Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I want Wheat Thins

Can I just say I'm feeling like one big ball of crappola! I think it would be TOM or at least I'm hoping that is what it is being that I've heard that we have some nasty little bugs flying around these parts lately! Hoping it passes and I find my Mojo and actually make it up to the Gym tonight for my back workout, actually going back to bed sounds like better plan at the moment.

Maybe it is TOM being that he doesn't show up very often, which is nothing out of the ordinary......honestly it has been that way since I was a teenager, just kind of feel like a big old brick landed on me today and I'm feeling like my whole body has the DOMS which really can't have anything to do with yesterdays workout which was not impressive in the least......Chest and that was it, Inclines and Dips and a couple of other moves and I was out of the place fast!

I did notice that Sunday night after I did some posing my back was doing a little bit of screaming, that posing stuff is harder then you think! Holding a back pose requires using muscles that just are not used to being locked into that position!

Oh well I think I will have to sign off and go veg. on the couch being that my head is bobbing and I want to fall sleep at the computer, Also Wheat Thins sound really good at the moment, if I find that I want French Fries its all over for me, something about Fries.....always want them when I get the flu! Don't even ask me Sweet Potato's, that would be like asking someone who had a bad drinking experience to have some Peach Schnapps.

Peace Out,



  1. Yum, fries are one of my favorite cheats: Bottomless fries from Red Robin, to be precise! :)

  2. Get some rest and I hope you feel better soon! At least fries aren't as bad as chicago deep dish pizza! It is one of my FAVORITE cheats. There ought to be a law about that stuff!!!

  3. I don't know what the heck is going on but I keep trying to leave you comments and they won't go through.

    Anyway... I said something about praying for your recovery and reminding you that the caterpillar actually becomes soup before emerging from it's coccoon a beautiful butterfly. Then I said something like, I believe that is why you are craving Wheat Thins... because Wheat Thins go great with Soup!!!

    Then I said... Love you Butterfly,