Thursday, February 5, 2009

Adjusted my workouts and feeling better

I never made my back workout on Tuesday night decided I should give my body a chance to fight off whatever it was that was making me feel so horrible and call it a day. Sometimes the body just says no ah ah.....not today and Tuesday was my day! It all worked out anyways this week for the training because I normally take Wednesday off and instead I was doing Rack Pulls and Pull Ups, see I just a different plan in hand, had I crawled my way up to the gym on Tuesday what good would it have done anyways......only thing that I would have probably done was lay on a bench and pray for mercy and share my germs!

Today I received a email back from one of my favorite Pro Fitness Competitors, she is Judge and Promoter in my State, she has so much knowledge about the sport and all things fitness.....she has not competed in such a long time and I'm really hoping she makes a comeback next year! Also I love the mature muscle she has you can totally tell she has been training for years, you would think that the very young girls would be the ones with the fantastic body's but from my experience competing the women to look out for are the ones in their mid 30's on up to the early 40's. On a State Level one of the Top girls to look out for if your in the Short Class will be 43 this year! Actually she won this past year at the Masters National for her height class, sweet girl also so I can't even hate on her!!! I'd kill for her butt.

Speaking of butts I got my Leg and Booty workout in today! Woot Woot got up to 165 on my squat, wrapped my knee's today and it really right knee had been bothering me from last week and I decided if the weight was going to keep increasing I really needed to protect the knee's from an injury that could be permanent. See I'm listening to my body! Now if my body would just listen to me for a moment and get in line with my program that would be wonderful.......July will be here before you know it and I need rock solid glutes and some tear drops in my Quads!

I found this video online tonight of Val W., I always think of her when I'm doing legs......have you seen her before and after shot? I see that and it gives me hope also I like Val because honestly I believe she is all Natural! Also I love the way she workouts and the way she gets her own motivation and inspiration...........note in this video she is focusing on a picture of Arnold when doing part of her workout! Also I've seen other video's of her and she always has a plan and a mental picture of what she wants to accomplish in the Gym before her workout and gets her mind and body working as a team.

This video is of her in the last week of prep for a show in 2007


  1. Great post! I like her, she seems like she's natural, too. she's not overly big or gross looknig like I honestly think some of the pros tend to look. She has the look I would love to achieve one day!! Still feminine and sexy!

  2. Great video! and glad you are feeling better!

    Thanks for the getting that info for me, I appreciate it!

  3. Abby you are very welcome! Good Luck

  4. I have watched those videos of val on
    She is so motivating.

    I just looked at your progress pics below. You are so fit. You look amazing.