Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Post

What can you say other then this girl is beautiful and she has obviously work her tiny little hiney off for this win. I did also watched Gina Aliotti's interview and when asked what she will change leading into the Olympia her comment was nothing because she was pleased with what she brought to the stage. How can you argue with that, the way things work in this sport Gina will probably beat Ziville the next time around. I say bring your own best package, what looks best on you!

I haven't been up to the Gym yet today but I planning on this being a heavy leg night.....already have my workout mapped out and it goes a little something like this.

Superset 1
Hamstring Leg Press - will try for 565lb
Hanging Leg Raises

Superset 2
Dumbbell Stiff-Leg Deadlift - Will try for 60lbs
(Bought Wrist straps last week because my grip gives out!)
Bicycle Crunches

Superset 3
lying leg Curls - 35lbs (free weight between the legs)

Superset 4
Donkey Calf Raises
Standing Calf Raises - Will try for 220

* After my weights I want to push one of those Kick Boxing Bags for a good burn on the legs followed by 20/25 minutes of Cardio. We shall see how I actually do! I have noticed lately I get really distracted at my Gym, maybe once I get closer to comp. time I need to find a different one so I can wear a baseball cap pulled down all low and really focus and not have to feel like I'm need to be polite if anyone interrupts my my gym peeps but sometimes my sets get a little messed up because of my jaw doing the most exercise!

Hopefully this week my Ultra 40 Taps will come in. Ordered them last week off of EBay so I'm a little nervous, 500 tabs for only $18.00 pretty good price! Heard they smell like fish, guess I will just have to hold my noise and swallow really fast. As long as they don't make me smell like fish I'm good, my husband already says that I smell like rice and Broccoli all the time!

One last thing I wanted to post some pictures of the last suit that I stoned myself. I chalked the outline first on the suit so both sides matched with regular old chalk......tried Fabric Pencils, Lime Stone you name it but with the Velvet nothing worked as well as the chalk, also the outline washed off really easy with a wash cloth if I screwed up. Used 3 tubes of E6000 and about 2000 stones......I think I'm a visual person and love alot of bling so it was a case of well a little is nice but think of how it will look with a few more! Most likely I won't wear the suit for my next comp. because I want to try a different material and color. Feeling maybe blue?
not Navy though......done that one didn't really feel it on me! Oh and the bling between the (girls) if you know what I mean is actually 2 buttons. Sometimes you just have to be creative!


  1. That suit is gorgeous! I long as YOU are happy with your physique placings shouldn't matter.

    LOL! Saw the boxer pic again, that's the best!

  2. Damn girl! Thank you! I've been waiting to see what this suit looks like!

    If I need help, I know who to ask! :o)

    I am so impressed!

  3. very nice suit!!! i love me some bling! ;) and your leg press WOW that is freaking awesome!!! how tall r u if i can ask and how much u weight? im only 5'3" and i get all happy my high is 320 for like 6 !

  4. Hey Ana Thanks - I'm 5'4" and 122lbs

  5. Wow, you're about my're not going to keep that suit, eh? Are you going to sell it? If so...throw a cost out there, it's BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Hi Becca - Actually I will probably keep the suit as a backup......Always like to have an extra suit just in case anything happens to the other one at a show like a broken strap, something spilled on it, ect. plus you never know I may wear it again just not this next time around.


  7. You did a great job on that suit!! I'm a little worried that mine is too plain, but I'm not a girly girl and I hate the suit and make up part! I know that should be part of the fun, but I just wish I could have someone do all of that stuff for me!

    I can relate to talking too much at the gym. Sometimes I have to avoid looking at people so that I can get my workout in. I don't want to be rude though, but most people understand!

  8. Best suit I have seen to date!!! Honestly beautiful. It looked so good on you too. The colors.. just gorgeous.

    If the liver tabs make you smell like fish... then that might solve the problem of being popular at the gym. lol


  9. Wait a minute... did you say 220 on the standing calf raises? Wholy mackeral. And leg presses for your hammies at 565??? Make sure you plug up your bung...hate to see guts shoot out. lol


  10. "plug up your bung..." I was lol. She is so funny.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that suit. It is so pretty and creative. I will hire your or Cynthia to stone my suits if I ever do a show. :) Very talented.

  11. Ok Krissa - It's a total deal you compete I'll stone the suit for would be sooooo beautiful on the stage, I swear your a competitor at heart!

    Hey C. some would say I'm a tight ass already so no need for a plug!!! lol

  12. Lisa,
    You are too funny. You would stone a suit for free? You couldn't PAY ME to stone a suit...

    I really want to find out how Passion Fruit and Michael Mercado transfer their designs.. there has to be an easy way to do it. Plus I would like to know how to place the stones all over perfectly evenly.

    Seriously though.. I think you ass will be talking to me this year like Erin's... this is so damn exciting. I can't take it!!!!


  13. For Miss Krissa I would Stone a suit for free because I would love to see her on stage! That girl is so darn cute.

    Your right about transferring the design, we did mine by hand me and the DH.....I should ask my Sister In-Law who's degree is in Graphic Designer I'm sure she would have an answer and you know my Husbands Cousin works at the Institute of Design in Cali. in the Fabric department......hum maybe I shall have to place some calls!!!!

    And yes I am getting really excited to be honest I'm actually getting really ansy to kick things into high gear!!!

    Woot Woot here we come!