Thursday, January 22, 2009


This first picture I have up today is Class D from a National Level Show from last Season, this people is my competition! They all look wonderful and have the nice Glute/Ham Tie in that am trying for.

My second picture however is how I feel today regarding my own backside!

Alright that might be a complete exaggeration but this off-season build phase can really start messing with the mind when your popping buttons off your work pants and squeezing into your favorite jeans, plus I swear that my ass is clapping when I run around the track at the Gym. I keep telling myself that I can't look any different from last year if I'm not willing to change my workouts and fuel my body enough to build the muscle!

So I will push out the negative thoughts and focus on the 1st picture as my inspiration today and remember that could be me someday and keep in my mind that really those girls most likely don't look like that right at the moment either!

My workout plan of attack today is Legs/Calves/Abs my workout will be straight out of the Hardgainers book (I am week 6) thank god it will change again in another 2 weeks! Last Thursday I thought I was going to need a bucket next to the Smith Machine when doing my 10x10@120 Medium Stance Squats, your suppose to be able to do this without any rest between sets but I choked and gave myself 10 second rest periods. I wussed out, grrrr!

This is what the workout looks like:

10x10 Medium Stance (no rest)
10x10 Abs on a ball (1 minute rests)

15/20x2 Wide Stance (1 Minute Rest)
8x8 Calf Raises (30 Seconds)

When reading that you may think it is a piece of cake, well at least I did until last week until I upped my weights (trying to add weight every week) so that means this week I will really need a bucket!!!!

have a beatiful day, me and my big backside need to get around!


  1. You are so funny!! Way to focus on your inspiration! I'm sure you still look GREAT!!

    How tall are you? I seen you competed in the same class as Ali Swanson and I thought she was B class.

    Go kill that workout today!!

  2. Thanks Abby! Ali is in the Short Class, I'm almost 5'5". However when we compete in Masters we are in the same line up........Masters typically only has 1 class at the local level.

    Have a great day!

  3. so does 10x10@120 mean 10 sets of 10 reps at 120 lbs? With no rest???

  4. You are super setting those right? Back and forth, back and forth. Squats to abs, squats to abs?

    about those girls... here how bad I am... I know one of those butts is Sara Hurley or spelled some other way... she was the overall winner at the Shawn Ray. They interviewed her on before the show and she lifts HEAVY!
    Intimidated even me a little bit. Luckily (for her) she's going to Fitness this year.... cause you would have taken her out Lisa!


    Yes.. big picture. Pay no attention to the ass clap. At least it's not the REAL Clap!