Saturday, January 17, 2009

Killer Caps

This is a picture of Houng that I was mentally visualizing when doing my shoulder workout today, for shoulders hers are outstanding in my opinion!

Today's workout was pretty darn good if I must say so myself.......some guy at the Gym said I was an animal! Have you ever had one of those days that you just felt really good walking into the gym.......all things in order, a plan in hand, IPod working, Mojo in tow!

My Saturday plan was Shoulders, you know before I compete again which I'm thinking will be July I want Big old Caps! I like to hit shoulders from all angles and really make um hurt!

This is my Shoulder workout from today:

Shoulders Presses 4x10
Front Raises 4x10
10 Handstand pushups against the wall
Behind the neck presses 4x10
Rear Delt Fly's 4x10
Rear Delt Pulls 4x10
* ok the next move I don't have a name for but it was given to me by Melissa Frabbiele who is a IFBB Figure Pro........sit on a bench, weights starting down by your sides and do a lateral raise that goes all the way over your head and then back down......I do 4x10, no pink dumbbells either! sound easy try it!

After I completed my shoulders for kicks I took a 45lb plate and did back extensions and then some abs, topped off with 25 minutes of Cardio.

this is a YouTube video of the Rear Delt Pull that I did today!

Rear Delt move that I will try next Saturday!

Must be I just needed a day off from Training to make me bring it, see I'm one of those people that would prefer working out 7 days a week but I have learned that is not the smartest way for me too train being that I am an ectomorph and overtrain easily.......I have learned to listen a little better to my body and slow down and recover, workout smarter not just harder!

I think I will sign off and take a little nap, sleep is good for recovery also!

* one last thing when I was on the treadmill today at the gym I was speaking with a young girl who said a trainer told her the leg press machine would help her shed fat in her legs! I'm hoping she just misunderstood what the trainer was telling her, last time I checked that tones and shapes the muscle but if your looking to shed the fat you better stay with the cardio. Maybe I should think about becoming a trainer, just a thought!


  1. I am totally LOVING your blog!!!!!!


  2. I like that rear delt move... he's using the incline for stability.. I dig it.