoot you this is your main man!

Lisa T.

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