Friday, February 5, 2010

The Booty is a hurting

Ok did not even work the Gluts yesterday and they are on fire this morning? Does this mean the muscle under the fat is growing, God I hope so because if you want to win I am convinced you must have a good butt.......tight and small when you do you back pose, personally I will be sticking mine up in the air so far the Sun might hit it! LOL

Yesterday I actually did chest and tri's. Still doing Negatives on my Inclines so I can eventually get strong enough to hit the higher weight and rep it out! Did my weighted dips ok only 10 extra pounds for 4 sets but better then nothing right? I just want some thickness to the chest to match with the back. Back not so bad lots of Definition. Also started doing Donkey Calf raises with my 180 pound friend on my back, the damn things have always been so stubborn to grow! I blame it on Genetics my mom says I have Chicken Legs! Is that mean or what? Still love the moms though.
She might say I have Chicken Legs but I have the best mom ever. I could tell the first time she saw me compete she was very proud........before hand she did not understand what the hell I was doing and why my diet was so strict but she got it afterwards! Mothers will always worry, she thought I was to skinny until she saw me on stage posing. For some reason when you are all carbed up and pumped you look bigger on that great stage.

Taking Tonight off and will hit Shoulders in the morning still gotta get them meaty
I hit them from every angle I really think Shoulder day is my favorite. Love feeling them getting all pumped up and ok sometimes at the Gym I pose, people probably think I have a vanity issue but posing is a big part of competing!

Anyways will you know how the shoulders feel tomorrow.....tomorrow cheat day also! Yeah one meal eat whatever I want. No Guilt!

Awe life is good,

Lisa T.

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  1. Hi Lisa! Congrats on the full time job offer.

    Any chance for some progress pics? :) I'm sure you are looking GREAT!

    My parents were the same way for my first show, but then when they got there, they were screaming their heads off for me!