Monday, February 23, 2009

Plan of Attack

This week I have been thinking about my next contest in July and I need a solid plan of attack, Maybe my first thing is too start marking down dates on the Calendar. If I have 10 solid weeks left of Hugo Rivera's Hard gainers plan to complete that leads me into early May which should be plenty of time for refining and shedding a few pounds before July. Also I want to try a new diet this time around, I'm thinking Beverly's Diet......Basically it seems very close to what I have done in the past but this time around I just don't want to do any guess work. I'm learning that most successful people first had a plan and that is what I need!

Anyways today I was searching around the net and came across Erin Riley 4 weeks of the Arnold.......the way she trains is so intense I love it! This is what I find motivating seeing plain old hard work, determination and grit to get the job done, you can see when she trains she is all about business and let me tell you it shows in the end result. It amazes me what mental strength a true competitor has, it's not about the Bikini for me on the stage it's the process in getting to that day that counts!

I wanted to post these You Tube's mostly for my own reference for when the time is right to change my training so I can refer back to Erin for motivation and idea's.

These were almost all filmed during the 4-weeks mark, but its taken me this long to get them up because of my crazy schedule. Most of the training is done at a facility called Body Goals in Fairfield, NJ. Videos include:
box squat 185 x 15 and 265 x 2
bench press 135+ chains x 6-7reps
push press 135 x 8
dead lift 265 x 3 and 300 x 1
SNEAK PEAK of some routine training
and a 500 lb truck tire flip


See everyone at the arnold in 2 weeks


  1. HOLY CRAP she has a 265 push press!
    oh wait. i read that wrong. jeesh, my eyes almost popped out of my head.
    She looks incredible :)

  2. I will try to post again. It wouldnt let me earlier--so if you have like 3 from me later--it was a mistake :)

    I love, love, love those videos. She rocks. I wish I could tumble like that. I really like that was of training > > > flippling tires, climbing ropes, sled pushing...LOVE IT! I wish more gyms would utilize stuff like that. It is hard to do that stuff at home, or I would. No place to stach tractor tires :)

  3. That would be awesome if my gym did also.....your right doing it home is a little hard, wish I owned a huge warehouse I think that would be the could set it up anyway you wanted with big old tires and a neat obsticle course oh and maybe an area for sled dragging? Just Dreamin!!!