Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Get your back off the wall

Today after work I picked up my little partner in crime up from School and we were on our way home when an old song came on the radio. Even though the song was about getting off the wall and dancing it made me think of it as getting off the wall and going after my dreams! I don't want to just move my lips anymore I want to take action people real action, not just my training and competition goals but professional goals! I want to dance (Live Life to the fullest) not sitting back on the wall to afraid to step out of that comfortable place.

Anyways this is a youtube of song that was on the radio today, its old school but
it had me and my little super star singing and busting a move on our ride home!

What are you going to do? I know the place I will start tomorrow!


  1. Gotta love some Kool and the Gang!

  2. I haven't heard that song in such a long time! Great motivator-I need to put it on my Ipod! LOL

  3. I wanna know... I wanna know...

    Guess I'll just have to wait and see.