Sunday, February 15, 2009

Falling off the Bandwagon?

This week for me has not exactly been one of my best weeks ever on the workout little bambino was sick all week and shared the germs with her mom, I swear to god I feel someone has come to my house and stolen every drop of energy and motivation from me! Since last Monday I've been up to the Gym 1 time and had to totally talked myself into going. Honestly once I started my workout I did fine and actually felt much better afterwards but just getting started was a chore.

Does anyone ever worry about falling off the bandwagon so to speak? Like 4 days off from working out will turn into a 3 month couch fest? I think if I didn't workout and stay active it would be really bad not only for my ass but mentally....I really need the workouts for my PMA so I guess it just kind of scares me that I will get out of my routine and let it all go to crap.

At the Gym yesterday I did talk with a few of the regulars and they are all feeling the same way at the motivation, energy and just feel basically like they are going through the motions so I guess I'm not alone! Maybe it has something to do with the weather being so cold and dreary out, it would help every one's spirits just to have some sun and be able to get outside for some good clean air. The thought of my Summer Bike rides with the girls sounds so nice! My little one still rides on the back of my bike and its also good for me and older one.........on our bike rides she and I have the best conversations, I get to hear all the good 6th grade Drama! For me its the best time of gets her cardio and girl at the same time.....girls get mom, cardio and slurpee's for the ride home. Hopefully the Groundhog was correct and we really do only have 6 weeks until Spring because this momma needs some sun and motivation. Can't even imagine living in Alaska, sure it is beautiful but it would not be a good spot for me.

Tonight I did actually tell my friend Carolyn to meet me at the Gym at 7pm so we could workout together and go for Ice Tea's afterwards, if I know that I've got a commitment at the Gym I am more likely to show up for my workout! I guess that is what I'm going to have to do until I find what I'm missing at the moment, just make a showing at the Gym instead of waiting for the motivation before I go, otherwise I just might not be going.

Lisa T.


  1. I've felt the same way lately. Because of work and valentine parties and the kids didn't have school Friday, I missed some workouts. Well today I made myself go and felt so much better afterwards. And I TOTALLY agree about the need for sunshine! It stinks, in Mi we never know for sure when we will get Spring! But hang in there, you'll be going on those bike rides before ya know it!

  2. I feel for you Lisa! I was in the same spot as you a while ago. The good news is that you will get it back... For me it was finding radio podcasts to download to my Ipod, and now the audio books. Something about actually hearing Monica Brant, Felicia Romero, Valerie Waugaman, etc. while I worked out.. lit a fire under my butt.

    I agree... we need some warm weather and SUN!!!

    Hang in there and take care of yourself, momma.


  3. Thanks Abby and C.! You guys are the best......You know maybe the podcasts would be a great idea, I tried to do my best Valerie W. Back and Shoulder wourkout tonight so the thought of actually listening to her as I'm pushing the weights just might give me that extra little blast of energy!

  4. Hey chica (can you tell I am catching up on your blog :))!

    I absolutely agree with C - podcasts are awesome and the cool thing is they may not get you 100% back to "normal" but they get you through the tough times.

    I have felt that way before...and yes, when I go too many days in a row, I definitely start to freak out and think: "OMG, I am no longer an athlete or a fitness person" and then I get back in there and start to feel the momentum and love again and BAM - I am back! :) Hang in there girl...sorry you haven't been "feelin it". You will. Listen to your body and let it rest if it needs it. You will know when you are mentally ready to hit it again.