Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Blog Post

Have you ever had the D.O.M. and could not sleep because your whole body hurt? That was me last night. Yesterday after taking wee one to see Alvin and the Chipmunks and hanging with the pre-teen crowd at the mall which is always so fun because I guess I am no longer cool to hang! It's not like I am wearing mom jeans and Birkenstocks with a poncho around the mall but anyways I remember the age and they will grow out of it! Sorry to my elastic waistband jean wearing friends out there! lol

Anyways after that and we got home I went up to the Gym and have to say I work my Chest and Tri's pretty hard and I hurt today! Trying to build up my upper chest area I have always felt that was a weak area on me and would like to thicken it up get that nice cut on the upper chest!

Actually took almost a week off working out over the Holidays and ate off my regular diet so I could give my body a break and I wanted to do projects in my house. So I guess that is why this week I'm am a little more sore then normal. But I just had to keep reminding myself that breaks are a good thing and I need to recharge the old body sometimes. Must not have done to much damage I only gained a pound over Christmas and New Years.

Here is my workout from last night:

reverse dips
flat bench barbell presses
Tricep push downs
Over the Head triceps with the rope
bunch of Abs and Calves

Hope everyone is doing well,

Lisa T.