Friday, February 27, 2009


The week in training has been pretty good, yesterday however I did notice that my left shoulder was really weak! You would think being left-handed that side of my body would be stronger but it's not. I'm just going to have to find a way to get old left on the same page as righty.

Was wondering how many people every get caught up in comparing themselves to others.......what I mean here is I've been reading blogs and lurking over at Sioux Country for awhile and I'm finding that I start questioning myself for wanting to compete because some of these girl just look amazing and unless I can stand in a lineup looking amazing myself then I just shouldn't be on the stage! It's really easy to start looking at photo's of other people especially those in the swings of a full-blown contest prep and start comparing yourself to them. I'm certainly not looking contest ready at the moment being I'm still trying add muscle so being contest lean should not be on my current agenda, lean is not my priority but at the same time I question myself as far as have I been doing enough this Winter that once the extra booty fat has been peeled away will see the improvements that I've been striving so hard for.

Also if I look at other girls progress photo's I get the well if I only could look like her thoughts going on.....take for an example the girl who won the overall at my last show, she is extremely lean and has a long torso she looks good at 109lbs but for me to compare myself with her isn't really fair at least that is what I keep trying to tell myself being that we are built so different and I would look horrible at 109lbs. Everyone through trial and error must find what looks best on their own frame! Some can come in at 7% body fat and look amazing while another girl at 7% can look completely over dieted and sickly.

Another thing is every one's training may differ. Some girls may need to train like a bodybuilder because they lack size while another girl who has to much size might need to bring it down a notch and just focus on overall conditioning exercises to step on the stage. I just want to be able to look at the things I do have going on for myself and train for what is best for me and stop comparing and feeling like a slacker for not pushing heavier weight or flippen a 500 pound tire!

Anyhoo I did find a Monica Brant YouTube Video of her posing and thought I would post for some of you that are gearing up for a show!


  1. Monica Brant... wow... her arms and shoulders are my favorite part about her.

    I have the same doubts too. Only time will tell how much muscle we've actually built :D

  2. Hey Sohee from what I understand Monica just started working her arms again after 4 years!

  3. Lucky Monica!

    Anyways - I do the same thing you do, but I end up thinking "how can I get that", and "I should work on that". Don't ever let someone else stop you from competing girl, and don't doubt yourself! Use it to fuel the flame, and to motivate yourself - instead of knocking yourself down a peg!

    Especially since you're not trying to lean out. It's all one big mind game! & I bet when the fluff disappears you'll look AMAZA-ZING so keep up the hard work! DUH!

  4. & she does her quarter turn WEEIRD.

    To each their own I suppose

  5. i feel the same way...i compare myself to everyone and question myself all the time...its really hard sometimes but your right we are all built differently and i need to remind myself of that more often.

  6. I don't know Lisa, sometimes I take some sick satisfaction by coming from behind as the unknown/underdog and blowing them out of the water. I certainly don't look ANYTHING like I do in my avi now.

    Your physique is better than the girl who took the overall. I was just looking at your pics today... Your lower body was just a tad bit softer than hers, but your body is better proportioned.

    Now for local shows they seem to reward the ripped look. For National level.. not so much.

    Just get that picture in your head of how you want your body to look and work towards that.

    I'm with Jessica.. use it as fuel. If you start to dog it at the gym, imagine that girl waltzing in....

    Notice guys at the gym almost always have a workout partner... they KNOW and ACCEPT their competitive nature and USE it to help them excell.

    BTW: I am so glad that picture of the donuts is bumped down.

    Keep fighting the good fight and KNOW that you are going to kill it this season.


  7. RATS!! I am catching up on blogs and the friggin Monica video is no longer available... :(

    Here is the thing with looking at pics, you have to look at them objectively and view the bods in terms of symmetry and balance - not comparing to yours. For example, my frame is not similar to Gina's (my hips aren't that narrow) but have been told it is similar to Jelena Abbou (sp?). So I look at some one like her - or someone curvy - and focus on their symmetry. And compare my comp pics to theirs - look at what I want to improve - what I need to do to bring my best physique. Otherwise, you just go nuts looking at other competitors and trying to BE them. Does that make sense?

    You DO have a great physique. Keep working hard girl! :)