Monday, January 26, 2009

Preacher Curls

Last Thursday night I was at the Gym doing my leg night and one of the Gym Regulars was doing Preachers Curls and heard a pop and noticed his Bicep muscle had retracted towards his shoulder! 3rd time in a year that someone from the Gym while doing a Preacher Curl has had a major injury......2 ruptured tendons and a fractured wrist! I'm no expect in such matters but the only thing that I can think is they are dropping the weight and not descending slowly and keeping form which then is tearing the tendon. I'm thinking maybe I will avoid the Preacher Curl, never really liked them anyways! I just can't imagine that type of injury when you are training for competition.......this type of injury will for sure keep you out of the game an entire season for rehap.

I am posting a YouTube of a guy tearing his bicep tendon while doing a lift just as an example of why form is sooooo important.


  1. You are SO right-form is critical for preventing injury. I get queasy just thinking about an injury like that. Ugh!

  2. I couldn't watch the video. Even the thought makes me queasy! I'm alwasy surprised there are not more injury's in our gym.

    That would be great if you could ask Peggy about someone in my area to do figure posing. Because yea, if I do that I want to make sure it's someone who really knows what they are doing. A while ago I had contacted Tracy Traskos and Ali Swanson, they both said they do posing coaching but I've never gotten back with them. Where in MI are you? Just curious. In the spring and summer we are all over Mi, between soccer and baseball t-ments.

  3. Form is absolutely key, I couldn't agree more.

    I watched the video but like I was watching a horror my eyes were kind of open but not really. YIKES!

    I have also seen this happen on the chest muscle for guys that lift too heavy with bad form. Thank you for sharing chica!


  4. I'm not watching. Just imagining it was bad enough... I consider my chin ups a good enough workout for bi's.