Monday, December 21, 2009

Good Morning Everyone

Just wanted to say that the workouts are starting to show signs of changes going on in my body.......4 days a week I hit it, backed off any Cardio until the early spring and hitting the weights, switching my routine up every 4-6 weeks really seems to help also I have learned form over very heavy weight has helped me also. My chest and back are getting thicker and the shoulder are gettin a little meaty!!!! Everytime I am in the gym I picture my competition on the stage and what they would look like and how I want to look.

I have decided on an early show that way if I don't place 1st or 2nd I can take a few weeks and adjust the diet etc. and hit the stage again. I can even imagine my suit on me. Nails done, hair done, no more false eyelashes because my Doctor Cousin hooked me up with Liteese so the lashes are growing long and getting thick! woot woot. Always hated those damn things anyways thought they made my eyes droup.

Anyways know is the time because this ass is not getting any younger and the competition is!

I will pick my date and post it........hopefully some of my Michigan girls will be trying for the same show that would be awesome!

Happy Monday,



  1. Lisa, I would love to come to your show! Also, I have heard great things about Latisse as well, trying to get some of my own here soon, just need to justify the $ to hubs. LOL.

    Great to hear your workouts are doing what they need to - looking forward to your official prep and maybe seeing some pics! Take care!

  2. That was funny... ass isn't getting any younger and the competition is. Look forward to seeing you in all your lush-ness.