Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's not over till it's over!

Great motto from a great person.........since I see some changes and I will be fresh
next year maybe I shall take that advise and train and lift this booty till it is rock solid and kill it at my next show! feeling spunky and half sane today. lol

Keep getting noticed for my shoulders and back and can actually see improvement in the hamstrings, don't ask about calves ain't happening! But you know what I will be like Arnold and keep on training and trying.

Keep pressing on ladies we can achieve all we want if we try hard enough, would it not be great to compete all together knowing we did our best. I def. see potential in everyone I come across on my blog Krissa, Cynthia, Abby, Becca you guys are so you have a couple of bad days who the heck cares, you guys NEVER give up and that is inspiring!

Peace, Love and Muscle


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