Monday, March 2, 2009


Thank you to all my Blogger friends that made comments on yesterdays Post! I have decided that I need to change my mindset and become focused on how I can look as close to my inspiration photo's as possible! It just takes a plan and patience for everything to come together, like my wise Grandmother used to say "Rome wasn't built in a day" and neither was the perfect ass. Ok I added the 2nd part, even though she would have agreed.

Also Jessica who also is a very wise girl once said don't ever let someone else stop you from competing, and don't doubt yourself! Use it to fuel the flame, and to motivate yourself - instead of knocking yourself down a peg! She is right from this point I will only look towards others peoples Comp. Photo's for Motivation and Inspiration so when I'm doggin it in the Gym I can remind myself of my ultimate stage day look that I want to present to the judges..........oh and can I say I want to look ripped! I'm pretty sure the judges around these parts still really like that look! Nationals not so much.......

Oh and if you haven't already guessed Erin Stern is my inspiration this season, I have her as my screen saver as a reminder when I sitting down at the Computer with a Cookie of what my goals for this year really are!



  1. Hey Lisa!

    I look at YOU as one of those that have it going on! You are one of the top competitors in MI!!!!

    I sometimes look at other pics and wonder why I'm doing this, when there are soooo many people out there with better packages. BUT, I can only do my best and try to have fun with it! I have to remind myself of the "fun" part sometimes, Ha!

    Do you have pics somewhere from your last show? I think I remember you posting some once, but I didn't know if they were somewhere else too.

  2. OMG Abby that is so nice of you too say! Your right about the having fun part! I probably wouldn't do this if I didn't take some kind of enjoyment out of the experience.

    Also what I'm learning is you get better every year if you just don't give up, I've seen many girls that have great potential hang up the heels before they ever had a chance to blossom into a top contender! Oh and between me and you I have a couple of people in this State that I would love to beat, not saying names but it keeps me motivated a little more!


  3. I'm glad I could be of some assistance in the motivation department - & I love you're quote, "rome wasn't built in a day and neither was the perfect arse!" - it is very true, considering I am STILL working on mine.... still...

  4. For the record.. this is the third time I tried to comment on her ass.

    I said her ass was beautiful or something. I think I said I can almost here it singing a song, it's so beautiful.

    She said she squats below parallel. I think I will start doing some smith squats since I never do those. Even though they are supposed to shear your knees and ruin them for life... it's well worth it to have an ass that can communicate with people.


  5. how old is your boxer?! this is my 3rd one and he is almost a year old now!

  6. YOU HAVE TO POST PICTURES OF YOUR SUIT for usss & of course of you at your competitions!

    Why - well because I'm pretty sure you are stunning, and I need some ideas! :o)

    I was looking at your contest pics in your first post. I can only *hope* to look that good in my comp.


  7. Erin Stern is AMAZING!! Love her. I am surprised she didn't place better at the Arnold. She looks great. And her bootay is beautiful. :)

    Glad you are changing your mindset - that's AWESOME! Can't wait to see what you bring in at the next comp!