Friday, February 20, 2009

Sissy Squats

Ok so yesterday I started my building phase of Project legs and for the first time I did Sissy Squats........can I just say my knee's buckled at least like 5 times and I landed on my arse! Holy cow who knew my own body weight would make my knee's buckle, good thing I found a secluded spot in the Gym otherwise I think people would have been laughing at me (They probably do that anyways) Anyhoo I found this YouTube and wanted to share......note this Sissy Squat demonstration is not exactly what mine looked like last night!

Oh 1 last thing on legs, one of the Muscle and the City Girls talked about how she squatted 200lbs the other day and being the competitive person that I am thought well hell if she can so can I..........1/2 way down I found out I thought wrong! 160lb is all I had in me! So Props to all of you girls dropping the big numbers on the weights.

Vince Gironda Demonstration of the Sissy Squat:


  1. LOL Lisa, I always hold onto something when I do them. I do see from the animation though that he comes up out of the squat using his hips and butt... I always lead with my quads and it really hurt my knees after a while.

    Very informative. Yeah. I squatted 185 the other day and my knee totally caved on me... thought I was done for for a few minutes. I made a rule that ego has to stay home from now on. lol

    Keep kicking booty Lisa!

  2. umm hahah.... mine did not look like that either, oh good I see Cindy holds onto something cuz so do I! I just do bodyweight ones too :P