Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cake Dreams

I'm so spent today.....last night I did Chest and Tri's and really felt it this morning! I think it was the unassisted Dips, I held a 20lb weight between my feet to make it a little more difficult and then did my dreaded Inclines and upped my weight on those......man can I say this stuff doesn't get any easier when you want to see progress! This afternoon I went back and did Back and Bi's, kind of had to drag my butt into the Gym today, honestly I try really hard to stick to my plan on training and go even when I don't feel like it, usually if can just get there I'm good and can find my Mo Jo plus I know that tomorrow I'm not working out which always gives that extra incentive to get my butt in the Gym. Just Git-R-Done attitude most days.

Hey can anyone tell me why I've been dreaming about cake? Oh were not talking about having just a slice dream but the whole damn cake taking out my husband with the fork to get away from my cake dreams! 2nd time I've had this dream. My friend Carolyn thinks it is because I'm so controlled over my eating that subconsciously I want to really eat with reckless abandonment. Maybe my dreams were prompted by a conversion that I had with my husband, he brought home Pizza Hut last Friday Night.....Pizza, Mac and Cheese, Bread sticks. I asked the husband what he thought on the Mac and Cheese W/Bacon as far as Calories/Fat content.....the husband stated he was on the don't ask don't tell program of eating and proceeded to pat his belly and load his plate, me didn't touch it and I stuck with the healthy fish and greens. But I have to say it did smell really good but my conscious mind told me that food would do nothing for my body and defeat my overall goals.

I found a picture of my daughters 3rd birthday cake. If I'm being honest I totally ate with Reckless abandonment that day......I ate Pooh Bears Butt all on my own! That cake was like crack for me, literally could not push away from the table, didn't even use a plate and ate straight off the cake! I guess I just transferred Pooh's Butt onto mine! lol


  1. I LOVE cake!!! I had the BEST carrot cake at a party last Saturday. Yumm....

    Love the Pooh cake!

  2. I totally get this! I'm down south visiting aunts who are the classic southern ladies-they can cook their butts off and it is NOTHING for someone to whip up a freshly baked cake at a moment's notice. Of course, no one understands why I am eating oatmeal and egg whites while there are perfectly good biscuits, bacon and eggs prepared for breakfast! LOL Eating clean certainly takes some dedication! :)

  3. Carrot cake sounds does sound yummy! Oh and Tawana I hear you......my husband's sister lives in Georgia and cooks like Paula Dean! Love that stuff but it doesn't love my butt!!!