Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Post

Received my Ultra 40 Tabs today in the Mail and have to say not to bad on the taste or smell........I should be big and bad in no time flat! Just Kidding I think I would need a something little more then just the concentrated liver tabs to do that.

Last night went up to the Gym for some serious stretching and Steady State Cardio
I'd do the stretching at home but get distracted by the little one climbing on top of me and my dogs always want to play and lick my face if I'm down on the ground.

Anyways when I was at the Gym my friend Wendy was all excited because she got a meal and workout plan emailed to her by Brian Wiefering......Brian did an article this last month for the Beverly Internationals No Nonsense Newsletter, Anyhoo in his article he stated that if anyone emailed him he would work up a plan based on your stats and email it back to you. I think it is really nice that he actually is taking the time and helping people out for free! Wendy got the plan last week and has actually dropped 4 pounds already, hoping she can stick with it........sweet girl but she is always looking for that quick fix, you know will surf for hours online hoping to find the easiest way possible to get into shape. Honestly I emailed her about a year ago with my meal plan and workouts which is pretty darn close to what Brian sent her but you know what they say you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink! Actually with Wendy the truth is she is an emotional eater and I think with the help of her therapist she has started connecting the dots of what triggers her binges. Also from what I understand she has lost alot of weight in the past and did not really know how to handle all the attention from the opposite sex which goes back to some childhood trauma's.........with that being said we need to remember our emotional health is just as important as the physical health. Hoping that she can find that inner peace that everyone deserves and work on the outer shell so she is more comfortable in her own skin!

If anyone would like Brian's Email address it is www.wiefit.com. Wendy said that she also emailed with a few questions and he happily responded.



  1. Have you considered stacking the Ultra 40 with the Mass Amino's?

    It's funny about getting more attention. One day precontest I am in Walmart turning all kinds of heads... three weeks after a show, I'm invisible again. LOL

    Hope she figures it out.. sounds like you are in a good place... a good example for others. Thanks for Brian's contact info.


  2. I know what you mean about leading a horse to water. I know too many people (my friends, even) who are always looking for the quick fix. I have sent friends my diets, work out routines, and all this stuff when they tell me their 'serious' about getting in shape...and they never follow though. Then they read something a magazine and get all 'serious' again and start working out...ah...such is life.

    This guy is helping everyone for free? wonder how long that will last!