Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29, 2010

I was just going through my blog for 2009 and came across a post I made on the 28Th of January.......1 year and 1 day ago and it was titled something to like "Get your back off the wall" and the blog was about leaving that comfortable place that just keeps you comfortable but not truly happy, well my blogger friends I have learned this year leaving the comfortable can be the scariest most uncomfortable place when living through it but if you ever want to get to the other side of life you most do what needs to be done to reach your full potential as a person.

In reading my blog again it reminded me that in times I may have lost my MoJo, desire or passion to compete but something always wants to drive me back in that direction....if you have a dream of going onto a bigger stage does that ever really go away? I say no. It is like unfinished business and inside me is a competitor it is my nature. However I still fear falling on my face or doubt my ability to really do it. But I will do my best to work past that fear and make my dreams come true on and off the stage.

Have a great day,

Lisa T.


  1. I guess we decide to do it when the comfortable gets uncomfortable. lol


  2. Stumbled across your blog today! GREAT post! Couldn't agree MORE! Please follow along with me as well as I continue to step OUT of comfort zones, push myself, live life and enjoy the journey! 4 weeks out from the Arnold Amateur for me! Talk about COMFORT zone!

    Have a blessed day!

  3. OMG Mary that is great I can not wait to follow your journey and see you at the Arnold
    how awesome!