Thursday, March 19, 2009

15 Years and counting!

My Husband came home today from work with the most beautiful floral arrangement for me in honor of our 15 year Anniversary..........We have been together 18 years! Seems like a lifetime, poor guy has seen the good, the bad and in the morning the ugly from his wife and most days still thinks I'm pretty cute! I like to say we work because I'm the water too his fire and we seem to balance each other out in many respects. Plus I think part of the key to our marriage has been seeing both of our parent staying together for the long haul, they showed use that married wouldn't always be easy and no marriage is perfect but you just work through the hard times and love each other even when you don't on certain occasions like one another. Greatest gift parents can give children is showing love and respect to each other!

Oh and besides the Flowers my hubby brought me home a brand new pink IPod!!! I have killed 2 in the last 2 years...........boob sweat, don't ask!!! OK I stick it in my sports bra because I lost the arm band! (Sorry for the T.M.I.) Anyhoo for the Anniversary Dinner we decided to take the girls out with us and go too Old Chicago for Pizza, yep I had 2 1/2 slices of Deep Dish Pepperoni and then we went to Cold stone which I passed on but I had the husband go across the street for those 3 for $1.00 Chocolate Chip Cookies from McDonald's, oh so yummy! That meal will count as my cheat for the week....normally that would be on Saturdays but I'll just have to wait another 9 days for some good crap food!

Wanted to post a picture of my Abs before the pizza and cookies

This would be a shot of what the pizza and cookie bloat looks like after the feast!

I'd show a picture of my ass but that would send me straight to the treadmill.........even the husband told me tonight I was reaching max. capacity on the jeans! Grrrr..........May 1st and this ass in going down (Literally)

Have a great night



  1. ha! i totally broke my iPod during my half marathon due to boob sweat haha. It now won't turn off so i have to charge it before every single workout. No worries your not alone on that one :-)

  2. LOVED this post!!! That was so funny about the boob sweat. I only have an Ipod shuffle because I can't imagine an armband.. Pink is awesome for electronics!!

    Awesome abs! Nice shoulder caps too!

    Coldstone... McDonald's... Pizza...You're singing my tune now.

    Happy Anniversary Lisa!

  3. happy anniversary ! i too love this post i totaaly agree my parents and my boyfriends parents have been married 30+years and totally agree respect is soooo important!

  4. Congrats! I will be getting married this August and I hope in 15 years I will be saying the same thing. I agree, respect is so important and life isn't a fairy tale...I love that you guys have had your ups and downs and are still here to prove it. :)

    McD's has 3 cookies for a $1? I didn't even know they sold chocolate chip cookies!! I'm goign to have to have them after comp!!

  5. Congrats on 15 years!!

    Your abs and arms look awesome! I wish mine looked like that and I'm 6 weeks out!

    I really can't wait to see how you do at your national show, how exciting!

  6. WOW-15 years! That's beautiful. Congratulations! The abs are lookin pretty sweet! :)

  7. 15 years is a huge accomplishment nowadays. Congrats. Those flowers are very pretty.

    Glad you had a good cheat meal. Your abs look awesome! Jealous :) I will be there soon.

  8. Thanks everyone for the comments! And Abby and Krissa your Abs WILL be looking just as good in no time flat!!!

  9. Awe that's so sweet! My bf never does that stuff EVER!!! Sorta weirdness!!!

    Nice abs!