Monday, February 15, 2010


Ok I think I am starting to get anxious about May and have to stay focused and keep reminding myself slow down Lisa this is a process and do not rush it. What I mean is I want to mentally be show ready now! Can't happen must wait.... but I want to see what is under that ass fat people, get rid of the fat between the muscle and see what is there!

I think my lack of patients came this weekend when I tried on a banging swimsuit and saw my ass in it.......I want it round and perky, now if I bend over it looks pretty good, but it needs to look good when I am standing straight up! LOL, Plus this year I really, really want to go to the Arnold and I know those girls are going to be looking good and that is what I want! Let me clarify I don't want to compete at the Arnold just go and check it out. See the Expo with all the like minded people and see all of the greats of the sport who have kept me motivated over the last several years. See them in person and take some great pictures. Plus I would love to catch the AM Figure Finals just to see what the judges are looking at this year, you know damn well it changes year to year! Soft, Hard, Kind of Hard but not to Soft.......totally could not be a judge! Personally I like the hard look only because for me it shows you literally worked and Dieted your ass off and did all that you could do! But what is my opinion worth, not to darn much.

Anyways I have this little Upper Respiratory thing going on so I was thinking of taking tonight off and hitting it hard tomorrow morning so I feel stronger. Yesterday I made it in but just walked and kicked the bag. Nothing big but something is better then nothing!

Peace, Love and Muscle,

Lisa T.

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  1. I'm sure you are looking AMAZING, you did when I seen you last summer!

    Are you doing the May 8th or May 22nd show? I don't know if you seen my blog, but I'm doing the Grand Rapids again this year with 3 other people from my gym. It would so cool if we actually got to compete together!!

    I hope your Respiratory stuff doesn't turn into anything major! Yuck!

    Have fun at the Arnold, my kids were saying they wanted to go again this year, but were not going!