Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Post

Aw sweet Friday........Weekend Coming up in a few hours and I can't wait, just to sleep in would be a beautiful thing, Hit the Gym early tomorrow and knock it out and on to my glorious cheat meal! I will start getting tighter on the diet starting in March so I have a couple more days before I worry about peeling the fat off my booty God I hope I have some muscle under there.

Tomorrow will be Leg day, deep squats, 21's, walking lunges, Leg presses, Donkey Calf Raises maybe hit some Ab work, must have plan in place before I hit the Gym.
Saturday's at the Y. are usually long ones not just because of my workouts but the little one likes to play, Eat lunch and run around the track which is good because it gets some of that energy out of her and believe me she has alot.....I tell people that is why I have to workout just to keep up with her! I call her Dash from the Incredibles, she might be short but she can run like the wind. My oldest is 13 in another month and a 1/2 so all she wants to do is sleep until noon on a Saturday! That would be heaven but as a mom we do not really have that luxury, if I could only go back into time I would not have wanted to grow up so fast. Can't believe I will be 39 this year the years have flown by...hoping the next 39 are filled with the best life has to offer!

Have a great Weekend Everyone,

Lisa T.

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