Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Excited but Nervous

OK here is my deal today at work I was approached about going full-time which is good because I need to really be able to take care of my girls....priority number 1 in my life! It would take a certain part of stress away from my life knowing I can do this and they actually have faith in me to take on added responsibility.

But and you know there is always a butt I have this nagging little selfish voice that says so Lisa how the hell can you do it all.......meaning training, prepping, competing! I know we have many other mothers who work full-time that do it so I should be able to as well it will just take a great plan of attack to get in and out of the gym, food I am not concerned about, I sit at a desk all day and eat probably more structured at the work place then at home when I am running Taxi Service with my girls. Hell Cynthia Herndon worked the freaking Midnight shift and is a mother and still got her Pro Card! Do not know how you did it C.? If for my Birthday I have to ask for Dumbbells for the house and get creative that is what I will have to do, I have come so far I do not want to stop now when things are coming together and starting to flow with the lines of my body........did that even make sense I guess if you compete you understand.

I will just have to have a I can do anything attitude! Just like I can take care of my girls and myself and the belief that God will take of it if you let go and let God lead you even if sometimes he might have to carry you!

Peace, Love and Muscle and to the girls prepping for the are so close to the stage, stay focused, strong and remember you have already won, girls you have won your going to the big stage with the best, when you walk out hold your heads high and stare those judges in the eyes and make them notice your hard ass work you deserve it! Most people would not even consider going and doing what you are prepping for out of fear which goes back to my last post getting out of your comfort zone. How can you ever achieve anything great just talking the talk but never putting in the work to make things happen for you! Go kick ass, personally when I compete in May mine better be little ass. LOL



  1. Hey girl...things happen for a reason...go with your heart...YOU can do it if you WANT to do it!!! I not only work f/t but I have had my husband in surgery THREE times in less than a year, I am the bread winner, housekeeper, laundry doer, mom, wife, competitor.....etc, etc...if GOD brings you TO it HE will bring you THRU it!

    4 weeks and counting to the Arnold......

    Keep the faith!

  2. Ha Lisa! My boy was gone for the summer! Na.. you stay lean enough all year that it will be a snap for you. You need to work out anyway right?

    No prob.. you got this thang.