Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday after the O. Post

Congrats. to Michigan's first ever Ms. Figure O.! I can tell you that I have seen Nicole backstage at the State level events helping her clients and she have the this presence about her plus she is so pretty naturally!

Thought all the girls looked wonderful, some I did not understand the placings but not being a judge it is hard from just pictures to see exactly what set one girl apart from the other!

I am just hoping next year this time a good friend of mine that spent her growing up years in Michigan will grace the stage and whoop some ass! Know that would make me proud.

Have a great Sunday everyone,



  1. I thought it was a great choice. Really hard to judge.. I was particularly drawn to Erin Stern as well though. Just can't get over her booty. Another area that stuck out to me was everyone's impeccable presentation. The poise and grace and perfectly choreographed transitions between poses was admirable and definitely an area I would like to grow.

    For the men... Kai Green gets my vote for best routine. He was so inspiring!

    I want to go kick butt too... then I want CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!!!Mmmmmmmm.....

    I love this sport and love reading your blog.


  2. Hi Lisa! I think that is awesome that Nicole won!! Becca and I had our picture taken with her at our show in May. I like her!


  3. Hi Lisa!
    I have seen Nicole on two separate occasions (just happened to be sitting right next to her and her friends 3 weeks ago at Tim's show) and she seems so sweet and down to earth. I was also confused by some of the placings - I love Nicole's look but truth be told, I thought Gina Aliotti should have won! Conditoning, muscle, etc. I am not sure what the look the judges are leaning toward is, it seems like smaller and softer(krissy Chin, Huong, and Monica Brandt all not doing as well as I expected) is coming back, but with the bikini division now, this just seems backswards?

    Hope you're having a great day!