Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Nationals for me

Anyone with Show suggestions towards the end of the year before the last Nationals please let me know! Or maybe I should just wait until next year when I have one more year to gain lean muscle mass, so confusing......I am starting to get a bug up my ass at the end of the year to compete. Really had no MoJo before this but somehow my year feels weird without even one show under my belt! Oh Well I will keep on doing my thing in the Gym and picturing the most beautiful suit ever worn on stage to get me through until next year! One more year just gets me closer to my goals anyways so maybe I already have an answer for myself!

Maybe I did say 2009 was my year.....I probably said that in 2008 also but 2010 watch out bitches here she comes! just teasing about the bitches part.

Anyways I am taking tonight off and trying to see if I can get a killer leg or chest/tri's workout in tommorow morning we shall see one workout, one day at a time!

Peace, Love and Muscle

Lisa T.

Hey C. any Pro/Am show for 2010? Just a thought if you know what I'm saying!!! That would be killer fun.


  1. I think the last shows are always before Thanksgiving for the most part, eh? I am doing the Monster Mash in Ohio in 6 weeks with a few other girls from blogger, but next year I am plannin' on doing Nats in Chicago!! A pro/am show sure would be fun....

  2. Maybe that would be a good idea......It would be so cool meeting you and hanging out back stage!

  3. Hi Lisa! If you both compete in Chicago, I'll definitely have to come watch! Too bad I was one place away from being able to join you guys:( In my opinion you have more muscle than you think you have, because I thought you looked awesome when I seen you, I can't imagine what you will look like in another year!!

  4. Now that would be super cool. I have been thinking about this.. you know I really have an advantage going into next season.. and obviously so do you. #1 I am rested and fresh. #2. I am sane..almost #3.I got the best freaking support system on planet earth.

    It's not over 'til it's over, Lisa.