Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Post

Ok I'm not working out today because I think I have full body D.O.M.! Saturday I hit the Shoulders really hard and added in about 60 pullups........note I didn't bust those out in the same set! 6 sets 10 reps a piece. Anyhoo yesterday was Legs and Abs, hoping I hit the legs hard enough that I tore some muscle fibers so I get some growth in these blocks of cheese. I do know that I need to find some new jeans because of the size of my quads and butt......if anyone has a brand that they like please let me know because I went out a couple of weeks ago and came home kindof depressed that I couldn't find any that fit right.

So being that I'm not working out today my mind goes straight to contest prep and suits.....I have been thinking about suit selection and last night I found some inspiration from Mendi Sakamoto's Blue 2 piece accented with the Blue Topaz........always loved Blue Topaz and had a beautiful set of earring's,necklace and rings about 6 years ago before my house was broken into and the thieves made off with my good stuff! I alway felt really pretty wearing my blue topaz so maybe that will give me a little extra boost of confidence on stage. Now I just need to find a suit in the above color that isn't velvet (Anybody got any ideas?) I almost can picture in my head the design and cut of the suit. Need to find a good seamstress that can fit the suit so it fits like a glove, just seems weird though asking someone to tailor a teeny tiny liitle 2 piece unless they are familier with Figure and fitness competitions......they see a tiny 2 piece and probably think Hooters Contest, how many times I've had to try to explain what the NPC is and what a figure contest is about, usually I just giveup and say it's like a Bodybuilding Competition. Close enough, I feel like most of us train and diet just as hard as a bodybuilder most days anyways.

I do have a slight bragg from yesterdays leg day......620 on the leg press! (6 reps) ok maybe a slight cheat because I put my hands on the knee's for a slight support anyways when I stood up after the last set I turn around to find a few fellows with their jaws dropped......teehee freakin love it!

Oh this Video is for C...........620 C. and I didn't even need a cork, go any higher though and I'm not so sure.


  1. DANG GIRL! You make me feel like a toddler with my weight on the legs...LOL
    I LOVE THAT SUIT, it's so beautiful - You could do a glittery slinky material like CC fitwear has, they have a blue that looks about that color...Gorgeous!

    Ok, and I have to ask (I'm sure this will generate a few chuckles since I obviously don't know the lingo) but what the heck are DOMS? I see many people typing it, and I know it's associated with soreness or muscle spasms or something because it always fits in with someone's super heavy lifting, but really, what does it stand for? I have to know! I can't go on reading blogs and 'pretending' to know. LOL

  2. Totally lmao @ your comment to C, the cork thing and the video!

  3. Hey Becca don't feel bad - I didn't get until a few months ago! anyways this is what is stands for.....(Delayed onset muscle soreness)

    Oh slinky material would be nice and maybe have a great stretch!!! I need stretch to fit over the booty.

  4. I love the suit! I also like her hair, I'm going blonde for my show, but not that blonde.

    6 sets of 10 pull ups is amazing!!! You need to do a video for us for inspiration! I'm STILL working on my ONE set of 10. I'm almost there but the sets go down hill fast after the first one.

    Great job on the leg press!

  5. Hey! Well, not sure if what CC Fitwear has to offer is EXACTLY that color as they have many blues, but their "Royal Blue" is what I was referring to. They were GREAT with my suit and I will def. go with them again for the future.
    Also, ask them to send you swatches, (free) and you can see them in person. My suit color was different in person than online so it's worth knowing.

  6. You are too funny and too tough!! Remember my vid a few days ago? I was on the way to the gym with my husband so he could film legs day....

    Thank God it never happened because you would have put me to shame girl with that 620!!!

    Mendi is beautiful! I do like that blue.. it's striking.

    Yeah.. 6 sets of 10.. You are a badass for sure!
    Have a good day!