Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blogger withdrawl

I haven't been able to get on the Internet since Friday and I was starting to show signs of Blogger withdrawal! No Visionquester updates, Nada! Thankfully about an hour ago my Internet Fairy came along and got me back online!

Can I just say the best medicine to getting out of a funky mood is hanging out with your oldest and dearest friends! Friday night I met up with 5 of my girls for Dinner and Drinks.....I swear to God I haven't laughed that hard in month's, one of the girls brought old photo's from the early 90's that had us all rolling, anybody remember Mall Hair and Blue Jeans that I swear came up to your boobies and the biggest sack chasing earring's you have ever seen i.e. huge gold hoops that weighed about 2lbs a piece! We all promised that we would try for a least once a month for a night on the town and we all agreed that a place called Boogie Fever should be our next girls night out, they play all 80's music so it should be fun and the crowd is a little older, last time we went dancing it was all college kids and it made us feel really really old!

On the workout front I totally killed my shoulders yesterday and today it was all about Hamstrings/abs/calves. Upped the weight on all my moves today except for my lying leg curls because for some reason when I tried to do them my calves cramped up......not really sure why but if you have ever gotten a cramp in your calves it hurts like a mofo. Dropping the heavier weight and changing up the workout's seem actually to be working I really think my little old legs are starting to grow because Friday I wore a pair of jeans that seemed to have gotten much tighter in the quads and booty. Normally that probably would have some women crying but I'm pretty stoked about it!

Oh 1 last thing I went out with the girls and even stayed on plan.......plain Chicken Breast and Steamed Broccoli for Dinner and sipped on Iced Tea at the Bar, woot woot, and if your ever gone to Olive Garden for Dinner you know that isn't easy........they have the best Bread sticks and Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo! Honestly didn't even think twice about it when I ordered.

Gotta catch up with all my blogs!



  1. I am SO glad you had a fun girls night out - it sounds like a BLAST! :) And CONGRATS on the Olive Garden will power - that is truly amazing. I love their salad. LOVE IT (and yes I know it isn't THAT bad but with the dressing I could eat an entire bowl - the one that comes to the table).

    Sounds like you KILLED the shoulders. Jody and I did calves a couple weeks ago and I was dying for three days. I have to remember to slowly up my weight. Otherwise I walk funny - and not in a good way :) .


  2. You are so funny Jessica........and your right Olive Garden Salad is yummy but usually it has more dressing then salad!

    Oh and that baby bump is so cute!!!

  3. I'm a Zuppa Tuscana girl myself. I mean I used to be one. Yes... I remember mall hair. I still have it. lol

    I do miss my girlfriends.. facebook has seemed to help a bit though. Glad to hear that you are enjoying life as it is meant to be enjoyed.


  4. Zuppa Tuscana sounds good also! Hey and somedays I also still have Mall Hair, the bigger the better!

    Getting out was really great, highly recommended! Everyone needs a good laugh or two with friends.

    Have a great night C.


  5. There is no better therapy than to hang out with good friends! Sounds like you had a really good time. I don't think I could have walked out of Olive Garden without stuffing several bread sticks down my throat so my hat is off to you on the willpower front! :)