Sunday, February 1, 2009

Progress Shots


Decided tonight that I would post progress shots of my backside......1st photo was taken December 14th and the 2nd and 3rd shots I had the Husband take tonight. I just completed tonight weeks 2-7 of the Hardgainers Hypertrophy Phase #1: Volume Training. The program is 21 weeks so my plan is too post progress shots about every 6weeks.

I do kind of have to face some facts about the back of my legs....starting at the calves, lets face it I will never have impressive calves! I believe I can improve them but diamond shaped calves aren't going to happen! However as far as the Hamstrings and Butt I will remain positive that through hard work and a good plan of attack they will respond before July! Mind/Muscle connection, if I think it it will happen!

Hey getting off on a another topic did anyone go to the Gym tonight? I went and got in my workout around 7:00pm and I could have heard a pin drop in the place.......loved it, it was like having the place all to myself! No waiting for a machine, got in and got the job done! Didn't even have my Sunday Night gym buddies which I love but sometimes my jaw gets more of a workout then anything else. You know the Gym's will be hopping tomorrow from all the people that feel like they over did it tonight and want to work off all the damage that was done today! Monday's are typically crazy anyways but I suspect tomorrow will be even worse because of all the Super Bowl Party damage that was done! No Wing Dings for me this year, actually I did my damage yesterday which is my planned Cheat was so good, always go for the sure bet, I get all pissy if my cheat sucks! Yesterday was the Single Combo from Wendy's and chocolate chips cookies for the top off! I'll stay good all week but 1 meal man I'm eating what I want! Actually I think it makes my shoulder workout better on Saturday's because I always go into my workout knowing that when I leave the Gym I'm headed off to get some really good crap food. If I don't cheat or do a refeed I start dreaming about food and start sabotaging myself with my portions because I just don't feel satisfied or more so full, is that crazy sounding?

Anyways hope everyone has a great night........

Oh one last thing my little ham wanted her progress shot posted also! The 12 year old would kill me if I posted her shot! Hey if mom's posing they always get in on the action! Hey you never know maybe one of my girls will be the future of fitness!



  1. You guys look great and since it's the 1st of the month... perfect time to post.

    I do remember being like that for my cheat meal when I used to do that... pissy if it wasn't perfect.

    Cheers for pics!!!

  2. The back is looking good!! Also, nice caps on those shoulders!

  3. Is this a book you are following?? I'm new to all of this and training myself, if you wouldn't mind sharing what the Hardgainers volume training is and where I can find it that would be so great!
    YOu look awesome by the way!

  4. Hi Marissa - I'm following a program in the Hardgainers Book by Hugo Rivera.....I got the book from Borders and actually know of someone who completed the 21 weeks and was impressed with her results. I'm just following the Leg Portion of the program.