Friday, September 4, 2009

Lat Girls first post in weeks

I feel like I have been gone forever from Blogger World in the last few weeks because of Vacation to Florida to see the In-Laws and take my children to Disney
which hopefully will give them lasting memories, it was nice get away but was happy to come place like home. And my dogs were very happy to be out of the Kennel.

Once home however my boxer growled and ripped open the lower lid of my 4 year olds eye just missing her eyeball I don't think he bit her but got her with a very sharp claw but none the less I did hear him growl and have seen him be aggressive before with my other dog so we have made the hard decision to return him to the rescue that we got him from which for me and the kids will be very hard but I have got to do the right thing for the family and other kids that may come over to our home. I think he already feels something is coming because he has been very detached since the bite. Thank God my baby will be alright, when this happened I was surprised how calm and collected I became taking over the situation and rushing her to the hospital and then having to transfer her to a Children's Hospital with a plastic surgeon on site. Basically they had to put a silicone tube through the lower lid down through the noise. But she was running and playing a few hours after the surgery! I love my little girl for being such a trouper and so strong......nothing can stop her, nothing! I have seen this child work so hard many times at mastering things at a young age with such determination it inspires me!

My only problem with my vacation was letting go and just not worry about training and diet, 9 days worked out 3 days.......but honestly I needed that break in the routine and even if I didn't eat exactly the way I would at home I found many substitutions that were accommodating, the weird part is now that I am home people keep asking if I have a show coming up and my answer is no, only one I would consider is a National Show towards the end of the year still have booty and legs to work on. but I have seen improvements in those areas which is pretty damn cool. So thanks Vic. for the DC Training info.

Anyways I just wanted to blog a little today to say I am still around and hope the girls who are prepping for shows are rocking it hardcore, when I compete again I want to compete with the best. And I've seen what that is and I still have allot of work to do!

Peace, Love and Muscle,

Lisa T.


  1. That is so sad. The whole thing. I will say a prayer for the family and the dog. Breaks my heart. I cannot imagine parting with my pooch. Tough.

  2. Oh, thank God that your baby is ok. Kudos to you for handling the situation.

    I love your doggie so much and wish him well. I am sure he'll be happy anywhere he goes.

    Love that you took a much needed vacation,



  3. Thank God your baby is okay... I'm so sorry you had to make that tough decision, but I feel you absolutely made the right one.

    Oh, and you're welcome. :-)

    Hang tough!!